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Philippines Unforgettable Educational Shows in 90's

Updated on December 31, 2015

8. Batibot


Do you remember Kuya Bodjie, KoKo, Kiko Matsing, Pong Pagong, Ningning and Gingging? Yes, they are the characters from Batibot.

So what is Batibot? And why we considered this as one of the most unforgettable educational show in our country?

The concept of Batibot is based on American's children's program Sesame Street. When Batibot began airing in 1984, it uses the name Sesame. It uses both English and Filipino as the means of communication. But after many years, it change into Batibot and the show became a completely Filipino language children's educational show.

The program used the magazine-on-television format, employing variety, humor, original Filipino music and stories, animation, black theater, short live action films and features.

It became the longest-running educational television program of PCTVF apart from other children-oriented projects.

7. Math Tinik

Who loves Math? What about problem solving? Fractions and mixed numbers? Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division?

Whether you love mathematics, hate it or you want to learn and expand your knowledge, Math Tinik is the best show that you should watch. From the title itself, Math Tinik is another 90's children's show that focus on Mathematics.

I still remember, when I was in grade 2, I had a problem with Mathematics. I accept it that I'm not good in Math but through watching Math Tinik I've learned different lessons. From counting numbers, decimals, fractions, and many more. This might be the difference between 90's kids and today's generation. Though there are children shows today but we rarely see it on Filipino channels.

Do you also miss Charlie and Patricia? Do you enjoyed solving Math problems with them with the help of their Teacher, Miss Math Tinik?

6. Sineskwela

Do you remember Sineskwela? Do you still memorize it's opening song? Do you miss it's main characters such as Agatom, Anatom, Palikpik, Kulitsap, Ugatpuno, Kuya Bok and Ate Winnie?

If we have Math Tinik that focus on Mathematics then we have also Sineskwela that focus on science. In this program, 90's kids learned different lessons related to science such as solar system, atomic particles and many more.

Sineskwela is another popular children's program in 90's. It is focus on science and aims to educate elementary student in a manner that is both informative as it is engaging. It follows the different adventures of a group of kids from the outer space, the center of the earth, and even to the chaotic world of subatomic particle, all in the pursuit of science and a deeper understanding and appreciation for our universe.

A 1996 study reported that Sineskwela contributed to greater understanding of science in the target students. It provided an alternative way of learning science, and a marked increase in achievement levels was observed in the subjects.

Do you also have a compilations of Sineskwela's episodes? What episodes from Sineskwela that you still remember?

5. Hiraya Manawari

Hiraya Manarawi is another valuable children's program in the 90's. Hiraya Manawari means "reach your dreams." This is another show in 90's that we missed and hoped to be aired again. Who loves fairy tales?

This is another education program that aims to instill moral values and teach the greatest life’s lessons to children. Each episode features a Filipino short story that was creatively done and easy to understand by children. All the stories and adventures were truly inspirational, and it created a huge impact on young minds.

It has some similarities with Wansapanataym which is also about a fairy tale series. This tv show is generally for kids, lessons about discipline, love, respect,good manners ,courage ,honesty etc. The episodes sometimes are journeys to a magical land, meet magical creatures,battling evil forces or simply in the real world with children having their problem to solve.

4. Bayani

Do you remember any heroes that fought for our freedom and how they fought? Do you remember the history of our country? Do you know Marcelo H. Del Pilar, Andres Bonifacio, Tandang Sora and Jose Rizal?

When we were still young, we really loved story-telling. Especially when it is Philippine history and about our heroes . Though we already have subjects in school wherein we study Philippine history we still used to watched Bayani. Bayani is another educational show in 90's that tells the history of our country and about the lives of Philippine heroes. This show inspires and promotes nationalism and patriotism to young viewers.

Do you miss Ana, Noli and lola? Do you also want to traveled back in time and learned our country's history and the lives of our heroes?

3. Wansapanataym

Do you still remember the Alamat ng Pinya? What about Alamat ng Saging?

Wansapanataym (Once Upon A Time) is an award-winning fantasy-drama anthology first aired in 1997. The target audience of the show is all types of viewers. It is about the different magical adventures and lesson-filled stories. The pilot episode of this show was entitled “Ang Mahiwagang Palasyo” starring Judy Ann Santos and the late, Rico Yan.

The show airead in ABS-CBN from 1997 until 2005, then re-aired from 2006 to 2007. On September 11, 2010, the series aired again on ABS-CBN's weekend primetime block with new episodes, and remakes of past episodes.

Due to it's popularity among viewers, a movie adaptation was produced in 1999. The story is about an orphan named Anna who searched for her long-lost father. With the guardian angel Barbiel's help, Anna was able to see her father even for a moment.

Up to this day, you can still watch this tv show on the mention channel every Saturday. What story do you still remember in Wansapataym episodes?

2. Pahina

Who loves literature? Do you still remember the program pahina? Do you miss the characters of Balt and Mithi?

Pahina is another 90's educational show that teaches about Philippine Literature. The format of this program is the same like Bayani but the target audiences are mostly high school students. This show aims to urge youth to appreciate Filipino literary works and become familiar with Filipino writers and poets.

1. ATBP Awit, Titik at Bilang na Pambata

Who among you here have watched ATBP? If you haven't watched this show then you miss something in 90's. On the other hand, I strongly believed that all of us 90's kids are familiar with ATBP.

Awit, Titik, Bilang na Pambata or most known as Atbp (At Iba pa) is similar to Batibot. It also teaches children how to count, read, and sing a song about numbers and letters. Some of the characters of this program are Ate Remy, Mang Berting, Bb. Karunungan, Kuya Miguel, Pipo at Tingting, and Kapitan Bilang.

Do you also enjoy singing ATBP's theme songs?


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