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Phillip Phillips From American Idol

Updated on January 18, 2012

Have you seen Phillips Phillips?

I just watched the season premiere of American Idol and I was impressed by only one artist and his name is a little bit funny, but he was pretty great. His name is Phillip Phillips (JR I think).

During this seaon premiere there were definitely some good singers, but Phillip clearly stood out as a true artist - something American Idol doesn't always deliver very well.

Hopefully, for Phillip (and the rest of us) he will make it through Hollywood week and will make it to the Top 12, so America can see him for all that he is!

Phillip Phillips Singing and Playing Guitar

Phillip Singing

Phillips American Idol Audition 2012 - Superstition


Favorite Phillip Phillips song?

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Update on P-Phillips

According to another Phillip Phillps Idol Hub, an American Idol spoiler site as indicated that he has made it to the top 42! Good for him!

Have you heard Phillip play and sing? Do you like him?

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    • jschach profile image

      jschach 6 years ago

      I just watched him sing. Aside from being oh so cute, he's got a hell of a voice. He reminded me of a young Dave Matthews performing with his guitar. I wouldn't be surprised if he won the whole thing! Great hub!