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Phillip Phillips I Want to be Gone, Gone, Gone From My 'Idol' Contract

Updated on January 27, 2015

Since winning the "American Idol" competition in 2012, Phillip Phillips claims that he has had nothing but problems with his contractor 19 Entertainment. He claims that they only make decisions that are in their own best interest and just leave him out of his own career decision. Well, you know what it is definitely not a surprise that an agency would do this, but it is disappointing that "American Idol" would allow for this since they are supposed to care about the best interest of their contestants and try to help them with career development. Hearing these stories really makes someone think twice about entering a career in the entertainment business.

Phillips says that he was forced to perform a free concert once time for a JetBlue ad because it benefited the "American Idol" live concert tour. He also states that 19 Entertainment has at some point even labeled one of his records without his permission. Phillips believes that the 19 contact is "one sided and illegal" and wants the Labor Commission to let him out of it.

I think Phillips will win this battle. Perhaps the actions of 19 Entertainment are common in todays world of entertainment business, but that certainly does not make the right. If Phillips wants to be a free agent, they should definitely let him off the hook. He is clearly a young lad who is not too familiar with all the dealings of talent agencies, so he should not be penalized for the immorality of 19 Entertainment. Shame on them for taking advantage of young talent!

Some people may say that Phillips is not that talented and that he should be thankful that he even won "American Idol" and got this contact with 19 Entertainment. Critics have called him a "one hit wonder". However, even that being that case, no one really knows what anyone's potential is until they go out there and are freely able to give it their all. Now even if he won the "American Idol" competition because many teenage girl thought he was cute, I guess they are an important demographic to consider when it comes to selling records. Maybe in the end of the day what they think is what counts most. Lets face it most adults are not going to shell out a whole lot of cash on records and concerts. It is the teenagers that tend to milk their parents for the money and later spend it on this kind of stuff. Not to say that adult won't tune in on live television or won't watch a couple of videos online. But we all know who the die hard fans are!

Well, lets hope that the young Phillips learns to actually read contacts before he signs them. Perhaps at the time he agreed to this whole thing with 19 Entertainment he was drunken with victory and wanted to milk this opportunity for all it was worth. I am sure that he made millions of dollars off of this contract and although he might have been treated unfairly, he should be grateful he is not singing in some pizza joint. Not everyone gets this chance in life. Also, he may have won because of looks, but I have seen people get famous for a lot less. So go ruthless Phillips! Show em' who's boss!


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