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Phillip Phillips Spoilers and Predictions for American Idol 11 (2012)

Updated on January 15, 2012

As American Idol's 11th season gets set to kick off auditions on Fox, TheIdolPad spoiler site has said that Phillip Phillips is in the Top 42. If he makes one more round, Phillip will sing for America's votes in the Top 24. After having seen his audition in an Idol commercial, my prediction is he has little to no chance of winning American Idol.

Phillip's audition suggests he is a soul singer, which is not a bad thing to be on Idol. That is pretty much what Taylor Hicks is, and he went on to win Season 5. The problem here is that Phillip is not as genuine as a Taylor Hicks. While Taylor has a lot of haters among the young crowd, reasonable spectators can see the genuineness of his soulful stylings and his complete joy of music.

The difference between Phillip and Taylor is that Taylor does not seem rehearsed when he is performing. It all seems so natural when Taylor gets into a performance. Phillip, on the other hand, seems rehearsed. If he continues to sing like that, it will seem less genuine over time.

Phillips is more like Aiden Grimshaw from the UK X Factor than Taylor. After a while, it just becomes apparent that it's all an act. I'm not saying this is exactly what is going to happen, as Phillip may be smart enough not to fall into this trap. But it certainly became clear with Aiden, who sang every single song the same exact way. If Phillips doesn't successfully diversify, he will be in trouble of getting stale if he makes the voting rounds.

In terms of the actual voice, it is decent. But his timing seemed off in the audition. This, however, is something that may have happened just because it was an a capella performance. The main concern is to come off as genuine, as that is what people identify as "soul." Right now, he just doesn't give off that vibe. As subjective as it is, people will come away feeling a bit cold if he does what he did with that "Superstition" audition.

In the end, we will have to see if Phillip Phillips has different singing gears. But the one gear we have seen will not get him to the finish line on American Idol 11.


TheIdolPad: American Idol Spoilers for Season 11

Phillip Phillips "Superstition" Audition for American Idol 11


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    • profile image

      gorgeous 5 years ago

      you're the best Phillip phillips

    • profile image

      ernalustra 5 years ago

      phil and heejun are two of the best singers from this year's batch. the best of luck to them!

    • profile image

      kye 5 years ago

      who in the hick thinks taylor can sing. What to hate about him.You dont see him in nothing. thats season was the worse in american idol history. Phillip look good, and sings like a angel. If he don't win or atleast get to the end. I really been given american idol 11 years of my life. I really think. this will repeats over into the future. Thats producer. He really sucks. I like x factor alot better. but Phillip is my favorite. Very attractive young man. Love the orignal look.

    • profile image

      Stephanie 5 years ago

      Well this guy clearly does not know what he's talking about. Soul music? Yes, he has soul but hes def not in the" soul" genre.Taylor Hicks? He couldn't be more different. Phillip is like a young Dave Mathews! People travel across the country to see him play! Tim Reynolds, Warren Haynes, these are the people he is like. This guy may not win AI but he can def go places. As far as him being rehearsed...crazy. He feels the music and sings like it coming from his bones. Amazing ; )

    • profile image

      kasey 5 years ago

      phillip is a fantastic performer and singer. we have been hearing him sing for years now and he can defintely diversify ...i have seen it. expect nothing but great things from phillip phillips....and to also remember hes only human.

    • e13o13 profile image

      e13o13 5 years ago

      well that is awesome news, I just built a hub about Phillip ( he is my fave that I saw on the season opener tonight and it is good to see that he has at least made it to the top 42! Hopefully he will make it to the top 12!

    • profile image

      GG 5 years ago

      He is fantastic - genuine and refreshing. Get over yourself, Boyd. You sound jealous.

    • profile image

      Vikki G 5 years ago

      I have had the pleasure of having Phillip play in my pub in Albany GA. He is an excellent performer and one of the best in our area. People come from all over the state to listen to him sing. Good Luck Phillip.