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Photo gallery: the glass work by Dale Chihuly

Updated on January 31, 2013

The American glass sculptor, Dale Chihuly, is known all over the world. He blows amazing marine bowls and flowers. His glass chandeliers decorate the best museums and hotels of the world.

Dale Chihuly is considered one of the most significant contemporary artists. For 40 years he has created works of art from glass, and today he has everything that only a master can dream of: thousand admirers, constant exhibitions in the best museums of the world, orders from presidents, world leaders and the Hollywood stars. He created a whole ceiling out of collected glass objects for the hotel Bellagio in Las Vegas and has hung up an enormous chandelier in the Bahamas hotel. In 1968, when he was still a young man, he has visited the legendary factory Venini in Venice. Since then he has worked in a palette of colors characteristic for Venetian glass – silver, bright-gold, and blood-red prevail in his work.

16 out of 21 pictures I made in Fine Art Museum of Boston.


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