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Photobooth Hire and you - a checklist for a memorable photo booth for your wedding

Updated on May 13, 2012

There are lots of photo booth hire companies out there and it can be a minefield knowing what you need and what your wasting your money on. See my checklist for the do's and dont's and the must haves to make your wedding night memorable and without breaking the budget.

Things To Consider

There are a number of things you should consider when booking a photo booth;

Does the booth print out in three colour mode (black&white, sepia, full colour)?
Most booths print in black & white and colour however only a few will print in sepia colours aswell. Having the sepia prints available enable your guests to set a different ambience for their photos even though they are planning on sticking out their tounges and crossing their eyes.

How does the booth print (double strips, single strip)?
Check that the booth prints at least two seperate strips, One for yourself (for an album as a keepsake) and one for your guests. Make sure the booth you select either automatically cuts or gives you perforated strips, you don't want to be cutting while you are partying.

Can I design/submit my own logo / footer design?
Most hire companys will offer this to you as either an inclusion or an option. Be sure not to pay too much for personalised photostrips especially if its only a few words.

Does the booth have a video record feature?
Some people like this especially for large partys where guests can leave their heartfelt messages and you can watch it after your big event in your home. If you would like this feature make sure you ask before you book.

Does the booth come with props?
Again this isn't for everyone. Although it is a great way to bring people out of their shells some people may think props take the elegance out of their reception/function. Whether or not you would like props at your event make sure you enquire.

How long does the duration of the hire last?
Check with each hire company of the length of your hire. Most will offer a 3 or 4 hour hire, some offer an hourly rate. Dont get lured in by a cheap offer only to find there is a minimun hourly rate.

Does my photobooth need an attendant?
More so do you want/need an attendant for your photo booth at a public event an attendant is usually required however in a private function its up to you. There are booths available with and without an attendant, most booths that say they dont usually require an attendant are able to provide you with one. Also take note that for a wedding you are also expected pay for a seat/meals for to the attendants.

Are my photos automatically uploaded to social media?
Again its your chioce if you want to upload your photos to facebook. Be careful that some people may not want their pictures forever floating around in cyberspace. I would recommend adding the pictures yourself so you screen each image, havinga password protected gallery, or distributing the pictures to the people in each photo, that way they can do what they want with their pictures and everybody is happy.

Can i get a soft copy (dvd or cd) of all the photos taken on the night?
Make sure you are supplied with a copy of the photos videos taken on the night. Again, be careful not to pay too much for copies of your photos.

In a nutshell do your research and shop around and ask lots of questions and i will guarantee you will have a fun memorable interactive event.
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