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Photogenic Pooch

Updated on March 28, 2010

   I may have created a monster. The other day I stumbled upon a website that featured pictures of upside down dog pictures turned 180 degrees. I left the room to answer the door  and when I came back Wacker was in my chair looking at the screen. He turned to me and kind of snickered and nodded he head towards the screen. I said yeah if I could get a picture of you I would send it in. He bounded out of the chair and to the couch. Wagging his tail he rolled over on his back and hung his head over the edge. He laid there for a couple of minutes and opened his eyes and looked at me. By this time I was talking on the phone and kind of blew him off. He immediately came over to me and jumped on my leg and kept nosing me till I got off the phone. He then ran back to the couch. It was then I realized he wanted me to take his picture. So It began. The first pictures looked staged so we took about ten. I showed them to him and he didn't like them either. My wife came in and proclaimed that I probably spent too much time with the dog. I had to agree. Later one of my sons came over and we started the process again. What resulted was at least one picture we sent in. The problem is that now he wants to see the website all the time to see if his picture appears. I know the next thing will be that he will want his own website so he can post all of his pictures and get email from his dog buddies. Where will it end? I suppose that now I will have to get him a facebook account. I am drawing the line at twitter.


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    • profile image

      Marie Doyle 7 years ago

      I'm a m-model, you know what I mean....

      I hope you frame his photos and place them where he can see them.

    • earnestshub profile image

      earnestshub 7 years ago from Melbourne Australia

      Don't listen to a word that dog tells you! He is like all dogs, out for his own glory!