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Photography Training Applied: Some of my Favorite Goofy Poses

Updated on February 13, 2013

Ok. I owe my inspiration to SuperheroSales who seems to enjoy, like me, making goofy poses for photos. While these are some photos taken before I read the Hub "Photography Training: Posing Tips- How to Look Goofy While Posing for a Funny Photo", I think they demonstrate the application of the principles outlined in her thesis. They are a start. And from this day forward....I vow not to pass up any opportunity to strike a goofy pose for any willing and cooperative photographer. Furthermore I will strive to apply these principles and capture the most absurd images imaginable either staged or spontaneous. This proclaimation, written here for many to read, now inpires me, NO obligates me not to stray too far into seriousness and to search for, or to insert goofiness wherever possible.

Dissappointment Can Be Funny

Have you ever felt guilty about laughing at something you shouldn't. Have you ever tried to console someone who is suffering but the circumstances are so funny you couldn't hold back the laughter, or at least some giggles. If you let it out it can feel amazing....for the moment. Then you become dissappointed at you own lack of control and you can't believe you laughed so darn hard. You thought you were really a much more compassionate person. Meanwhile the other person's dissappointment is gone, replaced with disgust, hurt, contempt, etc., etc.

He caught this fish and tied it to the canoe before an afternoon nap, planning to supply it to the family for the long anticipated, gourmet, camp fire cooked, Lake Trout Dinner. The turtles had a fine dinner.

Photoshop a Bigfoot

Insert a Bigfoot into the background of any photo. I like when it is not too obvious and kind of blends naturally into the background or activity captured in the photo. This idea can go a long ways and really get your creative juices flowing. He could appear in the background of a family picnic photo, Uncle Bob maybe? He could appear in an urban setting? How about a festival or a race? They have been sighted near many urban areas, I know, I watch "Finding Bigfoot" on satellite TV. You could just blend in part of a bigfoot, an arm, a face, a foot, you don't have to have the classic looking back stride. Of course you will have to develop your photoshop skills to make it believable but that's not really the point is it. The more absurd the better. Hey maybe some Aliens.....just thinking here.....Hmmmm.

Dress Up Your Pet

NO. Not just with some cute little outfit. It has to send a message. Not a feel good peace on earth message. Pets really do hate holidays. Too much attention to humans. Sometimes just a little hat will work. Or maybe a big German Shepard with a plastic doll in it's mouth....maybe that would be going a litte too far. How about a German Shepard with a Star of David necklace...too much again? I need to think of some better ideas.

Pose With Statues

Realistic looking statues are a goldmine. If they didn't want you to make goofy poses with them they wouldn't make them look so real and they would put them in places where you can get close to them. Would they? When you pose you have to have some extreme facial expression or be frozen in an action which complements (or insults) the message of the staute(s). Try to avoid being obscene, that could get you in a bit of trouble. could pose many, many different ways, don't just try a few. Pack a lunch, bring some sandwiches, make a day of it. Take many photos with different poses and different people. Take a little break, have a snack or drink then go at it again. You are creating precious memories and photographic keepsakes that will be passed down through the generations.

And for gods sake, don't just stand next to it with a plain old boring look on your face.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      I used to rent a room in one of those old houses on West Nicola. I love that so many pepole have the patience to restore those old houses. I love the photos you took there. Beautiful.

    • SuperheroSales profile image


      8 years ago

      Ha ha ha! I LOVED this article, Jimmar! You definitely have some absolutely hilarious photos! I especially liked the dog in the costume-- I too am guilty of dressing up the family pets and snapping embarrassing photos of them!

      You definitely took my challenge to the next level!! Keep up the great work!


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