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Photos of Kannada Film Actress Anu Prabhakar

Updated on April 14, 2015

Mini Biography of Anu Prabhakar

Birth Name: Anu Prabhakar

Date of Birth: 9 November 1980

Age: 34

Birth Place: Karnataka, India

Nationality: Indian

Marital Status: Married

Popular As: Kannada Movie Actress

Eye Color : Black

Hair Color : Black

Hot Kannada Iconic Movie Actress Anu Prabhakar

Anu Prabhakar is very popular actress who was much famous in Kannada film industry. This wonderful actress was born in 9th November 1974 in Bangalore, India. Her family is also involved in to the cinema and she is married to famous actress Jayanthi's Sonk Krishna Kumar. She acted her first performance as child artist in the film call Chapala Chennigaraya and her first major role was done in the year of 1999 for a Kannada film call Hrudaya Hrudaya. Most of Anu Prabhakar's Filmography is based on Kannada films and she acted several Tamil films too. She won s awards for her performance like Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress in the film of Shaapa which was released in 2001.

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Movie Career of Anu Prabhakar

She is one of the leading icon actresses in Kannada films and apart from cinema she also participated through acting for several Kannada television dramas too. Hoo Anthiya Uhoo Anthiya,Vishalakshammana Ganda,Yarige Salutte Sambala, Nee Illade Naa Illa Kane,Preethi Nee Illade Naa and Banashankeri Devi Mahatme are some of the memorable films of her glorious film career. She is much famous of acting in various characters and she was honored with the title of Abhinaya Saraswathi for appreciating her performance talents. However she is wonderful actress in Indian cinema and I am plan to post several hub for this beautiful actress.

Some hot and seductive photo collection of Anu Prabhakar

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Personal life of Anu Prabhakar

Anu Prabhakar was married to Krishna Kumar on 2002 but unfortunately they were serrated in 2014. Parents of Anu Prabhakar also related to cinema and her mother is famous actress Gayathri Prabhakar. Anu got one elder brother and his name is Vikram.

Awards and Honors Received by Anu Prabhakar

Anu Prabhakar won so many awards and honors for her performance in Kannada movies and she was also honored as Abhinaya Saraswathi by Bangalore's Kolada Math. She also received several awards from Kannada Movie Awards ceremony for best actress Awards. Anu won Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress for the performance of Pareekshe Kannada Movie and again won Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actress for Shaapa movie

Anu Prabhakar Interview

Memorable Movies of Anu Prabhakar Cinema Career

Anu Prabhkar is much famous in Kannada movies as a movie actress and she started her movie career as child artist. Srirastu Shubhamastu,Yaarige Saluthe Sambala,Nan Hendthi Maduve,Preethi Nee Illade Naa Hyagirali and Mohini 9886788888 are some memorable Kannada movies of her cinema career and she performed more than 50 Kannada movies on past years.She is much bound to South Indian Kannada movies and the only film which she acted outside kannada was a tamil one .

Beauitiful Photo of Anu Prabhakar

I have published several hot photographs and bios of this super hot Kannada movie actress Anu Prabhakar in this hub page and hope to update this hub frequently as I get more information's and image of her. I already published so many hot photos and details of South Indian Movie actress and please visit my profile to get more of my south Indian actress hub posts. I thank all hub viewers who visit my hubs and give comment on.


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