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Photos of Young Masala Item Actress Flora

Updated on August 29, 2009

Flora is ultimate hot actress in South Indian film industry and her performance was always great and hot .She is  Glamor Tamil and Telugu film mature actress and she has long journey in her field.She has a marvelous sexy face and figure. Most of these entertainment sexy aunty actress are former actress in cinema .Her first Tamil film was actually hot one and in that film she perform as housewife which nabours are try to make love with one of the hottest actress of Tamil and Telugu cinema.She was more appear on hot roles rather than serious and romantic roles.Her film career is a very successful one and she got the great opportunity to perform  with the top actors an actress in Film Industry Her photos are very rare to find out and hear are some photographs and photo shoot of this famous glamor beauty which taken form glamor photo shoot for magazine cover , film snap shots and caps which taken from her films.

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Click thumbnail to view full-size


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      md anowR sekh 3 years ago

      md anowar sekh

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      sundaram 5 years ago

      hallo flora

      sweetest lips with honey can i try to taste

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      sanjay dixit 6 years ago

      I have a excellent mouth,

      you can also try mine.

      will give you real pleasure.

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      katreena 7 years ago

      Here Some good Material.

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      ram 8 years ago


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      Destiny1991 8 years ago

      ha ha amauz