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Photo Series-Trees

Updated on August 3, 2014
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0
Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0 | Source

Photos of my favorite tree is just that, a project featuring photographs of your favorite tree. But the project can have another variation. The images that you capture can be of many trees.

So in essence you can photograph one subject of one species, or many subjects of different species.

Those that you find beautiful, impressive, majestic and so forth. It does not have to focus on just one variety but can be expanded to include many others.

This project not only serves to give an opportunity to photograph but it also allows you to get back into nature and on the flip side, it helps the environment and tree conservation efforts.

Many people are not conscious of the damage that humans are doing to nature and to our national forests. This project can serve to bring tree conservation into their minds thus creating an awareness which may lead them to take steps in order to conserve part of our natural wonders and by doing so, help the wild creatures that call a forest home.

First look around for any good specimens that are worthy of being photographed, although all living things including trees are worthy, some come out in photos better than others. Your images must be strikingly beautiful if they are to capture the gaze of an audience and move them to take action.

Start by taking wide angle shots of your selected subjects to show the environment and location where they are. Next do some medium size portraits that show as much of the specimen as possible without going too much into other elements.

Also not to miss are photos that capture the intricacies of the tree bark texture, the leaves, and flowers or fruits if any are present.

You will need a wide angle lens and a zoom in the range of 60mm to 80mm. This type of lens allows you to get in-close and to record images of their tops plus it lets you "bring in" flowers or fruits to over life size dimensions. It would also be useful if you bring along a macro capable lens to capture extreme close ups of any interesting details as well.

A flash unit may serve to illuminate some aspects of the interior, specially if you find yourself in a dense forested area. Use to to bring out the shadows and highlight details that would otherwise be lost.

Make an effort to also take images that show the tree in silhouette form and leaves framed against the rays of the Sun. For the latter, take a reading of a nearby set of leaves that is not back-lit by the Sun and re-compose your shot manually. If you let the camera automatically set the speed, it will probably show as a silhouette since the camera meter will choose a reading that focuses on the brightest feature in the scene.

Another good technique is to set a diffusing , also known as a softening filter, in front of your lens. It takes images which are diffused and seem almost nostalgic. Reserve these shots for colorful specimens or where mist,fog or haze are available.

Do not limit yourself to only one season, although the tree should have plenty of leaves, specimens photographed during the fall bring out this wonderful color variation that shows a different part of a trees' life.

Be attentive in case your specimen has wild residents living on it or just visiting. Including their images along with detail of the tree make good images and goes a long way to showing one of their purposes.

You can repeat the process for all of you subjects but focus on those subjects that are full of leaves. Therefore picking the right season is important. If you find different varieties next to each other, then capture images that encompass both.

A great image can be composed if you see a forest with many specimens grouped together like a pine forest, This can make for a great wide angle shot too.

© 2012 Luis E Gonzalez


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