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Photos of War Should Be Censored

Updated on February 16, 2018

Images of war are definitely graphic I'm many ways. Everyone has their own opinion for this topic and I believe that the world should not see what our soldiers are going through graphically. For the people who disagree, they simply can find uncensored images or videos that are shown on certain websites or articles. Censorship is protecting you from reality and what really is happening across the world.The link below is an article talking about reasons for censorship and why it is used in a positive manner.

Shielding the public from the harsh and violent images and videos of our soldiers need to be censored. For example, if a news headline is titled something like 'Fallen American Hero' with a photo of him/her not censored can deeply hurt their family and friends. This would very disrespectful and if you were dying I'm sure you would not want a photo of you posted.There is a photo below and portrays a powerful image.

The photo above has a deep quote and meaning. The picture shows the fallen soldiers helmets on top of the barrels of their guns, and their fellow soldiers behind commemerating their duty. This is not a graphic photo but ht meaning behind it shows that those men sacrificed their lives for us and our country. Many people overlook this and don't take the time to think about the soldiers who protect us every day. They simply don't appreciate the soldiers as the quote states.

What's your opinion?

This has been a controversial topic for a while now and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinions. For all of the people who don't agree with censorship, I would just like to ask the question of 'why?' because I'm sure if that was them as the soldier, they wouldn't want the country to see their dead body. I simply just think it is humiliating for those poor soldiers that sacrifice their lives for us.

Another reason for why graphic war photos being censored is the right choice is young people. Children, and even young adults might not want to see the photos or videos because of how violent they can be. Yes, you have the choice to view it but say it comes on the news and you weren't expecting such a thing can upset some people. There really is just no valid reason to show this to the public. If people really do want to see this they can obviously find them online somewhere.

The inserted link above talks about why violent news images matter and why you shouldn't just overlook something of this topic. The author also mentions that readers who read articles with violent images might abandon the rest of the reading. Authors and publishers obviously don't want this and that is why they sometimes prefer the censored version and because of the disrespect if an image like that is posted.

Banning photos from being too violent has been a thing since WWI and something people take serious, especially Veterans and soldiers who are currently serving. Another perspective is if your considering the military and you end up viewing a graphic photo could change your decision. The impact is huge and does actually effect people in negative ways.

The U.S. Government and the military

The article below talks about how the military and our government don't want the public to see the awful photos from Iraq.Photographers have been banned and still are being banned because of posting pictures of dead bodies online. Different administrations have made it very difficult for journalists and photographers to pursue their war images by publishing them.

Should war images be censored?

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Overall, this topic can and will continue to be discussed around the world. But my opinion of this is the graphic videos and photos that are taken of our soldiers should truly be censored or blocked. The reasons described above state why my opinion is a valid one.


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