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Photoshop Gave these Stars The Ultimate Look that a Beautician or even a Regular Gym couldn't Give

Updated on December 1, 2017
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Besides writing, Felicia is also into choreography & web development. She currently speaks Hindi, English, Spanish & little French.

Do you wish to be like your favorite star; elegant, charming and good looking? If yes, then you need to revise your thoughts. Not because you cannot be like them, but because they are not so different from you. Here are some pictures to support this fact:


#1 The model in this picture (left) looks absolutely stunning and gorgeous, but when it comes to her body fat, we are stunned. On the other hand, in the right picture, the same model looks like an eternal diva with the right editing using the Photoshop. So, were you dreaming to get the physique like her, who herself does not own it?


#2 This bikini-clad model, no doubt, looks equally appealing in both the pictures. But if you noticed, her left unedited image shows her unstable weight. Well, not a big issue as it is quite a common one and almost every person has it. There is nothing to be ashamed of. Look at the right picture, where, how flawlessly, her picture has been given a perfect look. Do you wish to be like her?

#3 | Source

#3 Katy Perry is the renowned singer, but that does not help her to get rid of ageing effects. Her original picture on the left clearly shows her face wrinkles, dull eyes and little marks. On the other hand, the Photoshop produced image turned this ordinary picture of the extraordinary artist into a perfect scenic beauty.

#4 | Source

#4 Angelina Jolie is worldly famous for her acting as well as beauty, but even the moon does not look completely beautiful without the spots, then how can we. Jolie's features are mind blowing, but it is a bitter truth that with age, her skin is losing shine and turning into a target of blemishes. Thanks to the inventions of the editing tools like Photoshop, no matter how she naturally looks, we will always find her picture perfect.

#5 | Source

#5 Fergie's music video surely gives us a beautiful look of her. Her eyes and slim trim personality is the centre of attraction in all her videos. But what we are looking here is slightly different than what we generally get to see. I will not lie that I had to go through this picture plenty of times to cross verify the real Fergie. What you think?


#6 The model's edited avatar won't let anyone skip her this photo. Her edited legs look miles long and extremely appealing, which, if seen in the original picture does not give even a little kick to the good taste. So, anyone wish to look thin and long? Come here, then, we have Photoshop.


#7 I am pretty sure, the all pictures above this one definitely had some similarities in their edited and non-edited versions, so that we could relate and identify them that, yes, they belong to a single person. But, in this picture, though the lower features look perfectly similar, but the editing of the eyes make this single model looks two different personalities.


#8 Most of the pictures have been edited to hide the marks, extra fat and for changing the color of skin or eye, but if I carefully look at this picture, then it is not only about hiding the extra mass, but also editing her facial expression. In the original picture, the model looks a little tired and not so professional, but in the edited version, we can find an adorable beauty, who is full of intense professionalism. Whoever did this, teach me also, please.

#9 | Source

#9 Madonna had been a part of the Hollywood film industry for the last many decades. There is no doubt that when she was pursuing her singing career, even in her 50s, she had to do something to increase the audience. Photoshop proved to be a great help for turning her lifeless persona into a shining diva.

#10 | Source

#10 The last one is a picture of a sweetheart actress of the Hollywood, Penelope Cruz. Her soft and bold features are her trademark. Despite of that, her pictures also need to go under the plastic surgery of the Photoshop tool to fit her into the canvas.

At the end, I wish to know if you still want to look like one of them?


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