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Physical Media VS Digital Media

Updated on November 12, 2019
greatkhan24 profile image

A fan of collecting movies on physical format. Also a fan of comic books and Japanese animation. And many other hobbies.

Digital or Physical? Pick your choice.
Digital or Physical? Pick your choice.

Physical vs Digtal

At the height of movies and entertainment? We are trying to shift away from physical products to digital online products? I’m talking about how we view movies, in the form of physical format on Disc? Or that of digital, which is a video file online.

Originally I’m a person who prefers physical content over something that I can’t hold in my hand. But I have recently embrace digital as a back up or as a means of portability and being able to carry with me as long as I don’t run out of memory space on my smartphone or use up my data cap. The question that looms over my head was this? Is it really mine since its a digital content and not physical? I’m talking about movies in general, in that of digital format and not physical.

Its pretty simple on how the buying in digital movies works? One, your paying to download the film and view it from your private home,(under laws that you don't sell or distribute it),. Or two, your paying for a license to the digital film version of the movie. So that you can view it under the streaming services that you sign up with.

Over time I would eventually sign up for a free account for Movies Anywhere and was able to link up several of my films from other streaming providers,(for an example Amazon Prime), and add them to my Movies Anywhere library. The best of two worlds, I should say.

Okay, I’m getting of track here. While digital is good and all. It has its flaws. I’ll go throw the cons and pros.

The Pros

One-Early release date for movies on digital to rent and buy.

Early release date for films on digital and to purchase. Yes that is true, you get to purchase the film early when it comes out on digital. Their for skipping the line at the retail store.

Two-Clutter free and all in one library.

Easy access to your movie library in one place and with a click off a button and you can be streaming in no time. Oh and you don’t have to worry about those pesky movie commercials or trailers. Just straight streaming of the movie.

Three-Watch on the go.

Watch on your android device with your streaming service providers app or on your smart phone.

Four-Watch movies or shows on link accounts.

Multi platform link up? If you have Vudu or Movies Any Where or even Amazon Prime. You can link programs to share movie library between platforms. For example, let’s say you bought Batman on digital through Amazon Prime? Then you can watch it on Vudu as well.

Five-Rent online

With Amazon and Vudu movie rental services. You don’t have to go to a movie rental kiosk to return a film. Basically you rent online and watch from the comfort of your home. However, keep in mind that you have a time line to watch the film that you rent online, or risk wasting money for not viewing what you rented under the allocated time.

Now that we got the positive side out of the way. Let’s get into the negative portion.

The Cons

One-Your Internet Speed, how fast can you stream?

Internet connection and speeds is the most vital part in streaming a movie or downloading. If you have crappy internet, you going to suffer lag and long buffering.

Two-Weather down time.

They say mother nature is unpredictable? So if it rains or strong winds is blowing? Then its time to break out the books or board games, cause it’s gonna be a long night.

Three- Streaming service closes its doors?

This is everyone’s nightmare and lets hope it never comes to full reality. The streaming company that you sign up over the years, decided its going to shut down due to declining sales. Thus taken down with it your library of movie collection.

Four- The price?

With movies being on digital over the internet? You would think that it would be cheap. Unfortunately digital is price just as the same as its physical counter part when it comes out on release date.

With so several pros and cons mention on above. You pretty much have your options to choose from. I like digital movies, but if my internet should ever shut down due to um-foreseen events? Then I would opt to have a physical copy as a back.

Again, I’m not being negative against movies being in digital format. It’s just that I rather play its safe and have a hard copy in hand should the internet goes down. And if you know that you live in an area that is pron to bad weather condition when the time comes. Then its best to have a physical copy, just in case.

Is everyone catching on to this format of viewing and purchasing movies online?

I say yes, but not at a huge rate where we can start throwing away our physical version of the film in to the garbage can. Their are a great deal of people out their who rely on physical movies on disc. Due to living condition or they can’t afford to pay for faster internet speed to watch movies online.

In conclusion, until a new movie format eclipse DVD disc and Physical format of movies. I say its best to have both options on the table. But which one do you benefit the most from. That is for you to decide.


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