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Pia Voted off American Idol: America Shocked

Updated on May 14, 2012

On April 7th, 2011, Pia Toscano was voted off of American Idol.  After delivering a rockin', sassy, and finally upbeat performance, most of America was shocked to learn that this dark-haired beauty with singing pipes like Mariah Carey and Celine Dion was packing it up and heading home.  As a huge American Idol fan, I got all cozy in my bed with a glass of white wine with the hopes that a couple certain people would be threatened to go home (I will not admit who I wished to go home, as I'm sure it will offend some people).  But I was shocked to see that not a single person I wanted to go home was even in the bottom three.  Okay, let me just elaborate that the remaining contestants do all deserve to be there.  But I think that certain ones have more star quality over some of the others.  So, as I sat in my bed with my glass of wine, and tears came down my face for poor Pia (i know, pathetic, please don't laugh at me), a few things crossed my mind.

Pia Toscano: This Time (MP3 download)

This Time
This Time

This is an MP3 download of Pia Toscano's single "This Time"!


You Have to Vote for Your Favorites!

This sounds so self-explanatory, but most people don't do it.  Randy was right when he said that a lot of people think that their favorites are safe and that's why they are not voting.  It makes sense to think that if your favorite has the ability to win the entire competition then you don't have to vote because millions of other people are voting.  But the problem is, millions of other people are also having the same mind-set as you, and that's why their vote count goes down.  If every single person watching the show thought that they don't have to vote for a certain person because everyone else is voting, then that person would not get a single vote.  I am also subject to this American Idol voting phenomena.....I have watched every single season and have never voted once.  Every single year I see my favorites get voted off, and every year I tell myself that next year I will start voting.  But I don't, so I guess I don't deserve to cry for Pia since it's possible that many of my votes (and getting others to vote for her as well) could have saved her.  So, Vote, Vote, Vote!!!  

They Used the 'Save' Too Early!

I know this sounds awful, because I really love Casey Abrams and think he is super talented.  However, the judges should have really waited to use the 'save' on the person that they thought really had a chance at winning the entire competition.  Perhaps they do think that Casey can win the competition, but I personally think that Pia embodies the "American Idol" better.  I can't really picture Casey belting out the winning song (like "Moment Like This" or "This is my Now"), and I know Pia would really do the song justice (whatever it may be).  Again, I don't want to offend any Casey fans because I really do like him.  But I do have an inkling that the judges are kicking themselves in the behinds right now.  My only defense for them is that they might have really thought that Pia would never need a 'save' because they probably thought she would just coast to the top three.  Well, they should know better, since America obviously doesn't know how to vote (read above again).

Pia Will Be Fine!

As much as I would have loved to continue seeing her sing over the upcoming weeks, Pia is so talented that major record labels are probably fighting it out right now to determine who will sign her and give her a deal.  Honestly, Pia has nothing to worry about, and she will probably be more successful than whoever wins the whole thing and/or most of the other contestants.  Plus, she does still get to do the tour this summer which is a major accomplishment in itself and will also gain her more exposure and more fans.

Well, Good Luck Pia, and I will now be rooting for other contestants to win (i.e. Lauren, Jacob, perhaps Haley).

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    • tmckim profile image

      tmckim 6 years ago

      I have no idea who Pia is, but I feel bad for her.

    • Barbara Kay profile image

      Barbara Badder 6 years ago from USA

      I agree with everything you are saying in this hub.