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Piaa Bajpai – Cute Tamil Cinema Actress

Updated on May 11, 2010

Piaa Bajpai is on of very famous upcoming actress in Tamil and Telugu cinema. She already acted several Tamil films like Poi Solla Porom, Aegan and Goa. Her first Telugu film is Ninnu Kalisaka is making her huge success. Personally her performance in Goa is superb and I like that role a lot .There is 3 Tamil films of her am to filming recently. Apart form acting she is much famous in Indian advertisements and she is also acted several advertising's.

She has very beautiful smile and she like to play the role of a cute and romantic girl. She sha much capacity to act in Romantic films and I believe she will act more Tamil and Hindi Love films in near future.She is becoming more successful in South Indian film industry and wee will see more talents and achievement of Piaa Bajpai in near future. I also posted some very rare and very glamor stock photo collection of this wonderful Tamil actress.

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