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How to Find Your Ideal Piano Sheet Music Store Online

Updated on August 11, 2011

What to look for in a piano sheet music store

From the beginning piano student to the trained pianist, piano sheet music is a vital asset to your success. There are fewer and fewer stores now that sell sheet music. So, if you don’t have one in your area, what do you do? You could search the phone books for sheet music stores in your area, then hop in the car and drive to the next town to the store – or you could call them to see if they have the piano music you want.

What if your tastes are a little more esoteric than the sort catered to by the nearest sheet music store? Well, with a little research, you can find almost any piano music you ever wanted online. But, do you know what to look for in a piano sheet music store? Of course, you want wide selections of sheet music to suit all your tastes. The Internet has those and more. When you search online, you also might find piano recordings of the sheet music you wanted, which allows you to hear how the piece is supposed to be played. If you find the right stores, they will sometimes offer both sheet music and piano recording.

More than just sheet music

An additional benefit to finding sheet music on the Internet is that if you are just learning how to play the piano, there is a world of educational materials available to you from various online stores. You might find a downloadable music dictionary that can provide answers to your questions. The latest trend is downloading e-books, which you can do instantly instead of waiting weeks for your package to arrive. This saves you time and aggravation, since you don’t have to drive to several stores or to the next town to find the music book you really want.

For piano teachers, knowing where to buy quality piano music such as for example a Bach, Chopin or Debussy Prelude sheet music and other educational materials online is worth its weight in gold. Students will be able to get the correct piano music, perhaps with accompanying recordings, in a timely manner, so they will be able to progress quickly to the next level of piano playing. Plus, if you are the one to tell them of several sources where they can get their materials, they will adore you!

Meet new piano loving friends

There are also groups on the Internet that a piano student or aficionado can join that will allow them to meet and talk with other individuals who have a love of the same type of piano music. You may or may not find people of like minds in an old-time sheet music store. The possibilities of expanding your piano musical knowledge and practice are infinite when you find stores that not only sell the sheet music and audio recordings you want, but also provide communities where people can talk about the different techniques and just their love of piano music in general.

So, whether you are an advanced concert pianist or a humble beginner, finding the right piano sheet music online store is ideal for connecting you with the right tools and the most interesting people to help you progress your piano playing skills.

Share your experiences

What are your experiences of shopping for piano sheet music online? What sites do you regularly visit and what kind of services do they offer?

Please use the comments section below to continue the argument. Perhaps you would like to tell your fellow readers which piano music sites you think is worth a visit and which ones are not?  


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    • profile image

      George Lowe 6 years ago

      This Hub is really helpful for me as a starting piano player.

      Thanksso much for this great Hub.