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Visiting Venice - A Photo Gallery

Updated on November 7, 2011
Venice, Italy
Venice, Italy

Venice Bound

These photos were taken during my visit to Venice, Italy. My group was simply sprinting through Europe. In just 5 days, we had been through Germany and Austria, and now we were making our first appearance in Italy. I couldn't have chosen a better first stop in Italy, than Venice. This was one of our stops I was most excited about!

We stayed at a hotel there in Italy the night before, woke up, jumped on a bus that dumped us off by the dock, where we hopped on a water taxi, that shot us over to the city of Venice. This picture was taken while we were skimming along on the water taxi. A good time was had by all.

Venetian architecture and canals
Venetian architecture and canals

How Venice appears to float

When we arrived, the taxi dropped us off, and we began a guided walking tour of the city. We listened to our guide on walkie talkie transmitter packs (I'm sure we didn't look like tourists at all...).

While on the tour, our guide told us that even though the city of Venice appears to be floating, it is really built on wood pilings driven down into the sand and clay underwater. The logs became petrified and stone-like, due to the mineral deposits in the water. Since oxygen can't reach the logs underwater, they can't rot. The pilings were then leveled off, and were building ready.

Campanile (bell tower)
Campanile (bell tower)

Leaning Campanile

In this photo, you can see the the Campanile, or bell tower, of the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of San Giorgio (St. George) dei Greci. It was built in 1582-1592, and started leaning almost immediately after construction.

You can even see that the tower is leaning in the photo! And I was worried I wouldn't be able to capture its lean adequately...

St. Mark's winged lion
St. Mark's winged lion

Lion of Venice

Later on the tour, our guide told us that St. Mark is the patron saint of Venice, but it was not always that way. He became the saint of Venice only after his remains were stolen from Alexandria, Egypt, and brought to the city.

Apparently, it was a big deal to "house" the body of a saint in your city. As a result, his symbol of the winged lion, then became the symbol for Venice.

The Latin inscription inside the book the lion holds open, reads:

"Pax tibi, Marce, Evangelista meus."

Meaning, "Peace be upon you, O Mark, my Evangelist."

Glass Blowing Factory

I remember thinking that Venice looked like it was straight out of a movie set, where every corner we turned, looked like it could be a scene from a painting.

After our tour, we visited a glass blowing factory where we got to see the glass blower create a vase and shape a glass horse. I ended up buying some venetian glass jewelry to take back to friends and family. Who wouldn't want venetian glass jewelry!? It was a no-brainer.

Doing a little exploring on our own

After we were done at the glass factory, we got to do a little exploring on our own. We noticed that the entire city is connected with bridges spanning waterways like this one in the photo.

You won't find many cars here, but you will find small boats, water taxis, and gondolas. Not a bad way to get yourself from A to B.

I managed to snatch this photo really quickly on our way around the city. Flags such as this one are displayed all over, but this one seemed to catch my eye.

I used the window and flag in this photo in a painting I made after we were back stateside.

Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal
Rialto Bridge across the Grand Canal

Rialto Bridge

This is a photo I snapped of the Rialto Bridge. Finished in 1591, it is the oldest of the four bridges that stretch across the Grand Canal in Venice. It was built with the high arch so that larger boats could move underneath it.

Grand Canal

This photo was taken a few seconds after the one above it of the Rialto Bridge. This view of the Grand Canal allowed me to capture some of the boat traffic and the views of the colorful marketplace.

Doge's Palace
Doge's Palace

Doge's Palace

The Palazzo Ducale, or the Doge's Palace, was built in St. Mark's Square between 1309 and 1424. It acted in all sorts of capacities while Venice was a Republic. The Palace acted as the home of the Doge (elected leader of the Venetian Republic), law court, prison, and location for civil administration.

The building was absolutely beautiful with it's intricate carvings and paintings.

After a pretty busy day, a couple of us wanted to stop wandering around, and simply watch for a while. We had seen tourists running around from here to there all day (including us), and we started to worry that we would miss actually seeing Venice.

So we found a ledge to sit on underneath the archways seen in this photo. This was one of the photos I got while we rested and took in all the sights.

I have a thing for lights... Well, light fixtures, really. So I couldn't miss this little beauty. The Doge's Palace was the perfect backdrop for this photo, but I don't think there was a spot in this entire city that wasn't photo-worthy.

It came time to head back to the water taxi, so we snapped a few last minute photos, and boarded the boat. All in all, an excellent day.

Venice, Italy:
Venice, Italy

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    • kerlynb profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines, Southeast Asia, Earth ^_^

      Lovely pictures! And I must say very useful descriptions on how to go around Venice in water taxis, gondolas, and small boats :)

    • sfpodiatrist profile image


      8 years ago from San Francisco

      What a great hub! Love how you provide commentary about the photos. I would have never thought of doing this but I certainly will next time I travel:)

    • kingphilipIV profile image

      Ramphil Basco 

      8 years ago from Iloilo, Philippines

      The photos were great and I wish I can visit Venice soon.. a Lovely place!:)

    • Mia Montanna profile image

      Mia Montanna 

      8 years ago from CA

      I just watched a Dr Who was purportedly filmed in Venice but having been there I could tell it was not. They did a good job of trying to fake it though. Venice is on of Italy's many unique inventions--the city on water--how remarkable is that? Your hub takes us all there virtually speaking and perhaps encourages us to make the trek, as it is, in my opinion, well worth it. Especially for lovers of architecture and history and painting--as well as actual 'lovers'. ;)

    • carol3san profile image

      Carolyn Sands 

      8 years ago from Hollywood Florida

      Lovely pics. I'm sure yoy had a great time. Thanks for the hub. You did a good job. I voted you up.

    • coleridge001 profile image


      8 years ago from lucknow,india

      a good hub

    • saitam profile image


      8 years ago from Lisbon

      Nice and beautiful photos, it seems you found good weather there.

    • cjcarter profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Nexusx2 - Your welcome! I was very lucky to get to go and take these photos to remember it all.

      TeriSilver- Thank you! I'm in the process of doing a series of photo galleries of my Europe trip, so hang in there with me if you'd like to see more.

    • TeriSilver profile image

      Teri Silver 

      8 years ago from The Buckeye State

      Nice photos and commentary, thanks for sharing.

    • Nexusx2 profile image


      8 years ago

      thanks for this very beautiful hub. I hope you enjoyed your trip. I bet it was a dream.


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