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Pilipinas Got Talent 2: My Favorite Contestants

Updated on November 18, 2011

The Show

Pilipinas Got Talent has captured Filipino audiences around the country for its diverse form of entertainment quality. Not only did PGT excel in entertaining audiences they also have given big opportunity to Filipinos to show off their talents not only here in the Philippines but also for the whole world to see.

PGT 1's winner Jovit Baldivino I may say run away with the trophy from the moment he sings his first audition piece. But PGT 2 offers so many great talents that it is hard to say who will win the first place. I have liked a lot of them but some have stood out from the group and here is my list:

Marcelito Po Moy

He is in the top of my list. He is from Cavite, Philippines. I adore his voice and he looks like a harmless guy. (lol) Listen how he sings his rendition of the song "Narito Ako", and how effortless he carry those notes especially those with high pitch. All I can say is-AMAZING.

Buildex Pagales

He is 15 years old from Digos City. He plays the guitar so well and he sings the Bruno Mars song. What we audience really like about him I guess is that he looks sweet and 'pa-cute' in a nice way. (lol)

Light Gauge Acoustic

The duo is from Bacolod City. They are Sol and Ven. They are big men but listen to their soft and soothing music, they are great.

There are so many talents still waiting to be discovered around here. Good luck to my favorites may the best talent win.

The next video may not be a great talent, but it makes you see how entertaining the show Pilipinas Got Talent.


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