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Pink Floyd- The Endless River- A Review

Updated on December 7, 2014

Richard is Smiling

The music of Pink Floyd- The Endless River is the soundtrack to this review as it is being written. While this is claimed to be a review, it should be noted that your humble author is NOT a fair and balanced choice for this review. Pink Floyd is my all-time favorite band, so it’s somewhat saddening to listen to this farewell CD. But then, just about all of us thought The Division Bell was that farewell.

The vast majority of this CD is so much instrumental, with much of that concentrating on the contributions of Richard Wright. This is a nice and welcome addition to the Pink Floyd lineup, but it isn’t utterly unique. Much of this is what was left on the shelf after the work of Momentary Lapse of Reason and The Division Bell. But any Pink Floyd fan would surely say thanks for passing this on, and it makes us wonder if there’s any more out there they never released, such as when Roger Waters was part of the group.

Pink Floyd was such a fascinating group, in that their sound was so unique and unusual, with their patented psychedelic sound and haunting lyrics, just for the reality to be a dramatic bunch of fighting and throat cutting on the part of a few talented and smart musicians. When Roger was with the group, he strained to be the leader and the central point while the talent flows in from the fringes offered by the others. He wanted what he wanted. This is sunk in as the situation after he was gone and the music offered by the remaining three (even though Richard was no longer an official band member but hired back in, since he was fired by Roger during The Wall) was still the Pink Floyd Sound but yet spiced differently.

But hey, we fans miss the team as it was. All of us would have relished hearing some contribution on the part of Roger to this latest one. It isn’t as though the axes weren’t buried, so to speak, at least to some point. After all, David and Nick joined Roger here and there during his recent Wall tour, which was historically successful. Regardless, this last addition to the library is quite enjoyable. The sound is rich and the talent obvious. This is the Pink Floyd a lot of fans enjoy when they don’t necessarily need the agenda or political rambling. Roger always wanted the point, the concept, and David wanted to offer the sheer music. In The Endless River, David most certainly got his way. As a sort of Swan Song for Richard, this is a nice bid farewell and to rest in peace knowing you did good.

Now, let’s keep in mind that this release is a goodly piece of nostalgia and the simple fact that it was something shelved but worth a lot of memories and money. There’s no doubt sales will soar and that most Floyd fans will give their thumbs’ up, but outside of the Floyd family will see much of a blip. That is Roger getting his way after his recent tour made history. But there’s no way in anyone seeing this collection being released was a bad idea or dismissible as a cheap grab. We fans deserved this. And it was sweet to see an elderly David play piano on Anisina but genuinely rock on Nervana.

This is the fifteenth addition to the library of Pink Floyd. I am so glad it is finally here.


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