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Pink Flute Cases for Girls - Comparison Buying Guide

Updated on September 7, 2010

Pink flute cases can be hard to come by. Read on for reviews that compare prices, styling, comfort, and other important features that you should consider when purchasing a flute case. Not only does a quality flute case protect her instrument, but it will also send her off to lessons, band practices and performances in style!

Gator Pink Flute Case
Gator Pink Flute Case

Gator GL-FLUTE - Pink Lightweight Flute Case

Protect your investment with a pink flute case made by Gator. If you've ever researched instrument cases before, then you're probably aware that Gator cases are a favorite of many musicians. This lightweight flute case is a light shade of pink with black contrast stitching.

Unfortunately, this flute case does not come with a shoulder strap, so this is a great option for a girl who prefers to store her flute in her backpack or carry it my hand.

Weight: approximately 2 pounds (considered lightweight for a flute case)

Measurements: 17.875" x 6.25" x 4.25"

Interior: Made of plush, soft foam to protect your flute from scratches.

Other features: Side pocket to store accessories and padded handle for comfort.

Retail Price: $50.99

Ace Grafix Polyfoam Flute Case with a Pink Butterfly Design
Ace Grafix Polyfoam Flute Case with a Pink Butterfly Design

Ace Grafix Polyfoam Flute Case - Pink Butterfly

This predominantly pink, with white and gray stitching is one of the cutest flute cases available! The pink and white butterfly design on the case adds to it's feminine style. Ace Products are also well known for their design of instrument cases. This case, in particular, features their Grafix Polyfoam, which is a hard-shell case with a plush, soft interior, to protect from scratches.

Unlike Gator's hand-carried pink flute case above, this case comes with both hand straps as well as a shoulder strap, for hands-free convenience. This case can also be attached to the outside of a backpack.

Weight: 1 pound (very lightweight!)

Interior: Plush, soft interior

Other features: Fun butterfly emblem. accessories pocket, shoulder or backpack strap

Retail price: $52.95

Gator Cases Metro Series Flute Case

Here is another durable pink flute case by Gator. This case is perfect for someone who wants a case that will carry not only her flute, but all of her accessories, sheet music and a music player. Bubblegum pink with black contrast stitching adds to this flute case's trendy style, making it a star player in Gator's Metro series. With an EVA exterior (a hard type of material that is featured in many electronics cases, such as laptops), this case will protect your flute with it's semi-hard exterior.

Weight: approximately 2 pounds

Dimensions: 17.7" x 5.9" x 12.5"

Other features: Top carry handle and a back shoulder strap; outside pocket that can hold an Mp3 player with a grommet that allows earphones to come through the case.

Retail price: $89.99

Pink Flute Case Covers

If none of the above styles suit your tastes, here are a few more options to choose from. One cost effective option may be to simply purchase a pink flute case cover, if you already own a flute case.

Essential Flute Accessories

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    • sagebrush_mama profile image

      sagebrush_mama 7 years ago from The Shadow of Death Valley...Snow Covered Mountain Views Abound!

      Wow! I would have love a pink flute case in my high school days! Do they make purple, too? Might have to find one!