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Pippa Middleton - What makes this hot socialite special?

Updated on February 29, 2012
Pippa Middleton doing backflips into the Caribbean waters
Pippa Middleton doing backflips into the Caribbean waters

Who is Pippa Middleton? Socialite? Party Planner? Event Manager? Maid of honor? Unknown until the world saw some of her hot pictures recently, Pippa Middleton has taken the world by a storm. Over the years we've all seen people emerge out of nowhere and become celebrities overnight. But Pippa Middleton, ladies and gentlemen is in a totally different league.

Would it be fair to assume that Prince William and Kate Middleton would have been the centre of attention for the cameras and the flashbulbs? Of course we would. But what has surprised all of us that Pippa Middleton almost stole the limelight away from the royal couple.

So what makes Pippa tick? What's so special about Pippa Middleton? For all you wannabes wanting to be the next big thing in the media, read on and take notes.

Pippa Middleton – From young to not so young

Pippa Middleton is an event manager (read party planner) and apparently a socialite. What many of us don't know that while Pippa was studying at Marlborough College, she was on a sports scholarship. Impressive! Years later, she moved to Edinburgh where she studied English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. I also learnt that she then shared a house with the son of Duke of Roxburgh and with an heir of the Duke of Northumberland. Even more impressive, I say.

What did Pippa Middleton do after university?

After studying English Literature, Pippa started out as at a public relations firm, promoting luxury products. However that was short lived and the party planner inside her took charge of her life.She was even voted 'Number 1 Society Singleton' by the Tatler magazine, beating James Blunt and Princess Eugenie. Since then, Pippa has not looked back and has been wanting to actively take up a prominent role in her parents' company, Party Pieces.

Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding
Pippa Middleton at the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding and Pippa Middleton

So, Pippa was the maid of honor at the royal wedding of Prince William and Pippa's sister, Kate Middleton. Okay we know that the royal families have many pretty faces, but then what made Pippa so special? As corny as it sounds, the media frenzy around Pippa spiked after the world saw Pippa's butt in that beautiful wedding dress which by the way, was designed and created by Sarah Burton. Reuters, websites and blogs were abuzz with sleazy reports and pictures of her behind. Okay so she wore a figure hugging dress that look great, but what about it? Sometimes I fail to understand what drives the media. Anyway, since then, Pippa's butt has catapulted her to stardom. I mean, let's be honest. Everywhere you look to find info on the royal wedding, all you'll see is Pippa, Pippa and more of Pippa.

The Aftermath

After Pippa's behind had been the talk of the town, the internet has been afloat with pictures, stories and news about her and her antics. Unfortunately, pictures of 'drunk Pippa' and many more not-so-cool snaps have been uploaded on the internet. However, in hindsight we realize that this was not unfortunate at all. The pictures are the reason why Google is going bonkers with many search queries about Pippa Middleton and her how pictures. Here is what went on.

Pippa Middleton looking stunning in the designer
Pippa Middleton looking stunning in the designer

Pippa Middleton's behind was the highlight of the Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding. How many times do we get to see such a glamorous event in our lives? Very few! The Royal Couple, the Queen, the royal guests, the who's who of media, television, film, industry, politics and much more were present. So what made Pippa Middleton stand out from this crowd of heavyweights? Here's the truth – her butt! The figure hugging dress that Pippa wore to the wedding caused quite a stir. Apparently Pippa's butt has even got its own page on the Internet, social networking site and a massive fan following. Does it bowl you over to see what effect 'a dress' can have on your life. Are we taking note here, ladies?

Pippa Middleton wrapped up in toilet paper
Pippa Middleton wrapped up in toilet paper

Pippa Middleton wrapped in a toilet paper roll

Yes, that's true. This picture has Pippa Middleton on her knees and she is wrapped in toilet paper! You can also see a few bottles of liquor and many, many empty glasses. Okay, so she got drunk and wrapped herself in toilet paper. Probably not a very big deal for the average woman, but not when you are Pippa Middleton and get your picture splashed across the internet.

Pippa Middleton dancing in her purple bra
Pippa Middleton dancing in her purple bra

Pippa Middleton dancing in her underwear

Yep, you read it right. Pictures of Pippa Middleton dancing with her boyfriend while wearing a purple bra somehow found their way on the internet. Can't you imagine Pippa going 'screw you *****ook!'? After these pictures, the media didn't take too long to brand her as a wild party girl.

Women's Purple Underwear

Pippa Middleton in a white bikini flaunting her well toned body and her famous butt while vacationing in the caribbean
Pippa Middleton in a white bikini flaunting her well toned body and her famous butt while vacationing in the caribbean

Pippa Middleton out in the Caribbean

This time it was Pippa, her sister, Prince William and a few others enjoying holidays in their private yacht somewhere in the Caribbean. Pippa Middleton is hot, take it when it comes from a woman. Without doubt, Pippa has a stunning and well maintained body. Top that gorgeous body with a white bikini, some great dives into the Caribbean and more skimpily clad royals. That is what you call a dangerous concoction. If that wasn't enough, Pippa was even pictured topless during this trip and the royal family was scurrying to get those pictures off the internet.

Hugh Hefner with some playmates
Hugh Hefner with some playmates

Hugh Hefner wrote to Pippa Middleton

Reportedly, Hugh Hefner wrote to Pippa Middleton, asking her to pose for Playboy. Hefner's got quite some balls asking the maid of honor of the royal wedding to pose nude, just weeks after the ceremony. Although this news has not been backed by too many credible sources, it's tough to say if this did actually happen. Even if it did, would Pippa pose nude for Playboy? You never know!

Pippa looking stunning in this green dress
Pippa looking stunning in this green dress

Pippa Middleton and her rise to socialite stardom: Here is what I think

Pippa Middleton's rise to fame has been a mix of luck, opportunity and of course, courtesy of a few not-so-sober pictures that have been posted on the Internet. Top this of Pippa's gorgeous looks and an uber-hot body, you have a winning combination!

If she is a smart woman, which she seems to be, Pippa Middleton will take full advantage of her 'status' and go full throttle to promote herself and her parents' event management company.


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