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Pirate FM Radio Broadcasting & FM Broadcast Transmitters

Updated on February 20, 2017

Pirate FM Radio


Get a Thrill from Pirate FM Radio Broadcasting

There's always that spine tingling thrill when you do something illegal. Something illegal like broadcasting your own radio program through the airwaves. Pirate FM, also called, Low Power FM broadcasting (LPFM) has been around for almost half a century and was at the height of its popularity around the 1960s. Radio Pirates run illegal fm radio stations against the FCC and the law. Why? Why? Because it's fun and quite a thriller to be running your own radio station and know that people are listening to you. Or perhaps they just feel that they have this obligation or responsibility to provide the public with alternative radio programs.

I could actually claim to be a radio pirate. I had my own little pirate fm station running on an EM80 condenser microphone, a simple tape deck, a BA1404A based 355mw stereo transmitter, a 1 Watt 2N386 based RF amplifier and an inverted J antenna tuned to the frequency of 89.8Mhz. Mostly I broadcasted alternative and classical music to the dormitories around the campus. Of course I also fm broadcasted little love notes left on a drop box I place on every dorm. Broadcasting time for the "Voice of Nothing" was around 7PM to 12PM or whenever I had time.

So Interested in starting your own Low Power FM Radio Boradcasting Station? I'm going to present a couple of set ups here that would have you fm broadcasting in no time. I know there are a lot of FM Transmitter kits around the internet but it would be wiser to buy a ready made transmitter. It would save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Although the education you get from assembling your own would be great... purchasing one is still the best option unless you're that DIY (Do It Yourself) electronics geek.

CyberMicro FM Broadcast Transmitter


Cyber MICRO FM Broadcasting Station

The first FM Broadcasting Station is perfect for a church, advertising (housing, shops), special occasions, drive-in cinema wireless sound distribution, translation, tourism.... and even your friendly neighborhood FM Station. It's advantage is good aduio quality with enough power (1Watt) to cover a large area. It is fully portable and can ran on battery packs and a mobile antenna. The set up also looks good and can certainly lend enhance the appearance of any electronics equipment beside it. The most important thing is that it has enough RF juice to drive amplifiers in the 150W to 300W range. that goes without saying that you can upgrade anytime you want to a much more powerful rig.

CyberMax FM Broadcast Transmitter


Cyber Max Fm Broadcasting Station

The second FM Broadcasting Station - Cyber Max FM+ is almost a professional rack mounted FM Transmitter that covers the whol FM band.  The package includes an extremely high quality transmitter, antenna, mains power supply, connectors and coaxial cable.  It can also be used as a portable transmitter.  This FM Pirate Radio Rig can actually service an entire community.  It's professional quality rivals that of commercial FM stations that most FM stations actually have one of these babies as a backup tranmitter.  Of course they won't admit that they have but believe me they do.  Disadvantages? Hardly any... except that you'll be in the radar of the FCC or police.  But it just makes everything more exciting. with it's 15KM range you;ll also have more audience to hear you rant.

An Olf FM Transmitter


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