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Pitch Perfect 2 Box Office Predictions

Updated on May 26, 2015

UPDATE 5/26/2015

Pitch Perfect 2 continues to thunder on at the box office adding an estimated $38.54 million over the Memorial Day weekend. After its second weekend it is estimated that it has grossed an amazing $126 million so far. At this pace and using the basic trends of the box office, the film could end up grossing over $200 million, but this may be unlikely when you take into account how sequels normally perform. Most sequels perform very well their first two weeks with fan excitement then drop sharply in their remaining weeks and gross less then what the high numbers of their openings suggest. $200 million is not out of the question, because this movie has way out performed what was expected of it. Pitch Perfect is also performing well overseas already making $180 million worldwide.

UPDATE 5/18/2015

Pitch Perfect 2 opened with an amazing result of $70.3 million. This is way over the projected amount around $47 and the projection leading into the weekend of $55 million. This film could end up grossing over $200 million, but it depends on how it performs in its second weekend.

UPDATE 5/14/2014

Pitch Perfect 2 is trending to open higher than expected. It should open somewhere around $56 million.

UPDATE 5/15/2015

As mentioned in yesterday, Pitch Perfect 2 is trending to open not only strongly, but also higher then anticipated. I’ve decided to add a few more projections to the mix. Personally, I still feel that the film will only gross about $140 to $150 million in spite of the higher opening, but with that better opening in can only increase the probabilities of it making even more in the end. Also, this could just be the hard-core fan’s eager to see the new film, which could mean less people showing up to theaters in the following weeks. The new models can be seen below.

To highlight a few, Pitch Perfect 2 could have an astounding final gross of $201 million dollars. This would be an amazing outcome, but I’m unsure if the fan base is capable of pulling it off. This film does have a little lower reviews, which could mean there would be a sharper decline in the preceding weeks. The new range that I established for this film is a final gross of $142 to $188 million.

New Trends 5/15/2015

New trends based on larger opening.
New trends based on larger opening.
Elizabeth Banks directing Pitch Perfect 2
Elizabeth Banks directing Pitch Perfect 2 | Source

Originaly Published 5/12/2015

The first Pitch Perfect was the surprise hit of 2012. Produced by actress Elizabeth Banks the film grossed $65 million domestically and $115 million worldwide. Pitch Perfect was smart and funny with a story that followed a glee group in competition. The film also made a credible star in Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson and the film became a film of a generation. Pitch Perfect 2 looks to duplicate and then double the success of the first film.

This new film is not only produced by Elizabeth Banks, but is also directed by her. So far, the reviews are very positive and a lot of them praising Banks work in her directorial debut. Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson both return to reprise their roles as Beca and Fat Amy. Pitch Perfect 2 also features Brittany Snow, Hailee Steinfeld, Skylar Astin, and Katey Sagal. The first film is incredibly popular, so popular that even prominent Green Bay Packers players Clay Matthews, T.J. Lang, and several other players make a cameo in the film. Other cameos include but not limited to Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Jimmy Kimmel, and Snoop Dogg. The huge success that was Pitch Perfect should be at least doubled with its sequel, since it’s popularity has grown even more in the last three years.


This film was particularly hard to forecast, because it’s hard to tell how exactly a fan base will react to a release of a sequel of a very good film. Thus far the film has positive reviews with a 71% fresh rating on against the 81% of the original. Obviously this film is probably being held up close to the original as a comparison, which is always unfair when you have a solid second outing. Either way with Pitch Perfects popularity, this film should way out gross the original. The film should open solidly around $47 million and unless Mad Max proves to be a larger hit than what it’s forecasted to be right now it should be number one at the box office. Also, the film doesn’t really have anything to fear in the form of competition from Mad Max or Age of Ultron.

Possible trends for Pitch Perfect 2
Possible trends for Pitch Perfect 2

On the high end of possibilities the film could gross upwards of $169 million. This could be very viable outcome if really good word of mouth carries the film over the long haul. There is also, no competition in the following week that I feel that can effect its second weekend. The two movies that are coming out over Memorial Day weekend are the fantasy kids film Tomorrowland and the horror remake Poltergeist. I think the fan base will be really excited to get to the theater, especially after some that wait to see the film, hear that others have liked it. If word of mouth does turn out to be negative the end gross could be as low $117 million. I highly doubt word of mouth could possibly be that bad, the reviews are very good for the sequel.

Pitch Perfect 2 should open solidly between $40 and $58 million. The second weekend gross will be somewhere between $64 and $81 million. The final domestic gross should be between $124 and $157 million. The first Pitch Perfect grossed just over $115 million and this one should perform just as well making around $300 million.

My official prediction is an opening of $47 million and a final domestic gross of $140 million.


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