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Pitch Perfect 2 review

Updated on May 15, 2015

My summary: Well to be honest if you came for a complex enduring story you came to the wrong show. Yes the story is simple with the Bellas being kicked out of the a Capella competition and decide to compete for the biggest competition to get reinstated as a group again. The main chick gets an internship at a record label and actually ponders what she is going to do after college. They have a new Bella who is a legacy and wants to be one of them.

The Good: The laughs, the fun and the guilty pleasure pop songs are all back. Fat Amy is back with her self-referential jokes and so are the other crude stereotypical characters. To be honest the first movie I actually saw right before I went to college and it got me in the vibrant mood. All I wanted from this movie was to come out feeling happy and energetic and I got just that. Say what you want about the original but you have to admit the pacing and mood of the film is so high. You just want to get up and move around. It is just a good time all together. Anyway I enjoyed the movie for all its dorkyness and silliness. The characters are all lovable or you love to hate them either way you feel strongly. Even the side characters that only appear for a throwaway joke are memorable. Most of the film's jokes are hit or miss and you'll have both. There is a running joke that the German a Capella group are so hot Kendrick's character becomes attracted to them. The German group is hilarious all around of course and so are the Bellas. The final showdown has all the pleasures and songs that you can make fun of after you finish enjoying it in the theater. The mood and pacing is just as fun, energetic, and joyous as the first one. The story is simple and easy to follow just as it should be. The new actress Hailee Steinfeld is well played. She starred in True Grit which she earned an Oscar nomination for so she knows what she is doing. She plays her character as a young aspiring girl who wants something so bad but is unable to control herself because of how excited she is. I think we all knew or were her character before in high school or college (yes guilty here).

The Bad: The first thing you'll notice is that most of the jokes from the trailers you watched are not even in the film. The world war 2 joke Kendrick uses in one of the trailers, Fat Amy claiming she is the hot one, and several others I noticed are not in the film. This kind of ticked me off but I managed. There is a character played by Keegan-Michael Kev who is hilarious guy but I feel his comedic abilities were not utilized well enough. Don't get me wrong he has some funny lines but when you see him take off his shades and you recognize who he is the rest of his performance feels a little underwhelmed. This might be too much but I wanted him to steal the entire show. I wanted his role to be essential to the plot so he could have so many lines and puns to throw it would overwhelm me. But sadly he only has a couple funny lines and he is easily forgotten.

Verdict: FUN

Like I said this film is packed with the same fun, joys, and feel good friendly film you'd expect from the first one. I went in feeling as though it would bomb but to be honest that feeling left me immediately when the film started. It is obviously not meant for you if you didn't enjoy the first one. It's good to see a sequel made that didn't suck because we've been getting a lot of those lately. Anyway I don't think the film was better than the first but I am glad I saw it and would recommend it for a girls night out, family night, guy friends (you don't have to tell anyone), or even graduating seniors in high school or college.

P.S. Good luck to all of you who graduated from college. I wish you the very best in the real world.


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