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"Pitch Perfect 3" Movie Review

Updated on December 17, 2021
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Nathan is a film critic and aspiring author with a true passion for the film industry who hopes his writings will help launch his career.

Okay so this film is one of those films where the trailer does nothing but the film itself delivers where it counts most and makes you wonder why the ads weren't better. I was very happy with the send-off this film gave our favorite a cappella group.

The film opens with Becca, the lead singer for the former Bellas group, showing us that she has graduated from college and has found a career as a music producer. She gets upset with one of her clients and quits, coming home to roommate Patricia (or Fat Amy as she was called before) who has no job nor a desire to get one. Their other roommate, Chloe, comes home from her job as a vet assistant. Becca notices Chloe still wears her old Bellas uniform. Chloe has felt lost without their group and holds onto every scrap of memories she can. It's not long though before they are invited for a reunion tour to entertain the troops. The Bellas reunite one final time, but they find out very quickly that they are in for yet another competition. The winning group gets to open for DJ Khaled. Their competition is the amazing Ruby Rose who takes on a Joan Jett-esque persona and was set up as the "villain". Villain is a bit of a strong word for this kind of film but you get my drift. The other competing band is a country group. Both groups are skilled with instruments. Armed with nothing but their heart and vocal chords, the Bellas go all-in, determined to prove one last time that they are the best.

I genuinely enjoyed every second of this film. It was funny, heartfelt, and had the setup to a great story. The send off was a tearjerker for the big fans and it showed the true meaning of friendship. Really the only issue I had with the film was the side plot involving Fat Amy's father. It developed into a situation you might see in the earlier Fast & Furious films and switched focus to that rather than focusing on the group competition or even giving us a better conclusion to Aubrey's daddy issues that has been building since the first film. As much as I love John Lithgow, it really felt unnecessary to the story. I also thought there would be more to the riff-off. The one in Part 2 has to be the best of the series. This one, however, was over before you even knew what happened. Aside from that, I was happy with the film and felt it wrapped most everything up perfectly.

In conclusion, I advise that you ignore what the old geezer critics are saying and go see this film. It's an absolute blast that everyone's sure to enjoy. I give it a 3 out of 4.

© 2017 Nathan Jasper


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