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Places to legitimately grow your Youtube Viewership/Subscribers

Updated on June 24, 2016



YTMonster has as of two days ago been around for three years supplying Youtubers new and old with a means to increase their subscriber, views, likes and comments count on their videos.

This simple little website acts as an aide to help new Youtubers to get off to a quick start and helps attract new audiences to your own Youtube channel, all in all it helps your videos get some notice, which will in the end increase the likelihood others on Youtube and elsewhere will subscribe to you and watch more of your content


The first page that you land on will be the Dashboard, here is where you can see on the left hand side of the screen there is a list of other pages to go to, the pages you want to pay attention to are, the Dashboard page, the Add Request page and the Client tab up at the top right of the page.

Every 24 hours after watching 50 videos you are given 500 points which you can use towards creating requests for your own videos etc, each 1 point equates to 10 seconds of watch time, but we will get to that a little further down.

The dashboard allows you to see how many points you have currently accrued over time, it also tells you where the latest points have come from, whether they are from subscriptions, likes or actual views to other peoples videos.

My requests

Add request

Choosing like, comment, view or subscribe

Requests and how to add them

The next step once you have fully managed to orient yourself around the site and have watched a video or two and have earned a few points and hopefully attained the daily bonus is to add your own request to begin either earning views, comments or views to your video of choice.

Now as stated above 10 seconds equates to 1 point, meaning that for every 60 seconds you will be spending 6 points for each view that want, likes are different in that for every like that you want for a video will cost you 25 points.

That being said though if you, like many others do have videos longer than a minute or so will want to spend more points to gain greater retention on your videos for example if you have a 5 minute video attempt to set the watch time you expect from viewers on YTMonster to be for 280 seconds or so.

The overall aim is to get more retention rate for your videos, they don't have to be 100% views but by that same logic they cant only be 10 second views otherwise they simply won't be counted as a view, which would ultimately be a waste of points on your part.

So always aim to calculate the number of seconds to equate to about a quarter to half of the video to ensure that the views will be counted and retention rate actually increases for any given video.

Where to access the client

The client page

The client

The final thing to discuss as far as YTMonster goes is how to run the client, that is by far the easiest thing to do on this site, you simply go to the dashboard page, move your cursor to the top right of the screen and click on the tab.

It will take you to the client tab, on it there is a button in blue, named client and whatever version it may be at that current time, simply click on that and it will open a small minimized window, on which has a start and stop button.

When you click the start button it opens a new tab to Youtube and begins to play videos for a varied period of time, the minimum begin 20 seconds, after each timer reaches 0 the page will refresh to play a different video and you will earn points accordingly.

Finally to end the session all you need to do is click the stop button.

The client


As a conclusion, this site can be fairly useful for advertising your new videos as they come out, my advice for those of you who want to use the site is to advertise a video you have just released and then spend the next week saving up points so you have an over abundance for the next weeks video.

This has helped 6000+ people gain notice to their videos alongside increasing their video retention and aiding in increasing views naturally etc.


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