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Planes Fire and Rescue 2014 - Animated Film Review

Updated on May 12, 2015


Dusty Crophopper is just an ordinary crop duster in a small little town in the middle of nowhere but is destined to become something amazing and prove he can do more than what he was built for. After winning a few flying races this little plane seems ready to take on anything if it hadn't have been for a nasty gear box malfunction.

After causing an accident at his local air field Dusty feels compelled to help by becoming a Firefighter. However there is so many changes to get used to that Dusty ends up in situations that

The Film

If you have read other film reviews about this film you will know how badly it is rated. But for me it is a fantastic little example about how a story can open your eyes to problems in the real world. I broke the rules and saw the second film first before the plain Planes film and I am so glad I did because this one far out weighs the first.

You may think I am completely bonkers but I do really love it and its one film which I really enjoy watching it over and over specially when I need some cheering up.

There is so many elements to it and so many stories overlapping and so many characters. Each time you watch you can follow someone different and the level of detail is fantastic.

Lets start off with it actually. Compared to the first film this is far better quality. They must have changed so much of the original 3D engine because if it was the same level as the first this film wouldn't have worked. They did a huge amount of research on how the backgrounds should look, the over all texture and feel of the film and polished it off with some of the best smoke, fire and water distribution effects. I was so blown away with the level of quality. From the way the water or the fire retardant falls, how the fire moves from place to place, as well as how fire burns substances differently. It really is so well done.


I pointed out that there is so much more to this story than before. Whereas the first for me seemed like another spin off from Cars with the racing element this stands in a league of its own. You learn a little about each of the characters compared to the last. All right some will argue this point as you got to learn a lot about the main characters. However in the second you learn something about every character and there is so many of them!

I'm not going to go into all of them but I want to show you the level of story you get into here. There is Blade who is a helicopter and he joined the rescue team after a disaster in his past brought him to the mountains to make sure this tragedy didn't happen to anyone else. He became a fire rescue trainer and is known as the best of the best. We even learn the backstory of the forest and the rescue yard and a local hotel that the team are protecting the residents of. All these elements have a really dark or sad story to it and its really interesting compared to what happened in the first where really the only interesting character was in the Skipper. Not all the back stories are dark or sad but for me this created a more realistic element to the film which hadn't been seen before specially in the Cars franchise. For me there is so many likeable characters and each is individual which is one of the best parts of this film.

To be honest I think these elements may be why many reviewed it badly because they felt it was too realistic. However I think that stories should be realistic because no one is going to learn or feel anything towards and animated character if they don't believe in what they are doing or saying. As well as the factor this film wouldn't work if it was done any other way. The whole point that it was a dedication to Fire Fighters all over the world not just to Fire Fighters who deal with forest blazes so if it wasn't realistic then it would just be pointless.


Even Dusty has a much bigger part to play in this film for me as we get to see much more of his character. How he goes from strong and confident to shy and modest to upset and angry and completely lost and having to make a choice which isn't easy for him. I felt like I knew Dusty so much better by the end of this film compared to the first where he seems more like a little kid but gets turned into a young man in this film.

The music and everything for me works well.

Although I praise this film highly its not perfect. I do feel like some of the characters are not necessary and were added just for the reason they were to be expendable, which in a way wasn't a major problem and certainly not the worst trait for a film to have but still annoys me. As an animator I always feel adding a character in just to get rid of him or her is wrong. There is always another way of writing the story and normally makes it stronger because your not having to cover an extra character.


So overall I really enjoy this film. There isn't much wrong with it so anything you have heard before I would ignore it. To be honest it was due to comment from a friend why I nearly didn't watch the plane films in the first place so basically don't listen to just one opinions as you might be missing out on some good content.

This is a good entertaining family film and one that gets my rating

My rating is a 9 out of 10.

Planes Fire and Rescue and none of these images belong to me I just use them as reference for my review.

Movie Trailer


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