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Plastic Man, A Superhero that Stretches, Shrinks and Bends!

Updated on July 23, 2014

He's Loads of Fun!

Are you an aspiring super-villain looking to fight superheros and increase your reputation? You may have heard about Batman’s popularity in recent years. While he may certainly provide a challenge, he is much too serious for his own good.

With so many superheroes out there, you are spoilt for choice. However, there is one superhero who deserves special attention. He has been under the radar for decades — yet is recommended by many super-villains for being extremely enjoyable to work with.

He is none other than Plastic Man. Plastic Man? Isn't he just a ripoff of more popular characters like Mister Fantastic (Fantastic Four) and Luffy (One Piece)? You may be surprised, but Plastic Man is actually considered to be the first of his kind, having been created in 1941.

This lens will provide a quick guide in getting acquainted with this quirky, yet powerful superhero.

Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!

He's a real good guy in a bright red suit
and he always wears goggles and a belt; that's a beaut'.
He was a crook, but he reformed and then
he reformed and reformed again...

Plastic Man, Plastic Man
The one, the original elastic man
Always in great shape for the shape he's in
The fantastic...

Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!

He can stretch his neck tree top high
and stretch his arms 'till they touch the sky
and stretch his legs 'till he's so tall
he could bounce the Moon like a basketball...

Plastic Man, Plastic Man
The one, the original elastic man
Always in great shape for the shape he's in
The fantastic...

Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!

He's a quick change artist beyond compare
No one else like him, yeah anywhere,
and he's one guy the villains just can't catch
You can count on him to win in the stretch...

Plastic Man, Plastic Man
The one, the original elastic man
Always in great shape for the shape he's in
The fantastic...

Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!
Plastic Man!

~ ♪♫

Yes, there is a theme song dedicated to Plastic Man.

Yes, it’s incredibly catchy.

Yes, you may find yourself humming to it while waiting for Plastic Man to show up.

His Background

Naturally, every superhero has to start somewhere. For Plastic Man, he led a tough life as a kid, and joined a crime syndicate as a means to survive. Back then, he was known as Patrick ‘Eel’ O’Brian.

His life took an unexpected turn one fateful night. He and his accomplices attempted to rob Crawford Chemical Works. Unfortunately, they were discovered soon after. The others escaped, but Patrick was left to his own devices. Shot in the shoulder and soaked in a chemical liquid, he was facing arrest.

However, he somehow stumbled upon a monastery before he fell unconscious. As luck would have it, a monk discovered him and nursed him back to health. In the Good Samarian's heart, he knew Patrick had qualities befitting a superhero. Indeed, the chemical liquid had augmented Patrick physiologically. He was also determined to turn over a new leaf after experiencing compassion for the first time in his life. Thus, Plastic Man was born.

Though Plastic Man is a superhero, his crooked past means he can relate to a super-villain such as yourself. That is not to say you won’t be caught — it just means that you will be chased by someone who understands you. You’ll have to outwit him constantly and vice versa, which makes for a fun experience. Compare Plastic Man to Batman, who will most likely abuse physically you just to get the job done, and you have a clear winner.

No need for protein shakes to bulk up this superhero
No need for protein shakes to bulk up this superhero

His Superpowers

There are tons of superpowers out there. However, what make Plastic Man’s abilities stand out are their practical applications. As Plastic Man, he is able to stretch to extraordinary limits, shrink in size to fit into a pocket and bend into any shape. It’s almost like watching a clown performing his bag of tricks at a birthday party. He is assisted by Woozy Winks, his comical sidekick. Sadly, Plastic Man’s colors are limited to his skin color and the colors on his clothes. Nevertheless, it’s incredibly entertaining to watch, even if you’re at the receiving end of his superpowers.

Although Plastic Man does turn himself into a toilet bowl at times, he is actually incredibly powerful. Not only does he have superhuman strength and agility, he is also immortal and almost invincible. Indeed, he can instantly bulk up like a bodybuilder one moment, and be as flexible as a contortionist the next. Bullets are mostly useless due to Plastic Man’s rubbery nature. He has even shown to be able to reconstruct his body in the direst situations.

As such, you can devise a wide variety of ways to kill Plastic Man without actually killing him, thus ensuring a long-term working relationship. Never again would you feel any guilt launching that nuclear bomb at him. Take note though that intense heat, sudden changes in temperature and certain chemicals have shown to temporarily weaken Plastic Man.

He Talks A Lot

Exchanging banter with a superhero is the bread and butter of a villain’s social life. Here’s where Plastic Man shines, for he is talented at making witty remarks. Below are some examples:

His Cameo Appearances

Since Plastic Man is immortal, he has had his fair share of adventures. In the process, he has teamed up with all kinds of superheroes to battle just as many super-villains.

Get Started

So what are you waiting for? Start your career as a super-villain by contacting Plastic Man today!


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