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Plastic Surgery of the Stars

Updated on October 5, 2015

Marilyn Monroe Before Plastic Surgery

Before surgery
Before surgery

Plastic Surgery in Hollywood

Since movies began, stars have been having surgery to improve their appearance or to hang onto their youth. Up until the 1990s plastic surgery was subtle and a lot less frequent than it is today. Breast implants became common place for models and celebrities in the 1980s which paved the way for other procedures.

In the 80s silicone breast implants became so common that for the first time history the taboo of the vanity that leads to plastic surgery was being overlooked. While silicone breast implants greatly improved the appearance of a woman's physique, they were obviously fake, leading the public to admit that their idols were not masterpieces of nature for the first time.

Marilyn After Surgery

After her total overhaul
After her total overhaul

Marilyn's Transformation

Marilyn Monroe was the first celebrity to have a total overhaul of the face publicly. Monroe had her nose completely reshaped as well as her jawline. The result was that Monroe went from a slightly pretty country girl, to a total glamor queen.

Prior to Marilyn Monroe's surgery it was generally believed that if the public knew that a star had surgery it would ruin their career. The theory was that once the illusion of a perfect specimen be revealed as a phoney, people would lose interest after knowing that their idol is just a man made, surgical creation.

An Implant Job that Had to be Re-done

The Trouble with Breast Implants

Although breast implants became the rage they were not without their drawbacks. Many celebrities can bee seen sporting botched boob jobs. This is partly because there are so many breast augmentation procedures being performed, but it also shows the limitations of this procedure. They rarely look natural and often appear odd.

Many celebrities are opting for fat transfer surgery instead of breast implants due to the fact that the results are natural in appearance and feel.

Read more about the Results of Silicone Breast Implants

Pamela Anderson's Breast look Like Cement

Improved Breast Procedures

Perhaps the most famous over the top celebrity with breast implants is Pamela Anderson. Anderson's breasts are so obviously fake that she admitted as much in the 1990s. She has also had her implants redone at least twice since she was a regular on Baywatch. With each surgery her breasts look even more phoney and awkward but Pamela takes it in stride realizing that it is all just a part of her persona.

Ivanka Trump Before Surgery

Donald Trump's Daughter Ivanka Before Surgery

When Ivanka Trump was a young girl she had a receding chin and jaw with a rather long bumpy nose. She had a natural beauty in her eyes and skin that she inherited from her lovely mother, Ivana. As Hollywood has rejected the natural and unique features in favor of perfectly balanced ones Ivanka realized that if she wanted to be well received by the public she had better get her features readjusted.

Ivanka After Some Surgery

Ivanka Trump Undergoes Surgery

By her late teens Ivanka had already had at least one nose surgery. The prominent bump that she had as a child was gone and her overall face structure was looking better balanced.

The photo on the right shows her after approximately one nose reshaping. As you can see her nose is more attractive than it was when she was younger but the tip droops down a bit.

Also, the lower portion of her face still seems rather small and undefined.

An entrepreneur at heart, Ivanka's personality and sense of business is very much like that of a young Donald Trump, she wanted to present herself in the best light possible in order to ensure the best return she could.

Ivanka With Her New Profile

Ivanka's Small Nose and Projected Chin

Ivanka continues to have surgery on her face and body. Recently she had some very large breast implants added to her frame. Viewing her profile in this photo it is obvious that Ivanka has had another nose job. This time the size of her nose has been greatly changed and no longer turns down at the tip, and her chin has been brought forward, probably with an implant. Her jaw looks slightly enlarged by either implants or fat grafting.

The overall look while slightly artificial is a more attractive model type of face. The nose is most definitely in the realm of the modern ultra small Hollywood style and her skin has had numerous laser and chemical treatments that give her a kind of surreal beauty.

She looks good now but it's a given that her nose will need future work as we have seen stars who have had multiple nose jobs run into more trouble as they age. The smallness will look more unusual and artificial over time as the skin thins and settles revealing bony cartilage and scar tissue.

Madonna without High Cheekbones

Madonna's Plain Jane Face

When Madonna first appeared on our television sets she had a rather flat face. While attractive, she lacked classic beauty and the lower portion of her face seemed wider and larger than the area just under her eyes and at the temples. Basically, the structure of an ordinary girl not the foundation of a Hollywood glamor girl or Ford model. Her cheekbones were not prominent, which put a lot of emphasis on her chin and jaw. This can be okay during the teens and 20s when the skin is exceptionally tight but during the 30s when gravity takes a hold the wide jaw looks even wider and the area of the cheekbones begins to atrophy. This unfortunate reality gives a masculine look to a woman's face and ultimately is what makes many middle aged women look so much less pretty than when they were young.

Madonna's Cheek Implants

Madonna Looks Better than Ever

Obviously Madonna has had a lot of plastic surgery on her face. A facelift, eyebrow lift, lip injections, fat grafts, ect. but the one procedure that truly changed her face is her cheek implants. After adding some well placed cheek implants Madonna looks more attractive in her 50s than she did in her 20s.

The roundness and fullness of the area just under her eyes and some lifting and liposuction have turned her face upside down.


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    • profile image

      Casey oneill 

      5 years ago

      Aweful waste of talent plastic indeed


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