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Plastic Surgey Overkill

Updated on February 7, 2015

A little history

First off the term "plastic surgery" doesn't mean "fake" or "unnatural". It's derived for the Greek word "plastikos", which means moldable or shapeable. Some historians agree that the first recorded account of plastic surgery was documented in ancient Indian Sanskrit texts. A Hindu autor Sushruta wrote about using skin on the face, like the cheek or forehead, for the reconstruction of earlobes or noses. this is quite appropriate because around that time, 500 B.C., using mutilation was a form of punishment. As the ways of plastic surgery procedures progressed, anesthesia was introduced eventually making the procedure less risky and more common.

Becoming more mainstream

Although plastic surgery has been thought to be around for thousands of years in one form or another, the procedure became slightly more mainstream during WW I because of necessity. Doctors would fix body parts that had been severely damaged during battle. It then kept progressing through the years, becoming more popular again in WW II, until doctors could do the procedure with more speed, precision, and accuracy. It's now incredibly available and small procedures are cheap and easy enough so just about anyone can afford it. But some people choose to spend incredibly amount of money and in my opinion, abuse the whole idea. But once again, I try not to judge, everyone's their own, so live life the way you want.

Now this one caught my eye BIGTIME!

Like I said, people can do what they want. In Justin Jedica's case, 145 procedures and $165,000 later, this is what he looks like. He's not nearly as fake looking as some plastic surgery junkies out there, in fact he's not a bad lookin' dude. But, the thing is, I saw this picture and almost pissed my pants, I actually thought it was a friend of mine from high school. No joke, you could put them side by side and your mind would be BLOWN! If I had to imagine, my friend probably got a good laugh upon seeing this, and I would like to congratulate him on looking so good someone's spent an incredible amount of money to look like him. More power to ya Mr. Jedica, as long as it's making you happy, why not?

Sometimes it gets a little scary

This gentleman, Rodrigo Alves, has spent over $265,000 on 30 procedues by the age of 31. In his case, well, WOW. If he's going for an evil Ken Doll then goal achieved. This picture makes me feel like he's gonna creepily climb through the screen like girl in The Ring, slowly and jaggedly pushing the arms through, up to the body, then CRACK! that head snaps up burning that image into our minds forever..*****shivers****

Now comes the big one!

So I've read a lot of gossip about the Kardashians and that family, but not enough to keep up. The big thing blasting us on all aspects of social media is Bruce Jenner's becoming a woman. I don't get it, I REALLY just don't get the idea. I mean, I've gotten acceptant of pretty much anyone's preferences of life: gay, straight, bi, black, blue, orange, short, tall, fat, skinny, etc... but sorry, I'm still struggling with the transgender subject. I'm not saying it's bad, but just a little much for me to comprehend right now. I mean, sometimes these dudes end up being smoking hot chicks and it's hard to tell them apart, so whilst out to meet girls it's become a risk in big cites to getting a little close with a she-dude. As for you Mr. Jenner, good luck with this whole cockamamie (no pun intended) adventure as long as you're happy that's one person closer to having a happier world.


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