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Play Piano Lessons On Embellishments

Updated on May 9, 2011

Play Piano Embellishments

EMBELLISHMENTS add a nontraditional note to a music scale.
They make it more interesting to play. Play piano lessons
and learn about embellishments.

A PASSING TONE is a nonchord tone that is played after
a chord tone and moves to another chord tone.
An example The C chord has C, E and G or the first , third,
and 5th tones of the C major scale.
As the C major chord is played the melody can have the notes
of C, D, and E. D is the passing tone. C and E are the chord

In the melody the chord tone can be C
and change to a passing tone of D
and move to another chord tone of E

An ALTERED TONE is a note played between two scale tone notes.
In the key of A minor the scale tone notes are A B C D E F G
Many times in the bass line in the bass clef there
are altered tones. Play piano lessons and learn
about embellishments.

You may find after a low C in the bass clef, there is a C#
between the C and D. C# is the altered tone. C C#

Another example is an altered tone
D# between the D and E notes
Another example is an altered tone
F# between the F and G notes

THE SONG 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago
is an example of a song in the key of A minor.
It uses the altered tone in the bass line.


Start at the note A and go down the keyboard.
Listen to the bass line and see if you can guess what
the notes of the bass line are.
Then listen to the bass line and see if you can guess what
sharp is in the bass line.

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