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Playing for Change DVD

Updated on April 29, 2013

Album number three is on its way

Here is one of the songs on the new DVD! I have already lined up to purchase it!

Grampa and Bekker - they are all here =)

Playing for change


Love at first hear

I was absolutely sold

I listened to the first famous Stand by me and fell so hard in love! I listened to that song many times a day for weeks.

In the meantime, I ordered the DVD from PFC´s homepage and when I got it, I shared with friends and family. We had to send for many more over the time =)

15 very skilled musicians from all over the world sing and play on this DVD. Even Bono is there on one song No more war! Here are guitarists that handle the guitar so you shiver.

To mention just some - Roger Ridley the guy (whos singing started the whole movement), Francois Viguié, Grampa Elliot, The really good singer Clarence Bekker from The Netherlands, Chaz on the washboard, Twin Eagle drum group from Mexico, Cesar Pope, Dimitro Dolganev, Roberto Luti, Geraldo and Dionisio from Venezuela, Pokei Klaas, Django Degen, Sinamuva, Stefano Tomaselli playing the saxophone so you melt! and Vusi Mahalesa from South Africa

The first DVD and downloading mp3

Songs Around The World (CD + DVD)
Songs Around The World (CD + DVD)

The first DVD Where Stand by my is one


A new DVD with many more new countries

Playing for Change Live (CD + DVD Combo)
Playing for Change Live (CD + DVD Combo)

The global music collective Playing For Change presents their first-ever live recording; a specially priced 2 disc CD/DVD package featuring performances from their highly successful 2009 world tour! Guest performers on this project include Ziggy Marley & Toots Hibbert.



Grampa Elliot from Louisiana

He sings, plays the harmonica and love music. In an interview he says that he will never move away from Louisiana.

There have been concerts though, where Grampa Elliot showed that he is a very skilled performer. The audience just love him.

Grampa Elliot is completely blind.

Papa Elliot raps

DVD 2011 - order now!


I have already preordered the new DVD

The very minute I heard about this new DVD, I went and preordered it. I want to have it on a disc because not always I can entertain my friends with the computer.

I am looking forward so much to this new reliese

The newest DVD is coming in May 2011!

PFC 2: Songs Around The World [CD/DVD Combo]
PFC 2: Songs Around The World [CD/DVD Combo]

This title will be released on May 10, 2011.

Pre-order now!


World music with real class! Comment please

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    • Cookie411 profile image

      Cookie411 6 years ago from Ohio

      I heard about Playing For Change a few years ago and I just love the Stand By Me video!! :)

    • mulberry1 profile image

      mulberry1 6 years ago

      :) Good music!