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Playlist- Amazing Anime Music- Songs and Lyrics

Updated on May 16, 2012

This is a list of some amazing anime songs that I love, of various genres and from different anime. You should definitely check them out if you already haven't- the lyrics and vocals are both amazing.

  • Shinjutsu No Uta (Song of Truth) from Inuyasha- Starting off with an amazing instrumental that ruffles something inside of you, this song is laced with words of wisdom and spirituality. This song by Do as Infinity tries to infuse positivity and strength in the listener. With powerful lyrics and a hook that says "This song of truth will flow through my heart", this song is a must listen.
  • Fast Forward from Nurarihyon No Mago- Undoubtedly one of Monkey Majik's best songs, the lyrics say "I soundlessly released my power, And cut apart that fear away", as the hero finally overcomes his fear and embraces his destiny. It is another inspiring song to listen to during tough times.

Fast Forward (With English translation)

  • Akai Ito from Kekkeishi- This song by Inabi Koshi is soft, soothing, romantic, and can make you feel warm inside on a rainy day. The soothing guitar play also deserves special mention.
  • Cyclone from Romeo x Juliet- The theme of this song is a guy, separated from his lover, and having lost his memories somehow, is now waiting to reunite with her. This is J-Rock at its best, by 12012. Anger, pain, frustration all float through the song. The video is a must watch too.

Cyclone (Official video by 12012)

  • Diamond from Inuyasha- A girl separated from her lover expresses her sorrow in this sad song, describing how her tears fall down her cheeks like diamonds, as she goes on living in a town without him, and how she couldn't say goodbye that day because that would mean admitting that they would never meet again.
  • Fukai Mori from Inuyasha- This soft, slow, soothing song by Do as Infinity engages in philosophical reflections at life.

Diamond (With English translation)

  • Go- Go- Maniac from K-on: K-on being a music based anime focusing on a girl band from a High School, the whole album of both seasons are amazing. This songdeserves special mention, for being high on energy and spunk. Perfect party jam.
  • Loop from Maid Sama: This pulsating J-pop song by Heidi is the perfect love song, with a touch of angst throughout.


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