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My top albums in my collection

Updated on June 6, 2016

It all starts at a young age...

My first day at art camp
My first day at art camp | Source

1. Wilco - Blue Sky Blue


Wilco - Blue Sky Blue

This Wilco album was handed to me from a friend, who was working on my first record. He kept telling me about this band and how my song writing was similar. I was very new and green to songwriting during the time of recording of my first record. I was one of those musicians, who was under the impression that you had to have a top 40 hit in order to have good music. I was so far out in left field that my friend brought me back to home base with different types of good music. The first band that I really sunk my ears into was Wilco. Being There was the first album that I listened to and loved it. But it never really grabbed me. I wasn't hooked yet on Wilco. I knew that there would be an album that would suck me in and Blue Sky Blue was the one. The track Impossible Germany blew me I got obsessed with this record and the band. I went completely crazy with them. I have never loved a band as much as this one before and I would say that this band had changed my course of music taste for ever. I sound like a high school girl with a crush on the cute boy in math class when I say this, but it was the only time that I really felt connected to music in an emotional way. The sad part about all of this is that I haven't see them live in concert yet. But I know some day soon, I will and that it will complete my connection with the music of Wilco.

2. The Danny MainStreet Band - Bulletproof and Ignorant


The Danny Main Street Band - Bulletproof and Ignorant

Ok, this record is my secret weapon for showcasing new music to listeners. Whenever I get a chance to engage in a conversation about new music, unsigned bands, local talent I pull this record out and let them all get blown away. From hearing this album, you can tell these guys are put on a great live show! They fucking blow the roof off of any stage. The connection they had together, the flow of the set, the sheer energy they bring to you as you are standing there with your mouth wide open just taking all the music overwhelming. I met these guys first time at a friends house. During this time, I was new to local talent and was never into the music scene and thought that most bands were not as good. So we all had a few drinks at the house party, then we departed out to the show. I was close friends with their manager and he was looking at bringing these guys on the road with another band, that were playing on the same bill. So it was a double whammy of local bands for me. The lights came on, and a voice came on the Mic with the words of the singer saying, " Hello, are you ready?" The first note from Rock N Roll Pollution Steroids hit you in the face like a friaght train and it never slowed down till the last song of the set. I was knocked over and they kept kicking me as I was down...unbelievable. This was the only time in my life that I wanted to be in another band. You know those bands you say to yourself that " Hey, I would love to be in that band". This is the one...I wish that these guys were still around, but the lead singer moved to the US to pursue a career as a Christian singer / songwriter. They have one unreleased demo album, that was set to record with Paul Northfields but the band called it quits prior to the sessions. I do have one of the copies of the demo music and it is as good as their first record...amazing.

3. DJ Champion et ses G-Strings


Champion et ses G-Strings - Live at the Metropli

DJ Champion is named "Champion" for a reason...he is the champ! I was attending a private party during The Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival in Fredericton, NB. A few of us were talking about what show we wanted to go and see next at the Festival and the after burner showcase was getting ready to start with Champion et ses G-Strings. I was asking around, if anyone was going to head out and see them. They were new to me and I didn't know what to expect. Back in the day around 1999-2001, I was heavily into the rave scene and loved all kinds of DJ music, House, Trance, Drum and Bass, Happy Hardcore, Acid House, all that stuff, so seeing a DJ at the Jazz and Blues festival attracted me. One of my female friends decided to attending the show with me and check out his stuff. Off we went and I was blown away on the amount of people that were there to see him. It was packed!!!! DJ Champion came on first and said "Hello", got behind his tables and was waiting for his band. I noticed amps, guitars, and bass cabs up on the stage. I was thinking probably the band before didn't get cleared off. So I left my little area in front of the stage to go get a drink, thinking that the stage crew was still working. As soon as I was turning to leave, I heard the audience get louder, and cheering...I kept walking through the crowd and then the beats started. Then the bass guitar, then the first electric guitar...I turned and saw 4 guitar players and a bass player...I was shocked. Then it hit me...I don't need a drink...I need to stay in place see what this was all about. I was saying to myself that this is brilliant, fantastic and just so unique. The way DJ Champion co-ordinating all of the beats, guitars was amazing. Then a vocalist came out to sing...I almost passed out with her voice. Beatrice Bonifassi had a voice that again, was something I have never heard before. That show was a highlight from the festival for me. One year after this show, myself and my business partners were celebrating the approval from the city to have the first Rock Festival the following year. We were brainstorming the idea of having a "kick off party" for FredRock Festival. DJ Champion et ses G-Strings was on the list play at this event. As we were talking about it, someone had the DVD with them in the car and brought it in, we watched it over and over all night making our plans for the festival. Music lovers planning music events don't get any sleep...haha. We reached out to the band and they were on a short break at that time. But to say the least, I got to see them live and have been a huge fan since then...Keep on Ridin!

4. Faith No More - Angel Dust


Faith no More - Angel Dust

FAITH NO MORE!!!!!! URRRRRRGGGGGGG-HHHHHHAAAAAA-HHHHHAAAA-HHHAAA!!!! Anyone who knows FNM, understands the excitement we all have when we hear Mike Patton. He is the best male vocal singer of all time. Yes I said it, and yes it's true. Next runner up is Freddy Mercury we all know this... High School was 4 years of Mike Patton - Faith no More, Mr.Bungle, Fantomas and later Tomahawk. Driving around in a 4 Door Toyota Corolla hatchback with the boys all week day after weekday, weekend after weekend, for 4-5 years strong as made me really appreciate the fun you can have in a small town. We kept to yourselves, we never got into fights, never broke the law. We smoked dope, got drunk, drove around listening to Faith No More over and over and over....and over. My own life of FNM is high school. Some of my best memories are from that time. I felt free and open to FNM music, it was music that no one else liked! Other groups in our school were listening to other types of popular music...well we did as well. When we would show up at parties, and we put this stuff on the CD player, we either got the weird looks from the people or they would love it. We always partied and had fun with everyone and Faith no More was that energy release for us. It always made us think we needed to make the best of our lives and live it the best way we could. Years later now, I want my son to grow up to FNM and explore the kind of fun that we had. It has made me become appreciative of my friends and make the best of my teenage years. Friends of mine started a band called MARR that we all supported them and the music they made. All of us played music together, Beyond Ash, Mantra, Machete, and my band enjoyed sharing the stage with each other. You could tell, we were all influenced by Faith No More. It's a shame that I haven't seen FNM live yet....I will some day!

5. Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Stadium Arcadium


The Red Hot Chilli Peppers - Stadium Arcadium

I started on my mothers milk...and I also started on the Red Hot Chilli Pepper's Mother's Milk...and I have never looked back in regret. These guys are the leaders of change, and still building new fans along the way. Their fan base is from 12- 45. It's huge! I have massive respect for these guys. HUGE fan here. The band dosen't know how to slow down or turn the switch off. Throughout the years there have been changes, hiccups, life scars but still have always made the music count. Stadium Arcadium is the best work they have done. The guitars, lead and backing vocals to the songwriting, is the best to date. This is the album I have been waiting for from these guys. It makes all the years of their hard work and growing stronger as musicians seems to be complete and fulfilled from a listeners point of view. This album brings the old sound and new age sound together on a double CD album. Not one song on this album is a filler track. All of them are just amazing in their own way. The first time hearing it, I knew it would be a long time before I took a break from it. Hasn't happened yet...Rick Rubin has helped pull all the energy and history out of the band into this record. And I know that all RHCP fans have their own favourite album, but I will stick up for this one. When I express my thoughts about this band to other people, I always feel they don't get. I illustrate the similar traits between U2 and the RHCP in the way that they have been playing music for over 20 years, and they still have the discipline to keep it original. You can go back to the first record from each band and go to the last and follow the growth of the music, maturity and passion over the years. RHCP as never "sold out" in anyway. I could name a hundred more bands in the same boat. The point is, that I feel proud for the RHCP for being honest with the music they make. They have got balls...and sometimes wearing socks!

6. The Green River Ordinance - Under Fire


The Green River Ordinance - Under Fire

The Green River Ordinance is one of those bands were you find on Youtube late at night when you have had a couple glasses of wine and you instantly fall in love with them. They did a cover of "The Weight" from The Band and it blew me away. I was surprised, that I haven't heard of them before, given the fact that they are so good. I thought to myself that they should be bigger then they are. I know it seems a bit rude to say, but when I see a band that is so good at making music, I start to feel that there is something going on and wrong within the music industry. Having a great band like this, and after looking into their background they left EMI, and started out on their own again. I like that fact that a band can push forward and make it work after parting ways from a major label. Their talent is amazing. Their work ethic is powerful. They remind me of the band "Need to Breathe". Very smooth, well rounded music and pushing down walls. This record you can put in your car and drive around town all day long and never change the CD. It brings you to that happy place with memories and peace, not too many artist can do that these days. They inspire you to reflect on life and not bring you to a dark place in the process. That's genuine songwriting. The name of the band is original as well. These guys are on my list to see live as well. Front row centre for these dudes....

7. John Mayer - Continuum


John Mayer - Continuum

John Mayer....I remember the first time I saw him on Much Music back in the summer of 2001 with " Your Body is a Wonderland " . I was mesmerized from his voice and guitar playing. For many years I was under the impression that he was just a little pop singer with great hair and girly voice. Maybe he was at first...but then I saw the John Mayer Trio...I shut my mouth right up. I felt like such an ass about judging John and putting my own spin his passion and talents. Learning about his previous inspirations and now current ones, holds a lot of weight with me. Today I love to see John Mayer and or John Mayer Trio live. Pino Palladino is one of my favourite bass players today. I have now learned not to judge any artists like I did with John Mayer. When I heard "I Don't Trust Myself" the sound of the low end and the groove behind the melody, is so clever and haunting that it reminds me of Janet Jackson's "That's the Way Love Goes" just simple, easy and a sexy groove that makes u feel connected.

8. Hey Rosetta - Seeds


Hey Rosetta - Seeds

The first time I saw this band was at The Capital Bar in Fredericton, NB. The room was jam packed with the fans, gear and themselves. A seven piece band is huge. How do they make any money with all those people, and, it's because they tour and tour and tour...and they keep making brilliant records. You can not find another band that sounds like them. You must have seen when you buy music from iTunes, it will give you a suggestions on other similar music the on the bottom of the web page, for this band there is no other music close to it so, that's why these guys sell out their shows. I have many memories with these guys, having seen them at festivals, small rooms, shitty clubs to major festivals, so picking my favourite record was hard. "Into Your Lungs" is a favourite as well. The album was produced by Hawksley Workman, a geniune craftsman with original music and songwriting. The song "Young Glass" is my favourite on the Seeds record because of the bass playing, any player that can handle a 6 string bass like that has issues of holding the song together. Josh Ward is a talented musician, that I can look up to as someone that I can learn a few things from. Having Phil Maloney as an endorsed artist with Istanbul Mehmet is amazing and rewarding as well. Great band check them out!

9. Joel Plaskett - Three


Joel Plaskett - Three

I am going to put this out there...Joel Plaskett is Canada's best song writer. This is a huge statement and I stand by it 100%. He has a way of blending his music and lyrics together. He talks about his music within the music. It's clever. I was never a big fan of Joel in the early days, as I did not give him the attention to get into his writing. It always felt very "Indie" to me, and don't get me wrong, I love the Indie market but never really sunk my teeth in it. Joel was the first artist that I can say as helped change my thoughts about Indie. After I heard "La De Da" it was a game changer. I loved it, and I was slowly getting the Plaskett fever. "Ashtray Rock" came after that loved that record as well. He was on tour and I had the chance to seen him perform a handful of times up to this point, I was now feeling that I was a fan. I was asked to go and see the new tour for the release of "Three" at a seated theatre gig, and I my thoughts were that it was going to be like the previous shows but with new material. I was wrong, dead wrong. Joel walks on stage, acoustic guitar in hand and started the show, I was clued to my seat. I was blown away by the songs, the lyrics and the singing from Ana Egge and Rose Cousins who joined him on stage. That show changed my views on the creative music of Joel Plaskett. Having his father Bill on this project and on tour with him put major points on the score board from a father / son point of view. I felt that I was apart of the show, part of this project and a connected fan, but besides all of that, I was more impressed on how he makes it seem so effortless to perform live on stage. I know he is working his ass off up there, but showing that he is having a good time, over and over, show after show he makes it look so easy. True talent comes from within and makes you feel connected while you watch from the outside. Joel Plaskett is the master in this. I'm jealous...

10. Kings of Leon - Only by the Night


Kings of Leon - Only by the Night

Kings of Leon....a new sound, new look, and the perfect timing for me. I was getting bored of music around 2005-2008, so when "Sex on Fire" came out it, help grease the wheels of new music train. I search the record stores for more of their music and relieved that they have been around for almost 10 years prior to this release. How did I not notice them before? Now years later after pushing over barriers and knocking on doors this band is now taking over the commercial market with their spots on National radio play. I wished I could have been supporting them throughout that period. When this album was released, it took off like a missile, one of my favourite songs I like playing in old band was "Use Somebody", it was such a great song to perform live and the crowd always loved it. We never played covers that often but when we were asked to fire one up on special occasions, this was on the setlist. "Notion" is by far my "GO TO" on this record. When I was home from the road and tours, I would head down to my studio and get on the drums and play along with this song. Not sure why I was attracted to this song so much, but it just speaks to me on so many levels, so much energy and drive in the song and it gives you a chill and laid back posture on the kit. It's the push / pull of the song that I love. Drummers would understand...hey so don't knock it, you've been here before.

11. LevyStep - These Times


LevyStep - These Times

I have to put this on the list, not because it's my old band, it's really because of the music. I fell in love with the music of this band from the first time I met them. I showed up at the rehearsal studio and met the guys as they were in the middle of recording some of these songs, we just hung out and talked about music and gear at the studio, until Mike the front man asked to hear some music that they were recording. I didn't know what to expect at the time, so Mike played me "Bring me to Life", it was a rock / blues ballad and I got super impressed by the vocals, music and songwriting, I knew at that moment that I needed to be in this band. The band had some tracks recorded at a local studio but I wasn't happy with the quality of the recording or the direction of the sound on this record, to me hearing some of these songs, they needed to have a chance to really get out there and bring the best of it to people. I couldn't do that with the recordings from the studio. I sent out a few requests to some producers to see who would be up interested in this project and Mike Turner at The Pocket Studios was seemed to be the best choice for this particular album. The band packed up and moved to Toronto to make this happen and as well make lots of the typical band memories of touring, parting, recording, parting, touring...over and over. This album did a lot for the band as a whole and as well on our own personal levels. It really help change our direction and discover our musicianship with each other, as we had a huge run of success with the record. I miss the music, miss the fans, miss my bandmates and I am, always grateful for what we did for those years that help create the best memories, I reflect on those days time and time again.

12. Fred Eaglesmith - Ralph's Last Show

Fred Eaglesmith - Ralph's Last Show

I was a young singer/songwriter hosting a popular showcase in Fredericton, NB, and I remember this on night a man came into the venue and asked to perform on the next show. I asked about his musical background and wondered if he was available for next weeks showcase. He said he was in town from Saskatoon and was in Fredericton for another week before leaving the following Sunday to head to Nova Scotia to work on a farm for 3 months. So it all seem to fit into the schedule for both of us, so the next week came and I introduced him prior to him taking the stage. He pulled out an old "Maestro" arch top guitar that was beaten up, had a crack in the body and made his way onto the stage. He plugged in the guitar and did a quick tune of the strings. The Maestro sounded amazing as he started the first song "I like Trains". I never heard this song before, but the way he played it, the way his raspy voice carried within the room, had made your hairs stand up on your arms, and it put a smile on my face knowing that this would be amazing. Blew us all away that night, playing songs like "Chocolate Jesus" , "I'm Just and Old Chunk of Coal" , "Alcohol and Pills" and "Hold On". After his set was finished we were back stage talking about the night and hearing about his travels from West to the East. The owner of the venue was so impressed that he offered him two gigs back to back on the upcoming Friday and Saturday. He instantly agreed as he was making money along the way to help pay for this trip. He asked if I was interested in buying his guitar after the shows, I stated that I was and offered him a good offer, he took it, he even offered another guitar, a Fender Bass guitar to be added to the mix. After the weekend shows were completed, he handed me his guitars and left for the farm. I never heard from him again, just the memory of the kindness we both shared. I brought the arch top guitar into a guitar repair shop and he did a complete restoration for me and told me that it was dated around 1940-44, and stated that I had a gem in my hands. Today I have it hanging on my wall signed by artists that I have worked with on some festivals that I was apart of. I still tune it up and play it time to time. Great memories and stories are created from wood and metal that sings out load with every play. Since then, I have been a huge Fred Eaglesmith fan and this recored is my favourite from Fred, as it reminds me of that deal.

13. Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Live at Luther College


Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds - Live at Luther College

I fell into the Dave Matthews trend right off the hop. Everyone was getting fired up with The Dave Matthews Band, it was similar to when Nirvana exploded and everyone was wearing flannel tops and ripped jeans the next day at school. It was Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, David Grey and Jack Johnson all at the same time, when this album came out. I think the acoustic guitar sales increased at every music store, as people of all ages were playing songs from this album. It showcases the amazing guitar work between Dave and Tim, they are both a great fit for each other and the results of this is clearly a new acoustic sound that is still been duplicated today. Songs like "Ants Marching", "Crash into Me", "What Would you Say", "Two Step" are great, just filled with great performance and collective guitar playing, this has grown to be the college bar playlist, and as a tip if you want to get lucky with any girl, play anything from Dave Matthews. I performed "Christmas Song" at my sisters wedding, and if you play a Dave Matthews song at a wedding ceremony then you can register as a professional wedding singer. Live at Luther College is another great album that will generate long term memories. The biggest one for me is driving in my 1978 Toyota Celica from province to province playing the shit out of this recored. Note for note, word for word...I know it inside and out. This album was my guitar teacher.

14. Need to Breathe - Rivers in the Wasteland


Need to Breathe - Rivers in the Wasteland

Ok, I am not a religious guy, I was at one time in my younger years, but over time you start to ask the questions why? Who? How?. But in the end it left me with no answers, just more questions. So I moved on, and enjoyed the moment that I am living in now. However, I do believe in good music, regardless of the type of genre that it falls into. I don't believe in genres of music, it can put too much pressure on the art of the music, I hate it. Yes, I understand there is a need for it for the commercial aspects like, what type radio stations, how to give out music awards,generate a band bio, create the drop down box on Songza, but if you think about it, music is fuelled from each other. Blues to rock, to pop, to all comes together in the end anyways. Now I expect to have some push back on this topic and my views of it but, it's clear to me. I was introduced to this band from a good friend of mine. Who is an amazing singer, and frontman. He had honest ears, and passion for soulful music. He wrote lyrics about faith and seeing the good in people. I always assumed that Christian Music as nothing but hand claps and choirs, but today it's changed so much that I can't keep up, it's good music today. When I heard "Washed by the Water" I was instantly a fan, I didn't care about the religious meaning behind of the music, I just loved the music. "Keep your Eyes Open" hits you hard like nail in the cross and keeps you hanging on till the end of the song. "Wasteland" is my favourite song by this band and it is another song that I look up to for songwriting courage when I am in a dull spot with music, it as so much life in it that for six and a half mins. This song is one of my top 10 songs of all time. Need to have Need to Breathe in your album collection.

15. Big Wreck - Albatross


Big Wreck - Albatross

Ian Thornley is Canada's top rock n roll front man...again I know this is a big statement, but it's true, he has the right look the right vocals amazing guitar playing, and the right attitude towards his fans. I know you could name all kind of other artist...but this is mine. I met Ian Thornley a few times and had a chance to play some his guitars on several occasions. Meeting musicians that you admire only adds fuel to appreciate their passion even more. When "Albatross" was released no one was ready for it, at least I wasn't. I said to myself, how can this record get any better then "In Loving Memory Of...". That record to me is a Canadian Classic after years of hard airplay it is still in heavy rotation on all areas of radio and satellite radio. On this record tracks like "Wolves", "Control" and "A Million Days" showcase the amazing guitar playing from the band. I can remember a few years ago we were back stage at a venue and the guys were getting ready to perform, the show was under Thornley not Big Wreck, but had Paulo Neta, Dave McMillan and Jeff Burrows from The Tea Party playing that night with Ian. Before we were heading out to the stage I remember Ian bringing me into the group huddle and getting us fired up for the show. Having fond memories on the road makes you connect closer to the music when you off the road. Albatross has blood, sweat and tears in can hear it all.

16. Tom Petty - Wildflowers


Tom Petty - Wildflowers

Yes, I am that guy that owns Tom Petty's box set collection. I am a huge Petty fan, who isn't? The three cord genius of hooky, simple, get stuck in your head songwriter. That's the best part about Tom Petty is that he is involved in everyones life one way or another, and every guitar player can say that my first songs I learned how to play on the guitar was a Tom Petty song. "Free Fallin", "Won't Back Down", "Last Dance with Mary Jane" and the favourite "You Don't Know How It Feels", he's a God damn Traveling Wilbury! Success is not even a question with his music. This record was another jump back into history with bringing on players from the Beach Boys and The Beatles, it's amazing. My biggest memory with this record was with a close friend of mine, he was just released from prison and now trying to make it right again in the civilian life. Being in jail from a young age will have many scars on a man that you may not always see or hear. I was hosting a party where we all were having a good time listening to a mixture of techno, rap, and metal. After a few hours of this I wanted to hear a classic album of mine so I turned the mood of the party onto this album, no complaints at all. After the second song from the album was in, my friend came to me and asked who put this album on, I answered that I did, and that I wanted to hear it from beginning to end. He almost burst into tears, he told me that Wildflowers was the only thing that kept him going day to day in prision. Suicide and anger were at the top of the list for him, and he was working on his mistakes that he had made and this record changed his mind to a brighter side. He was thankful to me that the music was making his night better and that we was surrounded with good friends. This album is full of all types of music, feelings, memories that my friend was connecting to and now for myself when I put this record on, it brings me back to that night. RIP Bernard.

17. Todd Snider - Near Truths and Hotel Rooms


Todd Snider - Near Truths and Hotel Rooms

When I started out as a singer / songwriter it was hard for me to tell a good story behind the music. I was trying to hard to "set up" the song, it sucked pretty bad. I felt foolish after I heard myself doing a few concerts that were record a few years later, I was embarrassed about it my performance. It actually put me in a bad place with writing and performing for some time because of the self assessing. You grow out of that mindset when you learn from the best. Todd Snider is one of the best, because of the way he tells stories about his music, it blows me away. In my eyes he is one of the best these days, cause if someone can't tell a good story when your setting up the song the listener will get fed up with the story before the song starts and it's a fail, or the song is better then the story that you just told and the audience doesn't want to hear your stories, just the music. It's a tough thing to do on stage. This album is all about the stories, and makes the songs become real. I have this record always playing when I need a good burst of inspiration with anything that I am doing or looking to achieve. Sometimes it's good to hear a good story and follow up with music, that's why I am a fan of the CBC show Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McLean. Hey Stuart, Todd Snider would be a great guest!

18. Cohered and Cambria - No World for Tomorrow


Cohered and Cambria - No World for Tomorrow

I saw these guys open for Metallica and I wasn't into them at all, I don't know what it was at that time but I couldn't care less about them. After that show I went on tour the the band and one of our guitar players was a avid fan of Coheed and Cambria and The Mars Volta. I again was judgemental of these bands, because he was a weird guy and we thought he liked shitty music. I was wrong, he was brilliant and I have much respect for this taste in music now. I have learned a lot over the years not to judge the taste of other people's music, I needed to learn the love and passion from others and now I have achieved that. These guys have been around for along time and put out great music along the way. This album was introduced to me while on the road and I liked every single track that was played, I was kicking myself that I didn't pay more attention to them when they were with Metallica. Back from the road I instantly opened up my iTunes and bought every record from these guys and I have never looked back on the deal. Simply amazing band and should have got my full attention from the start. Every tour after that with my band I would be playing these guys and loving it. More memories on the road with the Gravemakers and Gunslingers!

19. Van Morrison - Moondance


Van Morrison - Moondance

This album was my childhood, my father would play this all the time in the house, in the car, everywhere. I loved it right from the young age till now. "Moondance" is my favourite track from this album, so much so that I ended up singing this in the Jazz quartet in high school. I wasn't that good of a singer back in the day, but I loved this song so much that I needed to be the guy to sing it. I remember singing this at Karaoke in the Palace Bar back in my home town on Tuesday nights. This album reminds me of the self titled Dire Straits record in the fact that every song is great. When I hear this record it brings me back to the little apartment that my father and I lived in downtown of our small town. I had a lot of parties there and I have to say I don't know how my father put up with my actions, and my firends. We never did anything too crazy or trashed the place, but it was the place to be every weekend. It was the stomping ground for a few years and my father just rolled with it. We would listen to this record in that place all the time and help build a musical connection with him. He has always supported my music, artistic side and is my biggest fan for many years. Love ya dad.

20. The Arkells - High Noon


The Arkells - High Noon

I had my eye and ears on these guys for a few years now and after the tour with The Tragically Hip and I was thinking that they were just ok. I was driving home from the studio one night and I heard "Agent Zero" and it put me in a different headspace about them. Maybe I just tuned in or they turned the switch on in my ears, so I started to listen to "Michigan Left" a lot after that. When "High Noon" come out, I dropped to the floor and had musical seizure on how good it was. It is so good, that their songwriting, music companionship and overall awesomeness of the band was born. I might be their biggest fan. The Arkells are on their way to becoming Canada's biggest live act, they are huge now, but wait 5 years from now...boom. I will still be updating my Facebook post with their lyrics. I can't get enough of how clever the lyrics are. "What the fuck is a vacuum"...classic!

Matt Harris

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