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Please Don't Call Rachel Dolezal A Hero.

Updated on June 16, 2015

Meet Rachel Dolezal.

Up until a couple of days ago, Rachel was the head of the Spokane, Washington chapter of the NAACP. She was a Professor at Eastern Washington University for African American Studies. If you were holding a conversation with her in her office, she might reference to the picture on her desk with two African American boys, telling you they were both her sons. Then, she might point to a picture of her with an elderly gentleman, explaining that he was her father. She might tell you a story about her father, whom she claimed used to beat her and her siblings, by skin complexions. Darkest to lightest. Oh, and this all happened during her childhood, which was spent in South Africa. Where she moved with her family as a young child. After, of course, she was born in a teepee.

Dolezal seems to have led a rough life. Being a successful, educated black woman in today's society, it is near unthinkable that anyone would have anything but admiration for her. However, according to Rachel, she has been the victim of hate crimes many times over. In fact, the most recent of these involves a horrible letter found in the NAACP's Post Office Box. A P.O. box that only Dolezal had the key to. It also wasn't postmarked. Hm, who could have send them a letter without it having gone through the Post Office?

It makes sense that she would be held up in such high regard. The video below, recorded prior to the media having any knowledge of her, displays her clear concern for hate crimes in the Spokane area.

Notice how she mentions her "sons."

That's all fine and dandy. The problem, Rachel...

Is that you're not black.

Don't get me wrong, There is no problem with being a professor of African American Studies if you're white. Hell, if they're going to vote you in, go ahead and be the head of the NAACP. (Though, we all know that wouldn't have happened if you hadn't misrepresented yourself.) However, time and time again you have been dishonest about your backround.

Rachel's estranged parents teamed up and outed her this past week. Rachel is actually almost completely Eastern European American, with a small bit of Native American. Dolezal has No African American in her at all. (I mean, unless of course, you count her now, ex-husband.) Rachel was raised a blonde haired, blue eyed, fair skinned child. She was not born in a tepee, and has never even been to South Africa. One of the two black boys she claimed as her sons, is actually her adopted brother. Strangely enough, up until the point where she graduated from Howard College, she actually admitted to being white. It's surprising that none of the faculty or staff had outed her before this situation, as she must have left a pretty big impression. The now 37 year old tried to unsuccessfully sue the institution for discrimination back in 2004 when they allegedly refused to hang up some of her paintings, because she was a white student.

When questioned by the media about her ethnicity, Rachel first responded by evading direct questions regarding her past. Apparently, somebody in PR got a hold of her, because her story has since changed. When asked about her parents skin color, Rachel responds with, "I identify as black." (Rachel doesn't like the term African American. She's black, according to her.) When asked about her obviously not-natural skin color, she responded with, "Well, I definitely don't stay out of the sun."

So now we have a whole new issue at hand. I have no doubt that with all her experience she will easily land a position with the "trans-racial" community, which is now apparently, "a thing."

Her pretending to be black isn't even the problem. Social media is holding her with high regard, calling her a hero. She's not. She lied. She lied on college applications, job applications. She lied about the color of her parents' skin, down to telling people her African-American adopted brother was her son. She had even claimed that her hair was naturally blond because of chemotherapy treatments she received in 2006. By lying, Rachel took advantage of jobs and scholarships that should have rightfully gone to someone who grew up with the trials and tribulations of someone who was actually African American. It's like Rachel wanted to skip the whole difficult part of being raised black, and jump right to being a well adjusted, educated, respected adult.

Please tell me how someone who is so obviously ashamed of her own heritage should be treated like she achieved anything? The only thing she's done is make a mockery of a community she lied to get into. Rachel, go ahead and get the tan, and ask for the "Macy Gray" special at the hair stylist, but you would have made bigger strides in equality by fighting for African American rights as a white female.

Dolezal has since resigned from the NAACP, no word of whether or not she was asked to. Rachel has also become the topic of social networking, good and bad. Reading posts and tweets about her, it's amazing how many people think she had done nothing wrong. Singer Keri Hilson is sticking by Rachel's side, actively claiming that Rachel was doing work for "Her ppl."

On a completely different note, I question how well received she would be had she been born African American? What would happen if she had denied her skin color, as well as having African American parents repeatedly over the years to gain a position of authority? Oh, that's right. It really couldn't happen, because not allowing African Americans into certain organizations is illegal.


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    • profile image

      big daddy oreo 

      3 years ago

      This is good news for white males. Black skin makes you look stronger. Is good for protection and is a hit with the ladies.

      I think Napoleon Dynamite, Richard Simmons, and Jon Cryer would benefit physically from being black.


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