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Point Break

Updated on February 3, 2015

A Movie in Review

What could be a more 90’s movie to watch than Point Break? It has surfing, long hair, skydiving, and Patrick Swayze. By far one of my favorite movies of all time. Say what you will about Keanu Reeves but I think that he plays roles that best suit his acting ability. All he had to do was say the lines right and it worked because he did not have to try too hard. In my personal opinion the action packed adrenaline fueled movie is one of the best of my time. You have not only the huge wave surfing but you have the skydiving stunts, the robberies, and the chase. The plot line is a little messy but basically an FBI agent goes undercover to find out who is doing some of the local robberies. He gains the respect and trust of a close group of friends but losses himself inside of the group. It is not just that he loves his surfer girl but that he has a love for his friend Bodhi. Maybe it’s because he sees something in Bodhi that he cannot be himself. After learning how to surf I think he begins to understand that surfing is not just a fun little thing to do but it’s a way of life. I think he sees that his job is a shackle on him and that when he is surfing he is free. Now Bodhi is a criminal but in my opinion he has a healthy respect for others. They hit numerous banks in five years and no one had ever been hurt. Bodhi respects that his actions could hurt other but yet he tries his hardest not too. You see that when Bodhi took Tyler and he said that he could never hurt her because he loved her so he had to get Rosie to do it. In the end though after tireless amounts of searching Utah finds Bodhi in Australia. They fight hard and when it seems like Bodhi has won, he sees that he’s been handcuffed. Both Utah and Bodhi know that he would not survive in prison but I think that Utah had to at least get his hands on him to make up for the mistakes he made. So he lets Bodhi go out the way he always wanted. Surfing the biggest wave he has ever ridden. Bodhi ends up dying in the waves and Utah fed up with the system chucks his badge away. Nothing you will ever watch is more intense and more profound than this movie. That includes the damn remake. It is said to be released in June or July of 2015 and I am not happy about it. There is so much in this movie that I think that will be left out that it’s going to be hard to watch. From what I can see the lead that is supposed to play Bodhi has long brown hair while Swayze had the mullet of blonde hair. That kind of makes me mad but the other selection for the rest of the roles seem to be alright choices. After the new movie is released I will be making a review of it on this site. I wish that they would have just left it alone but I guess a remake may help the original in sales. Definitely.


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