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Pokémon Go: The Good, The Bad, The Addicted?

Updated on July 17, 2016
Caught this Pidgey on HubPages today!
Caught this Pidgey on HubPages today!

These cute little animated Pokémon first came out in 1996, 20 years ago. Wow, yes, 20 years ago! Fast forward to now: the days of zombie technology (you know, ALL the technologies that create zombiefied humans roaming the world - or at least they totally are now!) In a time where those of us who reminisce about the days of outside, imaginative play and criticize said zombie-humans for zoning into their various technologies, finally we merge the two worlds…with Pokémon Go!

I didn't bother with Pokémon back then, or really anytime between then and now TBH, and although I do consider myself to be a fairly tech savvy person who does attempt to stay on top of growing trends (I mean, I work at a school, it's hard to ignore what kids are always up to), so let's be real - what business do I have bothering with this whole Pokémon Go thing?

Guess what, though. I tried it. And guess what else, I liked it!

My husband and I decided to give it a shot. He never really got into Pokémon in its day, either. So neither of us can be considered as Pokémon enthusiasts, NBD. That said, Pokémon Go was something pretty new for both of us. Well, we did try Geocaching once…just once. (We gave up because we couldn't find anything, and frankly it didn't seem captivating enough for us. Yet Pokémon Go, a very similar concept, grabbed us from the start. Maybe it has to do with those CUTE LITTLE POKEMON!)

After about a week of on and off playing, let me share some of the pros and cons. Maybe some of you who haven't played yet are waiting for some Average Joe reviews, like this. Then again, maybe some of you more experienced players can share some tips with the rest of us novices!


  • Playing with a partner is a lot of fun! You can choose to be competitive about it, or you can just have someone to be social with! Personally, my husband and I choose the latter. We more or less appreciate that it's something we don't have to look silly doing alone.
  • Speaking of looking silly, if that's something you're worried about, don’t' be! Let me tell you, in the short time this app has been available, it's basically everywhere. It seems like everyone is playing! Families, couples, friends - everyone's out hunting Pokémon!

  • It has already taken us to new places we didn't know existed, and while playing we've only ventured further than our neighborhood twice! Whereas we would spend a typical weekend running errands, doing chores, and relaxing, this weekend we ventured out to collect Poké Balls and hunt some Pokémon! We basically traded in a day of adulting and Netflixing for a walk in a beautiful park we didn't even realize was a short drive from us.
  • There are health benefits - yup, I went there. Sure, you can sit on your couch and let the Pokémon come to you. Instead, you can get your butt up and take a walk a few nights a week. For some, fitness comes easy and is a natural part of life. For others, like myself, I love food and TV too much (don't judge), but now exercise is a game! Who doesn't love a little motivation?


  • The app opens with a disclaimer reminding Pokémon players to pay attention to their surroundings. Any game that has to remind you to watch where you're going has the potential for trouble, like the folks who are causing serious injury to themselves and others. Be careful folks; not one single Pokémon out there is worth a human life - just saying.
  • Definitely do not Pokémon and drive, seriously!

  • The app drains the battery way more quickly, especially if you keep it (and others) running. Also, I don't know if I would recommend it for those who have limited data plans.
  • It can be addicting. If you're any kind of gamer, then you likely enjoy the perks of reaching new levels, finding new characters, accomplishing tasks, etc. If you're going to go full out with Pokémon Go, then those are all aspects of the game. And if you're going all in, be careful with your time. It's easy ti spend more time than you anticipate…especially if you're only a few more points away from the next level or you're almost ready to evolve a character!

My final thoughts…

If you've been wanting to try it, just do it! What are you waiting for already? If you like it, great! If you find benefits to it, awesome! If you hate it, then just delete it and move on! That just leaves more Pokémon for the rest of us! At least until the next big thing comes out because let's face it, there's always a next big thing!

BTW, I caught 4 Pokémon while writing this!

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Share your tips and ideas!

Players of all experience levels, feel free to share your experiences, thoughts, and any tips or tricks - side note: GO TEAM VALOR!


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