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Pole Dancing - Why it is so great for your body

Updated on July 4, 2011

Pole dancing & its benefits to the body

The majority of people who think of pole dancing, will immediately envision a gentleman’s club with scantily clad women climbing up shiny metal poles and sliding down. Of course, this is the case for some pole dancers that are otherwise known as strippers. However, pole dancing has become a phenomenal sport worldwide in the past few years. This is due to the fun that can be had when embracing it, the toning and fitness results from the sport and the feeling of confidence you get when you perform.

Not only do women like to pole dance in their spare time but also, men do. This sport is for both sexes and is so effective for toning most muscles in the body, in particular the abdominal region. This can be a spot that's hard to focus on and work to get results, but with pole dancing you can have fun and not realise how hard your body is actually working. The results will start to show and you'll feel it was effortless to achieve.

Even pole dancing events are now being held in countries all over the world to observe the strength, skill and talent from some of the best pole dancers in the business. It really is astounding to watch, and if you view the video at the end of this article you can see a famous and experienced pole dancer who is well known in the industry. Katie Coates is a top-level pole dancer and now has a new workout DVD available where you can learn some of her best tricks for being fit and flexible with pole dancing. You are sure to change your perception on this sport when you see the amount of talent that's needed to manoeuvre a body around a pole so effortlessly.

Sales for poles and pole dancing fitness DVD's have sky rocketed and it seems that more people than ever are trying this sport. It's important not to think of this sport as 'demeaning' or 'shameful'. This is simply the labels from narrow minds of those who do not realise the many other good points to pole dancing that do not involve stripping and bending over for dollar.

Different tricks and moves can be performed on a pole, each which look equally challenging and works a different part of the body. Pole dancing lessons are being held in many cities and towns now, where anyone can join to learn the benefits of this magic sport. It is incredibly addictive and most people tend to purchase their own poles to fit in their homes after just a few lessons!

If you are a person, male or female, who has been hoping to target a particular part of your body or aiming to get fit, then you should seriously consider taking on pole dancing. It’s perfect for social activity, feeling good about yourself and is a way to have a LOT of fun. Read on for the main benefits of pole dancing when enjoyed as a regular sport.


Pole dancing is good for the body

Why is pole dancing so beneficial?

Pole dancing is fantastic for many reasons including physical and mental properties.

Calorie burning

If you have over eaten and want to burn off some calories so that you don't feel too guilty, then have a little pole workout! Just one hour on the pole can burn up to 250 calories, which is about the equivalent to a gym session.


Pole dancing is a miracle to keeping you flexible and feeling young. A fitness session on the pole works your muscles and over time allows them to stretch so that you are more flexible and agile.

Building & toning

If you are hoping to tone those wobbly bits, then pole dancing is the answer! This sport is a miracle for the body. If you see most experienced pole dancers you will realise that they have great physiques and everything stays in place! This is because the pole means you must often exert all your weight onto particular parts of your body. This constantly strengthens your stomach muscles and you are sure to see muscle definition in the thighs, bottom and arms! So say goodbye to bingo wings!

Feel happy!

Exercising on a pole helps to release endorphins in the body. These are 'happy hormones' which assist in keeping you feeling upbeat, energetic, happy and mentally comfortable. You will also get a good night sleep and feel more relaxed with a regular workout regime.

What moves are included in pole dancing?

Pole dancing is comprised of many movements and different paced routines. Some are fast and strenuous, others are slow and soothing. You can decide which is best for you and work up to what you're comfortable with.

It can be difficult to learn the ins and outs of pole dancing to begin with, but don't give up too easily! The strength involved in this activity can be hard to master at first but you'll soon learn and see results, which will make you glad you didn't quit!

Pole dancing involves fun and laughter. It's good to join in a pole dancing session when you are with other people, because you can learn alongside others who really do not have a clue! Don't be embarrassed, and if you are you will soon overcome that. This sport is known to dramatically increase a person's confidence!

Twirling, spinning and swinging are regular moves that you'll learn. You will have a workout before a pole dancing session, to stretch the muscles and prevent pulling any. It may be difficult to get used to some of the moves at first, but progress comes with practice. Over a few lessons you will be taught the all-important static movements, which really test your strength and ability to work the pole.

Can I start pole dancing no matter what my size?

Of course! All genders, ages, shapes and sizes take on pole dancing every day! These lessons are aimed to build confidence, have fun, and improve posture, flexibility, burn calories and tone targeted body areas. Whatever your reason for joining you will be pleased with the results. But be warned, it's pretty addictive! This is when people sway to buy their own poles, so whenever the mood strikes you can start a new workout!

How do I start?

If this sounds tempting to you, a fun workout with outstanding results, then get stuck right in! There are many options available whether you decide to learn from home with a fitness DVD and your own pole, or if you wish to join a class! Don't miss out on the opportunity to feeling and looking great!

Pole dancing classes

(if you're are is not covered you can find local classes in your paper or online)

Vertical Dance Pole Workout


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    • northweststarr profile image


      9 years ago from Washington State

      Best. Workout. Ever.

    • BethanRose profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from South Wales

      It's awesome, perfect for toning! It's pretty easy to install a pole in your home. The X-Pole is easy to take down and put up as often as you like. No screws or ruining your ceiling, there are flat cylinder ends that fit snugly between the ceiling and floor. Easier than you think !:)

    • yenajeon profile image

      Yena Williams 

      9 years ago from California

      This seems like an amazing workout! I've always wanted to try this! It would be such a hassle to have to put a pole in your home though!

    • BethanRose profile imageAUTHOR


      9 years ago from South Wales

      Anyone really can do it! Of course you need strength to grip a pole which is why in a studio lesson or a fitness DVD you will be taught the basics first to avoid hurting or straining yourself. It's a good idea to get a cheap pole (prices differ) and fitness DVD if you feel conscious. It's sometimes faster to learn at home because there is no pressure and you feel confident enough to try new moves when nobody is watching! But of course, everyone is different :)

    • Marisa Wright profile image

      Kate Swanson 

      9 years ago from Sydney

      You say anyone can pole dance but I can't imagine ever being brave enough, even though it would be fun to try. I've read that you have to have bare thighs because you need skin to grip the pole - and there is absolutely no way I'm going into a studio in short shorts!!


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