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Poor Aria On Pretty Little Liars She Seems Like One Big Mess! She's Come Undone 4X21!

Updated on February 27, 2014

Has Aria Lost Her Mind?!

Aria Is Sitting In One Big Mess!
Aria Is Sitting In One Big Mess!

Is Emily A Glutton For Pain?

Emily, I typically love her character very much. She is a kind character who cares about all her friends. However, the way she seems to be going about helping Alison seems wrong. Personally, ever since it was revealed that Alison was alive I did not and still do not understand why any four of the main girls want to help her. It has been shown through many flashbacks and memories that Alison was never really kind or good to any of the girls or any other character in the show. Alison uses and abuses everyone that she has ever come in contact with.

When it comes to Emily, Alison basically toyed with her emotions and still does to this day. Like I stated earlier I do not know why Emily would even want to help Alison. If Alison really cared about any of them she would have let them known sooner that she was alive and okay and needed help.

I think Alison is pretty much just using poor Emily all over again because she knows that out of everyone that she would be the one to help her the most if she needed it. I mean she has Emily dropping off a lot of money into random PO Boxes and things of that nature.

I almost feel like Alison is trying to set up the girls for something. I do not believe Alison cares about them one bit. I think she just needs people to take the blame for something that will be revealed soon to everyone. Too bad everyone is going to get hurt in the process of this reveal!

Proof! Aria Montgomery Is Sometimes A Nut Case!

Alright, before we get into this episode further lets start with the big thing that happened in "She's Come Undone." Aria has lost her mind. It's official. No questioning this one bit!

The episode starts with Aria telling all her friends about what she discovered about Ezra. Aria reveals two important things:

1. Ezra Fitz in not A!!! I repeat again, Ezra is not A! (major clue that proves it Ezra never wore the hoodie!)

2. Ezra Fitz was writing a mystery book on Alison's disappearance using the knowledge he gained from Aria to beef up his book.

After this is revealed we basically see Aria on a downward spiral into insanity and it does wear well on her at all. It is evident in her face and body language that this knowledge is hurting her very much deep down. She feels that every thing she had with Ezra was a huge lie and that he was just using her the complete time (I personally do not believe this fully but I am not getting into that now seeing as I'm going to need to learn more about this whole book deal before I can fully deem him as a user or a truth teller to Aria).

While Aria is alone in her room she has the memory of the first time she met Ezra, whether it be an actual awake memory or dream memory, we know that's how it went down but I do not know if she was awake while remembering this or not. Anyway, after she has this memory she throws up (could Aria be pregnant possibly? I think that would be a very very interesting twist) right now I'm going to chalk this happening to her mental state affecting her physical state.

Later on in the episode Aria goes and absolutely thrashes Ezra's apartment, this shouldn't be a shock to any fans because she did do something similar a long while ago to her Dad's office with Alison so we do know Aria is capable of that kind of thing. Anyway, Aria's friends find her sitting, almost catatonic, right in the mess of the apartment that she made.

Towards the end of episode Aria decided to go tell the principal of what was going on between her and Ezra but thank god someone was able to stop her and convince her that it was not the greatest idea to do that because more then just Ezra would be hurt but Aria and her family would also have to deal with the backlash of a reveal of that magnitude to the principal at Rosewood High School.

This episode with the actions of Aria shows one thing to me. She is not the golden child of sanity. To me I do feel that she over reacted extremely to this knowledge. I understand that she felt betrayed and such but the actions she took are way overboard. She's a nut case. In fact most of the girls are nut cases, I would say all but Hannah seem to have mental issues of one reason or another.

Team Aria PJs!

CafePress - Team Aria - Pretty Little Liars Women's Dark Pajam - Womens Novelty Cotton Pajama Set, Comfortable PJ Sleepwear
CafePress - Team Aria - Pretty Little Liars Women's Dark Pajam - Womens Novelty Cotton Pajama Set, Comfortable PJ Sleepwear

If you love Pretty Little Liars and Aria Montgomery is your favorite character then you should look into these PJs. These are a Team Aria pair of PJs and would be perfect for you to wear and curl up in every Tuesday while you watch the new episodes of Pretty Little Liars!


Spencer Must Be On Some Really Good Drugs!

It's no secret that Spencer is on drugs and has been for the past few episodes of Pretty Little Liars. However, one thing I have to say about this is, she must be on some damn good drugs if she has blacks outs and can't remember everything that she's doing while on them. Let me break this down for all of you that do not fully understand what kind of drugs her character is supposedly taking. The drugs that this character would be taking if they were drugs for ADHA would be some form of Adderall. It's basically like legalized meth. This means it's an upper not a downer which leads to the consumer being much more alert and wakeful. Unfortunately, all the possible side effects that Spencer seems to be having are not adding up to this kind of drug that she is supposedly taking. The mood swings and behaviour changes she is experiencing while going through withdrawals definitely add up to the drugs she's supposed to be taking but those withdrawal symptoms are almost the same when it comes to any sort of drug. When your body and mind become dependent on a certain substance to function taking that substance out of the body will cause these types of issues particularly the mood swings and irritability.

However, if Spencer has been abusing this substance for longer then we all have suspected then it can lead to one major side effect that adds up to the way she has been acting in the last couple of episodes and the way she describes when Alison disappeared: amphetamine psychosis. Amphetamine psychosis can cause many things but only occurs after a substantial amount of drugs has been taken. Amphetamine psychosis can lead to symptoms similar to acute phase schizophrenia, visual hallucinations, and even thought hallucinations.

So once again we have a not mentally stable Pretty Little Liar. Man why is everyone that lives in Rosewood crazy in one way or another?

Spencer Hasting One Mad Little Girl

Everyone Seems To Be Losing Their Marbles!
Everyone Seems To Be Losing Their Marbles!

Hannah Is A Player! Don't Hate The Game!

Well Hannah seems to be dealing with Caleb leaving a lot better now a days. I mean she seems to be interested in two people at one time, the FBI agent and Travis. I personally like Travis. I think that him and Hannah would make one good looking couple. I know there are a lot of people out there that liked Hannah and Caleb but I'll be honest I was never a huge fan of Caleb and in my opinion Travis is a much better looking guy.

Hannah may be the ditzy one but lately she seems to be the only one that is sane. I mean even after Caleb left her she did have a major melt down like all the other characters seem to be going through left and right.

I think Hannah is a lot stronger then everyone is thinking she is!

Aria's Mind Is In Ruins!


Do You Think Paige Did The Right Thing?

See results

Did Paige Do The Right Thing?

So in this episode Emily reveals to Paige that Alison is still alive and that she needs her help and to have her send the money she has to her and that mysterious PO Box. After a long conversation Paige tells her to go ahead but she shouldn't keep in contact with Alison or help her. Later in that episode we see Paige drop a letter into a cop car saying she knows for a fact that Alison is alive and they should start looking for her with that PO Box. Do you think that Paige did the right thing?

I have one answer...YES!!!!

No matter what these girls think they can't help Alison to any real extent. In fact, every day they are in contact with her is putting their own lives in danger. Why can't they go to police now? I mean Wildon is dead there is no real reason Alison should be hiding like she is. Really, what does Alison have to hide from? Someone who was threatening her? Someone who tried to hurt her? Honestly, the cops need to know and so does her family. I'm sorry if any of you think that any good would come from the girls keeping Alison's secret. Absolutely, nothing good can come from Alison being on the run and making people help her. Seriously, like I keep saying, I think Alison is trying to set someone up for something and will just end up hurting all the girls again.

Emily Fields: Blind By Love

She's Going To Get Hurt And It's Not Going To Be Pretty!
She's Going To Get Hurt And It's Not Going To Be Pretty!

Pretty Little Liars Group Poster!

Pretty Little Liars Mini Poster 11X17 Master Print
Pretty Little Liars Mini Poster 11X17 Master Print

If you love Pretty Little Liars like I do then this poster would be perfect for you to add to your wall. This poster shows our four favorite girls in all of their glory when they are not all looking like nut cases!


Hannah The Player!

Will This Be What Hannah Needs Or Wants?!
Will This Be What Hannah Needs Or Wants?!

Why I Hate Alison!

As many of you can tell from reading my article I hate Alison. Why you may ask well here is the basis of my hate for this girl. She has never been nice to any one and she thinks she's the queen of the world. She had four supposed best friends that she did not let know for 2 years that she was alive and needed help. Out of all the people you would go to in a time of need you would think your friend's would be the top of that list. She uses people to get her way and she is a pathological liar, I don't even believe that the truth is a word in that girl's vocabulary. Think of all the pain she has caused every one by pretending to be dead. She doesn't deserve the friendship of these four girls!

In For A Rude Awakening!

Alison Is Just Using Them All! I Know She Is!
Alison Is Just Using Them All! I Know She Is!


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