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Poor Customer Service - My Dealings with Sirius Radio

Updated on June 25, 2014

This hub is more of a rant. It probably going to lower my hubscore, but I am so mad about this I don't care. I just want this story on the Internet for anyone to see. Basically I am just letting out my frustrations with not being taken care of. I may have a high standard. I have worked in customer service call centers while I was going to college and no matter what, you did something to help the customer. What I will describe next, goes against every customer service rule I was ever taught.

My wife purchased a Sirius radio and a $50 prepaid card that she was going to give me for Christmas. Well, we decided that I am not in the car enough to make it worth have such a thing. While it would have been nice to have, I would rather spend my money another way. So we decided to return the radio and the prepaid card.

The return went very smoothly. As expected Radio Shack just credited the account. But there was an issue with the prepaid subscription card. They were not able to return this particular item and told me to call the 800 number on the back of the package. Now the card was never used and the pin number wasn't even scratch off yet. I have all the documentation (receipts, etc) so I expected this to go as smoothly as possible.

So I call the customer service number and trying to find the option that I was looking for was almost impossible. I, having dealt with automated voice systems new that the keyword "operator" would get me to a human. After about a 10 minutes wait a guy, who I could barely understand, came on the phone. He said he would do what he could to help me. I tell him my situation and he said that he needed to put me on hold for a few minutes. 5 minutes later, he comes back asking for the Pin number off the card. I told him that I hadn't even scratched that yet. He put me on hold again and after about 10 minutes he hung up the phone on me. Totally unwilling to help.

So of course now I am pissed. So I called back. Got this girl who's name I can't remember (if I did remember it I would post it her, I'm not protecting anyone). I explain to her my situation and she says, "I'm sorry sir there is nothing I can do for you".

What!! You don't say that in customer service. I even read to her that there was a 30 day guarantee, and yet she still refused to help me. So I asked her to get me her manager and she told me she would put me on hold for 10 minutes. So after letting her know how much I did appreciated her and hung up the phone

Seinfeld Customer Servce

Did I get any help?

After all of this I called the Radio Shack that I purchased this stuff from and the manager said while there wasn't much she could do there were people at Radio Shack that might be able to help me. This story isn't over yet, but I find it interesting that while this is not the Shacks problem they are the ones helping me.


So after a few months of waiting I got my $50 check in the mail on 4-02-2008. I guess better late than never right.


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    • profile image

      CalgaryHydronics 5 years ago

      Sirius Canada has poor customer service. They DEMAND a credit card be kept on file and they unilaterally charge this card as they wish. This is an antiquated policy as too many businesses are having security issues with their customer information being compromised by hackers. No business, including Sirius Canada, is immune to online security threats. We as consumers need to make it perfectly clear to those businesses who DEMAND that a credit card be kept on file, that this practice amounts to an invasion of privacy. When someone from Sirius, supposedly called us it was from an "UNKNOWN NAME" "UNKNOWN CALLER" the lady asked for a valid credit card. Now what kind of an idiot would give this information out over the phone to an "unidentified" caller. Not long after that call, Sirius had the audacity to stop our radio feed. Having spent a total of 87 minutes on HOLD over the past 3 days amounted to a total waste of time as I have better things to do. I still had a credit on my Sirius Canada account and yet they still cut off our satellite feed. This amounts to pure "GREED" on behalf of Sirius Canada as now they can charge a bogus reconnection and/or activation fee. Seeing as they have a monopoly on satellite radio, Sirius Canada feels they can do as they like, cut off service with a credit still on the account. THIEVES!

    • profile image

      drew 5 years ago

      what a waste of time and money, worst customer service ever. id love to share my story but just wasted another hour and a half on hold, from rep to rep to supervisor to "dropped calls". been trying to sort my account out for over a year now. radio hasn't even been on but they still manage to debit my acount. and then they tell me that i dont exist in there computers... WTF

      now i have to call back tomorrow to talk to customer relations but they cant give me the direct phone number?????? wtf

    • profile image

      Ruth W 5 years ago

      Numerous attempts to return a Tabletop radio made me also blow my top. Had to go through several layers of hierarchy to get to right department. They couldn't find my order. Call cut off several times, back on hold, and no point giving the operator your number because they can't call you back. No way to call the correct department correctly rather have to go through the chain of operators every time. Finally, on fourth attempt, a customer service representative finally announced that I had missed the return deadline by ten days, and no point telling them about prior fruitless adventures in their Kafka-esque system of customer non-service. Nice Egyptian customer service guy was genuinely embarrassed by his company's indifference. But Filipino customer service rep took pleasure in quoting technicalities. It shouldn't take getting a migraine to straighten out a $300 transaction. The CEO of this company may run it into the ground yet, by making enemies of so many customers. It is indeed the WORST customer service experience I have ever had. Disgraceful, especially for a product that promises a "soothing' listening experience. I wish the corporate honchos a purgatory of being "on hold" while waiting for their itinerary to hades. Don't do business with them except through American Express, which is wonderful in disputing charges for services unperformed. Grade this company with a "Flunk Minus" !!!!!

    • profile image

      FO 5 years ago


    • profile image

      UnhappywithSirius 5 years ago

      We just recently purchased a car that came with 3 free months of sirius radio. I set up the monthly renewal plan for about 15 bucks a month. Well last week I noticed a charge for 222.00 bucks to my checking acount which was not authorized. I called them after being on hold for nearly an hour i finally got someone who basically hung up on me when he noticed that I was not a happy customer. I called back another 40 min hold but was told that a refund would be request... O.O really requesting to give me my money back that I never said u could take. Ok so here it is a week later still no money in the bank which im needing despretly to be put back in because i have checks for bills about to bounce. I find it funny they are quick to take the money out of my account but want to take for ever to give me my money back. Anyone have issues where they said they would get a credit and actually did get one? because as of right now and all the coments its starting to be depressing. I am interested in being part of this lawsuit if one ever gets going. Its crazy how businesses can take advantage of people. Heaven forbid we do not pay a bill on time ..

    • profile image

      Gerald parish 5 years ago

      the worst people to deal with in my life they rip people off. jerry parish facebook

    • profile image

      Tamara 5 years ago

      HORRIBLE! The worst customer service experience I have ever had! A waste of nearly 2 hours of my life and counting. Hope there is a way to get a call to or from a top manager, it is simply unacceptable to deduct 3x the amount they should have from my checking account, causing it to overdraw, leaving me with no money. They offered to speed up a reimubursement check from 6 weeks down to 10 days. Unacceptable!!!! Thank goodness I am not supporting and trying to feed a family and I can borrow money from elsewhere until my next pay check. I had to stay on hold for 30 minutes just to get a supervisor because I was an irate customer. If I hadn't been irate I certainly would've been at the point they picked up the phone. They said there was no one to escalate my call to after I requested a handcut check. I find it hard to believe. I asked her to call her manager and she said she is the only one there. I said, "If your location was on fire, there is nobody above you that you would contact in an emergency situation?" Blah blah blah, now im on hold 35 minutes and counting.

    • profile image

      Sylvia 5 years ago

      I have been so furious with the customer service reps at Sirius that I am afraid to get back on the phone with them. I want to scream at them for not helping me with my problem. First of all it is so difficult to understand them that I get a headache. How can a company as large as Sirius not be able to find a package that I returned to them? The guy actually had the nerve to say no one knows where returned packages go. Friggin' Unbelievable...... So now I am just out the money I spent for a radio I returned that was unopened!!!!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      I have been having issues with Sirius radio. I have been getting the run around for almost 2 months now. I had canceled my subscription 2 years ago, but I was charged $ 191.72, and another $ 184.24 after the cancellation. I spoke with many different people at Sirius and was advised I would be getting a refund for the full amount of $ 375.96. I have made numerous calls, spoke to supervisors and even given confirmation numbers, but still nothing. I have been on hold numerous times for more than an hour at a time. After being told on 3 separate occasions that my refund had been submitted but then rejected, I have become very angry and upset. Today, again I was on hold for 2 hours, and was told that I was only getting a refund of $ 25.54, What the heck is the problem here. They got their money from my account without authorization, and when I try to get my money back I get the run around. What is a consumer supposed to do when are getting taken advantage of ? I have jumped through enough hoops already, can I sue them or file a theft report on them ? I surely don't want to do that because I loved the service when I had it, but what choice are they leaving me ?

    • profile image

      Tired_of_holding 7 years ago

      What's with companies that have internet portals but don't allow you to cancel via that portal? Waiting on hold for over 30 minutes now to cancel my account...this sucks

    • profile image

      zzzhuh 7 years ago

      The complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!

      After reading complaint after complaint about Sirius Radio billing dept. on various internet forums, I decided to subscribe, but pay by "MAIL INVOICE ONLY". That way, if they were as bad as people say, then they wouldn't have my credit card number to bill without my permission.

      Later, I called to Cancel my subscription about a month before the renewal date. They asked for my telephone number, and then told me that I couldn't cancel my account because I didn't have an account.

      Then I got a bill in the mail that had my account number on it. I called just before the renewal date, and specifically canceled by providing the account number.

      A month later I got an email saying that I owed them overdue payment. I called and spoke with a supervisor: He said that he saw the record of my earlier call requesting to cancel the account, but that I had failed to ask for the "Cancellation Department" and that until I spoke with them, the overdue amount would continue to increase, and that they would hand the bill over to a collection agency. Then he hung up on me. (That was a Sirius supervisor!).

      I called back and spoke with a different supervisor. I explained that I had been trying to cancel over and over, and he said that I didn't really have to speak to the cancellation dept. He said he would cancel the account and delete the balance due. (Thank You Pedro for at last canceling the account!) He also said I could verify that he had cancelled it and deleted the balance due by logging into the website, with a new ID and password that he provided.

      Finally, I'm done with Sirius, and my advice is the complaints are true, stay far away from Sirius!!!

    • profile image

      Ramjet the Great 7 years ago

      I am completely disgusted with Sirius. I am telling everyong who is thinking about signing up with Sirius, not to. Once Sirius has your money, you cannot get them to return calls or reply to e-mails.

    • profile image

      Pat 7 years ago

      I am currently waiting on hold for a second time with these complete morons! I am about to lose it, so I googled Sirius sucks. Glad to c I am not the only one who is going through this. I am going to hang in there since i have been on hold sooooooooooo long but we should file a mass complaint to the board or something.

    • profile image

      Kim 7 years ago

      Horrible customer service...they have no idea what theyy are doing. Quit outsourcing to foreign countries and this will not happen anymore!!!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      steve 7 years ago

      .....had to wait on the phone for over 40 minutes before i spoke to anybody

    • profile image

      steve 7 years ago

      Sirus customer service is really bad, rude.......

    • profile image

      Roger 7 years ago

      To by-pass talking to someone overseas...

      ask for a US agent when the customer service person answers. Works for me for any customer service...

    • profile image

      Phyllis Phillips 7 years ago

      I cannot get my refund back for service I never activiated and a returned car radio when I told them I wanted a home radio. This company just keeps stalling. How do we get our money back? Unbelievable.

    • profile image

      George 7 years ago

      Here is a letter that I had to write to customercare (the name is such an oxymoron with this company) in order to get back the money they illegally billed my credit card for. They never emailed me or sent me a letter saying they had started charging me for service again. This went on for 11 months till I took the time to look over the recent charges and discovered I was being billed for a service that I had terminated over 14 months before. Now they say I can only get refunded for the past four months. I wish someone would bring a class action suit against them because I would definitely be a part of it.

      To Whom It May Concern,

      I recently was looking at my Chase credit account and discovered that Sirius Radio has been charging me $15.83 for satellite radio service that I have not had since before July 2009. Back in July 2009 I was in contact with your technical support because my satellite radio was no longer working. I spent hours and hours for over two weeks trying to get a signal to my car, but nothing your technicians did corrected the problem. I was even given a couple of months worth of credits because the problem had been going on months before July when I was finally able to get someone on the phone to deal with the problem. At that point I just had the service stopped and assumed I would no longer be billed again. In October of 2009 a charge appeared again for $4.82 - 10/15. Without knowing it (I have not been getting paper statements -everything is on-line) Sirius has been charging me $15.83 since November 2009 until I just called on September 23, 2010 because I was checking my statement on line and discovered the September 15th charge. I have not had satellite radio since before July 2009 and yet your company has fraudulently been charging me for a service I am no longer receiving and I was never even notified by mail or email that you had started charging my credit card again.

      Today, when I spoke first to an account representative and then to a Tanya (2255414) a supervisor, I was told that the best your company could do was refund me for the past four months of billing charges, which would only equal $63.32. In fact your company has charged me $174.13 illegally for a service you have not provided. How is paying me just the $63.32 (past four months) fair, when your company took $174.13 (plus the finance charges to my credit card) for the past eleven months for absolutely nothing in return. I see this as credit card fraud and have filed claims against your charges with my credit card company.

      I demand that all of the money your company illegally charged my credit card for be returned in the form of a credit to my credit card immediately.

      I have formally requested all of my billing records be sent to my address that is on file with your company within six business days. If I do not hear from your company regarding this claim, I plan to file a lawsuit against your company using my billing records.

      I am totally unsatisfied and would never recommend to anyone the use of your services. I have had nothing but hassles in dealing with your technical support staff and your billing staff. I've spent countless hours on the phone trying to deal with all of this. I truly wish that I had never even opened up an account with your company and plan to tell my auto dealer just how much of a hassle dealing with your company has been.

      I have finally received a cancellation number today. I do not want my credit card charged ever again and I want the money you illegally charged me for the past 11 months returned in full (not just the past four months).

      I expect that you will deal with this matter immediately.

    • profile image

      Barbara 7 years ago

      OMG! I am a raving lunatic at this point. I cannot believe I allowed a company customer service dept make me crazy. The customer service reps must be paid min wage and are told to read off of a sheet regarding questions. Each time I get the EXACT response and it has Nothing to do with the issue.

      What has me truly pissed off is the management. The CEOs and other higher ups are entitled to earn whatever the private sector allows, however, there should be some conscious involved here. If you are making millions off of a company/service then YOU should treat your customers with respect, courtesy and hire qualified people, not the lowest common denominator.

      Please Someone come up with a service that Destroys this service.

      Pissed off XM and Sirius customer

    • profile image

      scott 7 years ago

      after fighting with the lousy customer service, i found the number to xm corporate by searching, raised cane, and finally had them waive the money that was being roughed up for. these people are the most rudest, inept, incompetent,..... search out xm corporate hq and hit 3 . this is the escalated corporate cust svc. and the actual company.

    • profile image

      atens101 7 years ago

      I just purchased a Sirius Sportster 5 radio direct from Sirius radio. I received my radio then took it to a retail business to have my new radio installed.. The new radio was shutting down by itself and the remote did not work. I then called Sirius radio and got an RMA number to ship my radio back after numerous calls and being put on hold forever each time. What a mess.. I sent my radio back as well as the remote and was told that a new unit would be shipped.. Two weeks later I still have not received my new radio in I paid for nearly a month ago and each time I call they seem to not know what is going on. I also am on hold for a long period of time like one hour and 24 minutes.. that is ridiculous... I hope they make it in business.. I want others to know about their customer support before you spend money to buy anything from Sirius Radio.

    • profile image

      Never again 7 years ago

      I just got off the phone with sirius xm radio customer support, and I absolutely cannot believe how unethical this company is, and how they can continue to get away with these business practices. Long story short, my problem was that I was billed twice for something. Today is the 3rd, and the first bill was not due until the 8th of the month, and a day after I received that bill, I got another stating there was now a late charge being applied. How could there be a late charge, when the first bill due date was still in the future? The first rep I talked to, after putting me on hold several times, couldn't give me an answer. Maybe it was his first day. That would explain a lot. The second rep, I got transferred to, was snacking on something crunchy during our conversation. All I wanted to do at this point was cancel my ties with this company. So I did. I hope.

    • profile image

      audrey 7 years ago

      new customer--similar complaints. Just bought a car with 6 months free service. Was told all you have to do is call the phone number and you're good to go. Called the number atleast 5 times, with varying results--one no answer at all, two times on hold for more than 15 minutes and two times I had someone answer, only to hang up before we did anything. Customer service rep sounded like he was in a cave underwater, but eventually got me set up. can't wait to see what happens in six months when it gets time to decide whether to continue

    • profile image

      Tom Staten Island 7 years ago

      No wonder Satellite is 9 cents .Howard Stern sucked all the money out.Now hire customer service reps who dont speak english.If you can get through.The worst customer srevice ever.


    • profile image

      Radiomaster 7 years ago

      Personaly I think everybody should contact the Howard stern Show and let him know what kind of support he has behind him. He is the one that makes millions off the company. He does not take any poo.

    • profile image

      rckass 7 years ago

      I just spent the last 5 hours trying to deal with their customer service. On hold for 1 hr and 5 minutes, 28 minutes, 47 minutes and this time 36 minutes - asked each time for a manage or supervisor and each time eventually went to a busy after the wait time. I just wish someone had an email address for the board of directors. Half the time I can't understand the person I talking with and the rest of the time I'm on hold. Disgraceful. Sorry - just venting.

    • profile image

      Sirius 7 years ago

      Your all a bunch of fucking cry babies. With any company you will get cases like these. Half the time when you are on the phone you won't listen, and you not take advice. You try to weasel your way to get free service, and get mad when you don't get it. Fuck you all, and the horses' your rode in on.

      A Siruis Cust Service Rep.

    • profile image

      Chris 7 years ago

      Been a customer with 4 radios for 7 years. Before the merger you could talk to a person, now I am on hold so long that my cordless battery goes dead before I am connected!! I am so unsatisfied that instead of canceling the one dead receiver, I am cancelling ALL of my service. I would rather listen to FM than put up with this poor customer servive. Love the programming, but it takes customer service to make a successful company. Sirius sucks!

    • profile image

      San 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Texas retired 7 years ago

      I have a 2005 Mercedes Benz that I purchased on 6/1/2006 and it came with one year of free Sirius radio everything. On 6/1 2007 I became a paying customer for this service. On May 28, 2009 I decided to go to mostly music on my radio which I did with a CS person over the phone and paid 1 year for my service which ran 6/1/2009 through 5/31/2010. In November of 2009 I looked at my account online and it was screwed up with my service dates so I called to get it straightened out. After talking to 3 CS people I finally asked for a supervisor. He apologized and told me he would fix the problem. In doing that he gave me a credit because I was so angry at the poor quality of their CS people. In April 2010 I started receiving emails and phone calls telling me my free service was ending on 5/15/2010. After numerous calls and about 3 frustrating hours over several weeks talking to their poor English speaking and understanding CS people and their supervisors my radio was cut off. I called the day the radio was cut off and again talked to 3 different CS people and 2 supervisors who tried to reactivate my radio to no success. The last supervisor still did not get it that I was a paying customer with a service paid through the end of May of 2010 with a Credit of $58.69 on my account that I could see online. About an hour after I told the last person I spoke with and had been on the phone with for 2 hours, my radio was activated again. I told the last person I spoke with that since she could not get the service activated then they had lost me forever and I would make sure as many people as possible knew what a nightmare they are to deal with. I even asked one young lady on the phone if she talked to a lot of angry customers and she said yes, every day. I called their corporate HQ in New York and a very rude operator answered the phone and told me repeatedly that I needed to call CS and refused to put me through to anyone in their corporate HQ. Obviously they know they have a problem and do everything to avoid dealing with it.

    • profile image

      Jerry 7 years ago

      Interesting comments, rather sad that a service that is quite unique would screw things up with their customer service.

      Seems to run true with other satellite services like Direct TV, etc. seems they would rather lose their customers than give us loyal customers a break. So here is a funny, I leased a new Ford Product which had 6 months free introduction, and after that had expired I renewed my subscription with a special they had with a 14 month deal and I was to pay for only 12 months. That expired in Dec. and I didn't really want to renew because I my lease was just about up, and I didn't want to try to transfer service to a different vehicle, knowing that those things usually become a nightmare. I got a couple letters telling me to be sure and get in contact with Sirius or my subscription would expire soon! About a week later I was disconnected and I thought I would make a call to Sirius and make sure I was canceled. I did talk to someone in India and everything seemed cool. This was in Mid January of 2010

      Two days ago I got a collection notice that I owed Sirius $27.61 What? I did find a corporate customer service number on the internet and called them. The gal i spoke with was quite professional, rather cold, and a bit snippy

      and when I asked about this collection notice and what the heck was going on, it only took her seconds to pull up my account. She told me that as long as it was in collection she couldn't do anything about. So she told me I could call the collection company and dispute the charges. She said that the collection company would than send the collection back to Sirius and they would than dismiss the collection.

      What?? I was told that my subscription was automatically renewed (fortunately the credit card I used had expired) and that I really owed the $27.61 Really? Interesting, if the subscription automatically renews itself, why was I getting letters to call and renew my subscription, and messages on the radio telling me the same thing. I never got a bill, not one phone call, nothing saying that I owed any past due amounts. The answer was, sir, as long as it is collection we can't do anything about it!

      I did dispute this and the collection company did tell me that they would than send it back to Sirius.

      As of today I am assuming that this took care of the problem, I did tell the gal at Sirius that I was ready to renew my subscription with the new vehicle when I'm ready to pick it up, but now I just don't think that will happen.

    • profile image

      Eric 7 years ago

      I had similar dealings. I just talked to someone today and informed them I wasn't renewing. He asked me why and I told him the price. I told him that I recently saw an introduction special for $4 a month for new subs and I'd stay if I could get that. He said no and there were no other offers he could make. I said, well either I can cancel my account, and re-open another one for $4 a month or you can just meet the price. Why reward someone that hasn't listened and not a 5-yr subscriber? He said no, so I just said forget it. I'm not looking for a handout, but the price doesn't support the product anymore. There are plenty of other options online at this point. I just found it funny that he would rather me cancel my account and chance that I won't come back (I won't) than just meet the price.

    • profile image

      elv 8 years ago

      Guess this is how we get screwed the real American way...outsource to foreign countries to make extra money even if we don't have to.In Europe(if they can figure it out surely we can) there is everything with out commericials here we have to pay for every little thing just to have peace for a few minutes and to be able to collect our thoughts..thanks to whom I wonder? Then to get headaches with trying to communicate in our own language too yet... wow. Are things ever going to get better? God Bless

    • profile image

      Shells 8 years ago

      Let me start out saying that I love the product but I was also beat up by the customer service. To make a very long story short I had my credit card number stolen trying to order a new radio over the phone (a promotion at the time). Lets just say I bought a very expensive plane ticket. Our credit card company did reimburse us but after the pile of paper work and now we have a higher interest rate on that card! I had spent hours on the phone trying to get this resolved (never spoke to anyone in the states!) Go figure! The one guy I spoke with in Canada could not even form a sentence! I am ashamed to say that I had to give up the fight but if I'm ever in New York you better believe I will stop by Sirius radio and hope a US citizen will at least say were sorry!

    • profile image

      Dave 8 years ago

      I have had no luck at receiving bad cust. service, I have been unable to get through to them on the phone to activate my radio. So I guess some times bad customer service is no customer service at all.

    • profile image

      gary mrozek 8 years ago

      Below is the email that i send to sirius everyday, regarding what i was told vs. actual.

      "I am a lifetime subscriber, and my originally activated radio (Starmate R) failed, and on 9/14/09 I called “customer service” and spoke with Robert (“supervisor”) to voice my displeasure with the quality and subsequent failure of the equipment after only 1 ½ years. He offered to replace the radio free of charge w/ a Stratus 5 and that he would waive the $75 transfer fee and that it also would not account for one of my allowable three transfers as a lifetime subscriber, and I accepted.

      I called to activate my Stratus 5 on 9/29/09 and at that time Joseph informed me that as a lifetime subscriber I was eligible for a special, which was the purchase of a Sportster 5 but required a 3-month subscription that could be cancelled upon my activation of the new radio. I was also not informed of the $15 activation fee, which I am demanding be credited. I asked on several occasions if the $75 transfer would be waived and confirmed that the activation would not count as one of my three allowable transfers within my lifetime subscription, and he stated that neither would apply, and that he was “putting it in my records”. Upon activation of the Sportster 5, on 10/7/09 I was told that I now had used two of my three transfers. Judy (badge #03026) stated that “there is no record of that”, nor the record of Robert’s statement that it would also not count against my three transfers. How convenient that both commitments were deleted. Judy also stated that that was the policy to charge the transfer fee and it would be one of my three transfers, yet she agreed to waive the transfer fee. Apparently the “policy” can be changed as Sirius sees fit! I would not have activated the Stratus 5, and then activated the Sportster 5 two weeks later if it was going to count against my three transfers, which, again I was told on two occasions it would not.

      I am a very unhappy subscriber due to the lies and deceitful tactics by Sirius personnel and will have nothing positive to say about the supposed customer service of Sirius."

    • profile image

      steve 8 years ago

      James, your post sums up everyones experience with Sirius perfectly. Way to perpetuate the issue with your company!

    • profile image

      Mark 8 years ago

      Hi James,

      I think you just proved everyone's point.

    • profile image

      James 8 years ago

      I'am a SiriusXM rep. I do see lots of error the Customer have be told. It is a good idea to read to Terms and Conditions. I do deal with this issus everyday.Auto renew and invoice renew. Lifetime Terms and Conditions..If cancel ask for userid&password to see if there is no service or its going to be cancel on the nexts billing date. Also if you order a radio deal for $9.99 it does have a 3 months plan that will auto charges the credit card or debit card..also you must keep the radios for 6 month..Customers radio breaks and offer the $9.99 deals will add a second radio on the account. Cancel one will charges the credit card and debit card the full cost of the radio and a cancel fee of $75.00 if you sign-up 1 year or $50.00 under 1 year. also it can't be transfer after 6 months.. order radio, please ask for the order number. also if radio breaks you may offer one time 2 months to place your radio inactivate pre year, but watch out there is a reactive date will not send you a notice.

      I hope this Info may help you.

      From, James..

    • profile image

      CLo 8 years ago

      I couldn't agree more! I recently called to inquire about purchasing a radio. I spoke with one lady in Egypt, but she was unable to set up my account. After 45 minutes on the phone, I had to hang up so I could go to work. When I called back the next week, I was speaking to someone in the Phillipines that could not give me the same deal that was offered before. I went ahead and ordered the radio over the phone, which took almost an hour, but ordered the home kit online. Now, I see charges on my credit card that do not match what I was told on the phone. I haven't even received my radio!!! I called today and spoke with someone in the Caribbean that explained the charges, but I don't understand why I wasn't told about activation and royalty fees when I first ordered. I feel like I already want to send everything back and cancel, but I am worried that I will never see the refund. It can't be good for business when your customers feel trapped. TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT!!!

    • profile image

      J B 8 years ago

      The most atrocious customer service I think Ive ever seen....and they wonder why their stock is in trouble. Start with the fundamentals, like answering questions and speaking english

    • profile image

      Nicholas 8 years ago

      I agree , Sirius radio is more than happy to activate your radio , but they won't give damn with anything else, But yet all you have to do is cancel your account and get a free radio and subscripton

      I'll go do that now LOL

    • profile image

      pro_amateur 8 years ago

      I've never had any problems with SIRIUS. Actually, I've had nothing but pleasant experiences with them. They don't try pushing me to buy expensive radios, or to get into a contract with them. I pay month-to-month and have no complaints about their service, or their customer service. I had to call them up last yeaer and stop my service for a few months so I could start going to college (couldn't afford an extra expense) and they said "no problem, give us a call when you can start up again" and never bothered me or sent me any mail begging for me to return. I called them up and got my service back, pleasant as can be.

      I've even had some problems with installing/activating the radio at the time I started SIRIUS, and the customer service rep walked me through the entire process without getting frustrated or anything.

      While I understand each situation is different, I happen to like SIRIUS & have no complaints about their service/customer service.

    • profile image

      heynow 9 years ago

      What really sucks the most is that Sirius is an amazing product but customer service is really poor.

      Customer service only focuses on getting new customers and never inform you of transfer fees, activations, etc......

      They don't care about existing customers and make their billing confusing and dont' keep promises. I was promised a free activiation but because Billing never made note of they never honored it.

      Sirius customer service sucks!!!!

    • profile image

      a36redbaron 9 years ago

      I do take some comfort in knowing that I am not the only one treated like dirt by this worthless company and their un-caring worthless (customer service - HA, HA, HA) staff. I bought a new MB six months ago with a six month sirus subscription. I called to activate it and gave the CSR my name, address, phone numbers, e-mail address and a credit card to charge the account after the FREE subscription expired. By the way, two other cars have XM and I have done the same for them for over four years without a single hiccup. But yesterday I'm off and a four hour trip and one hour into it my signal goes out and weather comes on. I wait a bit and then call their customer service number. Twenty monutes later I get a CSR who tells me that they are resetting their computers and the signal will be back in an hour. So I meet another guy, we do our trip and I get back in my car at 8 p.m., turn on Fox News and no service. So I call again, spend 20 more minutes on the phone, finally get a CSR who after another 10 minutes of her waiting for her screens to po, tells me that my service had been terminated for non-payment. I explain to her that I had given the credit card on initial set up. She tells me that they have no account information at all on me other than -- get this - my phone number and e-mail address. So, according to her, they could not bill me and were not paid and shut down my service. Another 20 minutes later on my cell while traveling 70 mph towards home, I have explained for the third time that I did what I was supposed to do and that they had the problem not me. So I ask to talk to a supervisor. WOW! Another 25 minutes on hold listening to a tape that you could barely understand a gal answers the phone, identifies herself as a customer service supervisor and I explain everything from scratch. Her response was "Well, what do you want me to do?" You didn't pay. So I go off. I explain that perhaps they should have charged my credit card. She said they had no credit car information. I explain that I had given it to them on set up and if they didn't have it it was their fault, not mine. I said, okay, then why didn't you send me a bill. She said that they might have done that via e-mail. So I explained that I put all of the e-mail from sirus and XM in junk mail because I don't have time to read all of that stuff and that I had NEVER agreed to be billed via e-mail. So she doesn't budge and digs in further. Her voice becomes combative. I said, "Look, I am an honest person, just turn it back on, send me a bill and I will pay it." She then explained that she could bill be for a year but that I would have to pay that bill before she could turn my subscription back on. I was getting no where and the concept of treating me as a customer with respect was so foreign to this CS Supervisor that I sensed that I was getting no where. I hung up after telling ehr what I thought of the way they treated their customers.

      Class Action Suit? Interesting idea. It would be hard to substantiate a claim for poor customer service, but it would appear that there might be room for a claim under RICO. This would have to be done at the Federal level. But I could see that they are potentially violating RICo by argbuing for consolidation of their services with the FCC in the "interest of the public" and then keeping the subscriber lists of each service -- i.e. Sirus and XM -- separate and not permitting joint discounts. So on one hand they argue that they need to merge for better service to the consumer and then make a business practice of not doing anything to benefit the consumer. Another argument, and this is where I think that there is tremendous potential liability, if that they know that their customer service at Sirus is rotten and problematic, but have not moved towards merging it with the better customer service at XM.

      The great news is that if there is an attorney out there willing to file a complaint and there are three of us who feel strongly enough that this company needs to be changed to provide the level of service and customer care that they told the FCC they would provide, we can have our day in court -- actually days -- and parade consumers like ourselves in front of a jury and see who is wronged. So if you are an attorney, let's get going, Contact me at Class action lawsuit? I'm in!

    • profile image

      david 9 years ago

      just got off waiting on hold for some stupid amount of time. We have 3 radios with sirius. The primary was due to expire on 7/18/08 and I received a letter stating"call on or before 7/18/08 to continue your service uninterrupted. I call ON the 18th and they told me the service had been canceled. I explained what "ON" meant in english and spent over an hour dealing with numb skulls straightening t out. Next month I see they are going to charge me for in a different manner and add another $6.99 to the bill. I call again and sit on hold a few times asking for a supervisor after the first person was clueless and she returns and says the supervisor wants me to explain it again. I lose it and ask again for a supervisor who gets on and reads off her script saying the account was canceled at 1:16pm on the 18th. I tell her again i have a document from them stating no where that the cutoff is 1:16pm, but says to renew "ON" or before the 18th. She is a rude and beligerant fool that refuses to tell me where the corporate head quarters is or the phone number. She also says there is no one higher i can speak to in her department. I get her id and am going to call the NY office when they open after the holiday. Can anyone say class action law suit? Thats what they deserve...

    • runsrealfast profile image

      John 9 years ago from Idaho

      Wow your story sound way to much like mine. Hopefully the combined company will be better.

    • profile image

      suburbanites 9 years ago

      Here's a good one to add to this -- purchased a new car and got the "free Sirius for 6 months" and at the time of activation was told by the representative that as long as I subscribed before the end of the 6 months, they'd offer me a 2-year deal at $181.50. So nearly six months rolls by and I try to take them at their word. You can guess what's happened since then -- no one knows anything, they barely speak English, and if you wait to speak to a supervisor, he's even less helpful than the original representative and twice as surly.

      But wait, there's more. After our last interaction on trying to activate with them, they sent us a satisfaction survey. Of course, I rated them horribly on all counts, which won me -- absolutely free -- a call back from their auto-dialer explaining "We have a team of specialists ready to address your concerns over your unresolved issue, if you want to speak to them just press Zero". I did.

      TWENTY MINUTES OF WAITING LATER, I'm still on hold until it tells me "Whoops, we're sorry, your call is so important to us that we can't even give you an automated tape to listen to in repetition telling you how wonderful our lack of service is, so we're summarily dumping your call, go pound sand you soon-to-be-former-customer".

      So bottom-line -- if you get that kind of offer, take it immediately, don't trust them, and hope that you don't need any service of any sort because they're bleeding so much in losses that providing service (versus paying millions of dollars for third-tier talent) isn't something that's very important. I hope they remember that in this day and age of the iPod and HD Radio that $12.95 a month for mediocre programming and crap customer service isn't an option.

      Oh how I wish XM and Sirius weren't merging, because XM was clearly the better service all around.

    • donotfear profile image

      donotfear 9 years ago from The Boondocks

      Check out my Hub 'The Decline of Good Customer Service'. I think you will relate to it well. I was on the other end of the stick. Check it out....

    • runsrealfast profile image

      John 9 years ago from Idaho

      Yes they are terrible - as of 2-22 i'm still waiting for my refund check. I wonder if I will ever get it?

    • profile image

      Cody 9 years ago

      Sirius Radio Customer service is terrible.. I'm dealing with a bad situation, where money was suppose to be refunded on my credit card, guy I spoke with there said he was going to take care of it all and said he did, well a month later still no credit..