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Poor Show - Horrible Advertisements of the Week

Updated on May 29, 2016

On Today's Episode

You know, it's just my luck that on the week I decide to do this there hasn't been a great deal to upset me. Some might call that poor planning on my part, and they're probably correct, but I have to do this at some point, and what better time than now! But in any case, I still need something to write about, and the only thing that's caught my eye this week has been that new "The Grand Slams" advert by Denny's. And thus, I have a victim.

Stockholm Syndrome: Not a Good Tactic for Ads

Now then, the Denny's advert is fairly harmless as advertisements go; however, they did make one major faux pas that get's them on my chopping block anyway: a 30 second run time, with no skip button. Why do you keep doing this? I understand you're trying to get me to buy your stuff, but holding me hostage and forcing me to watch your bland, committee designed garbage, A Clockwork Orange style, isn't helping. You're not going to inspire my trust by kidnapping me, and keeping me prisoner in a dark basement with an anthropomorphic continental breakfast.

But Wait! There's More!

On to the second thing this week that makes me want to char broil a CEO: Voice Acting and Animation.

Okay so I understand that this is an advertisement, and thus doesn't have as big of a budget as some of the other forms of media, but that doesn't make it any less annoying than having your face rubbed against a carpet made of burning steal wool, while a cat gets drowned in the background, every time the commercial plays, and you see various breakfast items all moving like they've had their spines replaced with lead pipes.

And before anyone points it out, yes I know that they're going for a deliberately terrible style, but purposefully bad is still bad. Although, honestly I probably wouldn't of had time to notice, nor would I have cared, if it wasn't for how often it appears on my videos, and for its horribly slow run time, with no skip button, that makes it feel like I'm watching my aunt's slide show of her trip to Lubbock, Texas.

To Sum Up...

Well that's been my rant on inconsequential things that no one really cares about. But frankly, if nobody tells these people whats going wrong, then nothing's ever going to change! So, every other week for the next however-long-I-can-be-asked, I am going to be putting one of these up. Also I need money, so feel free to have a little click on all the ad's.

(Yes I am aware of the irony of monetizing this hub, but they aren't video, and thus don't violate my "strong" moral convictions. Plus, nobody's forcing you to click on them, so if you're that bothered by it, the why don't you go home and take a little nap)


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