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Pop Singer, "Rhianna"

Updated on June 5, 2014

Pop Singer Rhianna Hot Stuff

Pop Singer Rhianna Hot Stuff
Pop Singer Rhianna Hot Stuff | Source

Pop Singer Rhianna Hot Stuff

I was listening to some new music and came across this lady named Rihanna; she is really smoking hot in her music I heard. I have not listen to much radio lately and I just picked her out of nowhere on my Mp3 player on my desktop. I use to not like pop music, yet she is extremely different in her vocal sounds and her meaningful, sometimes explicit lyrics. I was not sure what to expect when I turned her mp3 album on and listed to about two of her albums; she is a woman with a vengeance and voice that will carry a stadium crowd up on their feet through an entire show.

I did a little bit of background check on her, and low and behold she is very popular in the music scene, must be getting older myself. She has recently been on Vogue photography shoot and rightfully so. This lone legged beauty is a show stopper, not only in looks, but sounds. She is from rough background as I read on her father a crack addict; possibly she is just mad at him? Therefore this one lady is genuine and can be hostile, as most of the pop idols tend to get. The articles go on to say she has replaced Christina Aquilar in the music and beauty scene and Beyoncé, all of whom I am rarely familiar with, but fine looking women with nice rounded voices as well.

Rihanna in one article, gets upset about altercations with her father, she wants to be accepted as just a usual person that made the cover of Vogue magazine. This darling has the notches in place it would seem. She will appear on the April 2011 Vogue cover and is very much a model type looking female, with a soaring voice. In this Vogue magazine she will expose her true life in how she was raised and I don’t think it was in too positive of an atmosphere as I read on. Evidently her father is a former crack addict and had sol some information to the paparazzi for some cash and this isn’t a good scene for this young lady as she spouts out that her father never really meant much to her. I have a feeling this is going to be quite a compelling interview she shares in this magazine for Vogue. She tends to be upset mainly that her father betrayed her by doing some of the selling of her photos and articles to such organizations that do not write well about actresses and musicians.

With the story being setup about her father and Chris Brown another musician, she goes on to tell her story of how her fans have stuck out for her. I suppose that’s about all you have left when the one’s you thought cared about you , do you injustice when your famous or not. This is real world politics with this young lady who sports a tight slit skirt in her interview, showing the lovely women off that she has become. There is no stopping this new artist from moving ahead in her career, she can take the blows and keep singing and modeling, so more power to her.


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    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 5 years ago from Midland, Texas


    • profile image

      TrueSpeaker 5 years ago

      I think she came out ok but now she sounds like a sheep