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Pop Stars Who Performed For Gaddafi Now Giving Their Fees To Charities

Updated on November 9, 2011

Pop Stars Donating Their Fees To Charities Earned For Performing For Gaddaffi

Granted, I am not too familiar with many of the stars who are giving their fees - earned by performing in the past for Moammar Gaddaffi’s Libyan regime - to various charities because of the potential bad publicity. Apparently, the stars and their handlers are just now realizing what a despot Gaddaffi is because of the horrific images seen on the Tele of the Libyan people who are seeking Democratic freedom being literally slaughtered. The truth is that I have no problem with those pop stars who decided not to give back their performance fees earned from the Libyan regime; they were solicited and they performed a service, which required the fees that they earned. Giving the fees to the charities are OK if these pop stars were compelled by conscience – of course the recipients do not care about the origins of the largess - but not because of the current events in Libya. I will venture to guess that the pop stars did not care who Gaddafi was initially because a cursory investigation by the stars handlers would have given them ample clues who this man was and is.

These pop stars who are giving back their fees are akin to the perverted policy of Social Justice of wanting to take from the rich and give to the poor, instead of the voluntary nature as espoused by the Christ. Many of these stars are wealthy – why would it take the bloodletting in Libya for them to donate to their respective charities? In essence, it is like my going out and selling drugs to children or earning money from prostituting children and then giving said illicit earnings to charities, after being busted… supposing that this will baptize the monies to lave away the stink. I know for a fact that many a performers have performed for the Saudis and for the other kingdoms in the region; these kingdoms are teeming with fledgling Democratic movements… so am I to expect that if these movements forced changes… that many of these stars will give back their earnings? And how far back do we go to deem earnings from these despotic kingdoms illicit?

All of you pop stars who have performed for Colonel Gaddafi… do not be too hard on yourselves – in light of the perceived bad publicity due to your benefactor’s wanton cruelty to his people. Know that great men also had feet of clay, yet we did not discard all the good that they contributed to our history. Martin Luther who gave us the Protestant Reformation was an unabashed Anti Semite; Jefferson owned slaves, notwithstanding his assent to Governor Morris’ codified eloquence in our Preamble to our Constitution; and as recently as two days ago, I read that President Lincoln preferred colonization for the freed slaves to be settled in Belize, which was then British Honduras. We must master the art of not throwing out the cute, cuddly babies with the dirty bath water….


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