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Pop star Rihanna

Updated on July 30, 2016
Rihanna pop star and actor.
Rihanna pop star and actor. | Source
Janet Leigh.
Janet Leigh. | Source
Alfred Hitchcock
Alfred Hitchcock | Source
Freddie Highmore
Freddie Highmore | Source
Anthony Perkins.
Anthony Perkins. | Source

Who can forget that terrifying shower scene in the 1960 Alfred Hitchcock movie 'Psycho' as Anthony Perkins playing Norman Bates a deranged man besotted with his dead mother stabs Marion Crane in the shower played by Janet Leigh. This role catapulted Leigh to world wide stardom and was nominated for an OSCAR in her role and won a Golden Globe for this role.

Perkins aka Norman Bates died some years ago now and Janet Leigh sadly passed in 2004. There is currently a programme running called 'Bates Motel' which features British actor Freddie Highmore as the disturbed Bates and the premise of the programme is a prequel to the Hitchcock film.

The shower scene with Leigh and Perkins has terrified generations since its inception and even now people no doubt check as they jump into the shower that no one is there with a blade ready to cut them to ribbons.

Pop star Rihanna currently touring Europe posted a message on 'You Tube' saying she would be joining the cast of 'Bates Motel' playing the role made famous by Leigh Marion Crane. This will not be Ri Ri's first dabbling with acting as she has played other roles as is the tradition of singers turned actor or the other way around in the world of entertainment.

The role of Marion Crane was originally a white woman but it is to my knowledge the first time the role has been offered to a mixed race woman.

This probably follows on from the claim that Hollywood is not diverse enough in the actors portraying roles and if you look at movies coming out next year like the remake of the classic western 'The Magnificent Seven' the cast is certainly reflecting this more racially and diverse casting.

Im sure Rihanna fans will be willing their heroine to do well in this role.

Rihanna Album Dicography

Rhianna's album releases as follows:

MUSIC OF THE SUN Released 2005.

A GIRL LIKE ME Released 2006

GOOD GIRL GONE BAD Released 2007

RATED R Released 2009

LOUD Released 2010

TALK THAT TALK Released 2011

UNAPOLOGETIC Released 2012

ANTI Released 2016


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