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Popular Detective shows on TV!

Updated on May 30, 2016

Who can remember those Detective shows?

We have seen a vast array of Detective TV shows. From Miami Vice to Dragnet and beyond. We, all, have our favorites. Let's take a stroll through memory lane and see how much you can remember with these popular Detectives stories! Who knows? Maybe you can find your favorite Detective series below?

Racket Squad.

Filmed in the '50's and sponsored by Phillip Morris cigarette manufacturers, it featured Reed Hadley as Captain John Braddock. He played a fictional character working for the San Francisco Police Department. Filmed at Hal Roach studios, it was picked up by CBS for three seasons. It features real life stories from actual police files.

It started with Captain Braddock, sharing with the viewers, the introduction of the story. Showing stories of rackets and ripoffs schemes, it alerted the public of con men on the loose. Many well-known actors worked in that series including Noel Neill, who portrayed Lois Lane (Superman) and Hugh Beaumont, who had a role as the Beaver's father. (Leave it to Beaver). It ended with the classical phrase- AND IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU!


The Detectives.

It ran from 1959 thru 1962. The main star was Robert Taylor, who played a tough detective by the name of Matt Holbrook. It showed suspense and adventure with different crime stories. Sometimes, it would focus on each detective's private life. Future stars would be included in this great series. Take for example,TIge Andrews as Detective Russo. He would star in the Mod Squad Series as Captain Adam Greer. Adam West joined the Series as Sgt.Steve Nelson. Later on, he would star in the hit series Batman!

One of my favorite episode was with Telly Savalas, He was a fellow detective who had a female prisoner. He got, emotionally and romantically, involved with her. In the end, it would cost him his job and his career for stepping over the line. Savalas would, later, star in the hit series Kojak. This series was a good one, always having suspense and adventure!

Mod Squad.

This was a radical series because of its many sensitive themes. Tige Andrews would come back to the TV as a detective under the name Captain Adam Greer. The other cast members were Michael Cole (Peter Cochran) Peggy Lipton (Julie Barnes) and Clarence Williams III (Lincoln Haynes) Produced by Aaron Spelling and Danny Thomas, this featured some young undercover crime fighters, helping the police department.

This was a first on TV because it would feature the drug culture and racial subjects. Sammy Davis had a guest role in the series in which he was involved in drugs.One of my favorite episode was when a Viet Nam vet went over the edge and started shooting people. He had a flashback thinking that he was,still,in the battle field. The Viet Nam war was controversial in the 60's and this series tackled it head on!

Mod Squad was well-made for the 60's, it mirrored the soul of that time. I like the intro with Michael Cole running in what looks like an abandoned warehouse and the words MOD SQUAD coming at you! Just looking at it will give you an idea what you're in for. This series had great plots and was well worth watching. It lasted from 1968 to 1973!

Who loves you, baby?

Kojak was one of my favorites. Airing from 1973 up to 1978, this was, also, one of my favorites.Telly Savalas was a tough, street-wise, no nonsense Detective. Going by the name of Theo Kojak, this series was packed with adventure and suspense. Focusing on his Greek heritage, this series had a great plot and was an hour long. I used to get a kick when he would yell-STAVROS! Detective Stavros was played by George Savalas, Telly's brother.

He could be cold and sarcastic, yet fair and tender-hearted when necessary. I liked the episode where he negotiated a hostage release. The plot involved a cop who happened to walk in a store and stumbled unto a robbery. The cop got shot and was clinging to life, along with some hostages. A real nail-bitter.

in the early beginnings of the series, Kojack would be featured smoking cigarettes, but then he switched over to the lollipop, which became his trademark. Kojack episodes were well made and showed the heart of the big apple. A great series to watch. Kojak would forever be known as-WHO LOVE YA, BABY! Classic!

Miami Vice. (1984-1989)

Set in Miami, Florida, this was a delight to see. Filled with suspense and action packed drama, it featured Sonny Crockett (Van Johnson) and Ricardo Tubbs(Phillip Michael Thomas). It added reality to this series when you would see Sonny Crockett having his share of problems with his ex-wife. Ricardo Tubbs lost his brother to Rico Calderone, a drug dealer.

In the first season, they had Gregory Sierra as Lieutenant Lou Rodriguez, commander of the Vice Squad, but he gets killed off in the fourth episode. Being replaced by Edward James Olmos as Lieutenant Martin Castillo, he took it to new heights. A mysterious individual, Castillo, had a look that could intimate anyone and a voice that sent chills to your spine.

Sonny and Rico would pose as Drug dealers. Many times, they would have a cliffhanger episode, such as the time when Calderone would escape. My favorite espisode was with Bruce Willis as a drug dealer who abused his wife. Sonny managed to get her to set up her husband, but to no avail, he got off because he had an expensive attorney. The ending is priceless and a cliffhanger. (You have to see it for yourself!)

My concluding thoughts on Detective series!

Since the beginning of TV, we've had our share of Detective stories. Some will live in our minds forever. In the past, they would solve the case, the bad guys would be in jail and everybody would live happily ever after. As the series evolved with the times, we would see some realism in it. Sometimes, it wasn't a happy ending.

Series like Law and Order and Burnout will keep the flow going for a long time. They show the essence of reality and leave you guessing. In Law and Order, I like it when the prosecutor McCoy (Sam Waterston) doesn't always gets his man. This, in itself, is reality and it is what makes it interesting! What will the future hold for detective series? Only time will tell! I have included some video links for your enjoyment!


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