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Popular TV shows

Updated on January 28, 2014



Good TV

Great TV is one of the good things in America. When a show is being created, it comes from an idea or by experience from the creator. The show ‘Glee’ came from the mind of co-creator Ian Brennan, because he was in show choir in high school according to an Biography episode. He has been said that they were not the best and he did not enjoy it, but some people that enjoyed performing could be able to express themselves. He wrote it as a screenplay contemplating for it to become a movie, but he realized it was more of a series. One of his friends, a producer on the show as well, showed it to Ryan Murphy and Murphy loved it. It took some years for it to be produced and some TV stations did not want to do a musical show because it had not worked in the past. FOX network gave it a chance and now it is one of the most watched television shows in America.

Another popular hit series is ‘How I Met Your Mother’, which was also based on an idea from the writers’ experience. The creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas had an idea to do a show that was inspired by the fun stuff they used to do in New York. Carter Bays has based himself loosely on the character Ted and Craig Thomas based himself and his wife Rebecca on the characters Marshall and Lily. The bar Maclaren’s was also based on a bar that they used to go to called McGee’s. CBS was interested in producing this show because of its witty writing and structure. It has been nominated for six Emmy awards to date and has positive reviews from critics.

TV series also come from best-selling books and novels. When you read those books, you will start to wonder if a producer will adapt it and make it just like the book. The show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is a book series that was written in the 90s by L.J Smith. The show was developed by Kevin Williamson and Julie Plec in 2009. At first Kevin Williamson did not want to do the show because it sounded like all of the other vampire tales. However Julie Plec insisted on him reading the novels to get an understanding and change his mind. He became intrigued by the story of a town full of secrets so he decided to produce the show with minor changes from the book. Instead of Elena being blonde in the book, she is a brunette on the show. Caroline is supposed to be a brunette from the book, but she is played by a blonde actress on the show. Besides ‘True Blood’, ‘The Vampire Diaries’ is the highest rating vampire show.

‘Gossip Girl’ is also a show adapted from a book series. The book was written by Cecily Von Zigesar in 2002 and adapted into a show in 2007 by Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage. At first, the book series was originally supposed to be adapted into a movie, but the project never got green lighted. So Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz took over the project to make it into a TV series. Josh Schwartz was skeptical at first because he did not want it to be another ‘The O.C’. He read the books and realized that the characters were worldly in a way the characters in ‘The O.C’ were not. The pilot episode was based on the first book and the show is now one of the most controversial and talked about shows.

Anyone and/or anything with an experience they want to share with the world or a book they find interesting can become a show. With the right people and production company can be a hit show.

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