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Popular Venues for Jam Sessions

Updated on December 6, 2016

Jam Sessions


Couple of musicians getting together for an impromptu jam session caused quite a trend on Facebook and other social media sites. If you are looking to do the same and need a place to jam with other musicians, who are looking for the same fix, here are some souls searching places to consider. You might find some new friends or even evolve into a harmony of music that lasts longer than a jam session.

Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner in Vienna

A markerWien, Austria -
Vienna, Austria
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Vienna Hostel Ruthensteiner in Vienna is a great place for travelers to pick up one of the bar’s free musical instruments and start a jam session. They have a piano, drums, guitars, ukulele, and drums just waiting for the next impromptu jam session. Beer is being poured all night, so the spirits are high.

Tres Mentiras

Tres Mentiras is located in the heart of Mexico. Impromptu jam sessions are part of the ambiance as patrons enjoy the great beer, tasty pies, sleep Chihuahuas and great prices. Rumor is that Aussies love this place and visit it often as tourists.

Peel Fresco

A marker49 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong -
49 Peel St, Central, Hong Kong
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Peel Fresco is located in central Hong Kong. The place reeks of Jazz, impromptu jam session, open mics and soul giving poetry readings. The venues YouTube channel evokes jamming musicians full of heart and soul. It's hard to believe this place is in China.

Bluegrass Wide Open


Raleigh, North Carolina may be the best city to retire, but bluegrass musicians get together on Fayetteville Street for an impromptu jam session on the sidewalks in downtown. Best time to catch an impromptu jam session is when the annual Bluegrass Wide Open is happening in early May.

Cuban Jam at The Forge


On the second Tuesday of each month in central London, bring our own instrument and even sheet music for a great impromptu jam session. Wine flows freely and food is yummy while the crowd is warm and charitable.

London True Blues Fans


Another great venue in London, true Blues fans will haunt this place every Saturday in the late afternoons. It is the time for blues-based jams to go off, so those with original music of an impromptu at heart come on down and jam with the best of the best.

Fiddle Jam Sessions

In Denver, Colorado, you'll find fiddle jam sessions as well as Blues jam sessions. Even if they are not over the top Blues fans and the impromptu jam session begins, they get on the dance floor and boogie. Some nights you will see casual people going up on stage and start jamming together. The music is fantastic.


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