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Porcupine Tree

Updated on May 19, 2013

Porcupine Tree


Porcupine Tree - My Genesis

I was reading Neil Peart's (drummer for the band RUSH) book "Traveling Music" and he mentioned a few times a band called "Porcupine Tree"...Being a HUGE Neil Peart fan...a.k.a.....Wannabe drummer...I was curious to check them out. The first tune I heard by them was "The Sound of Muzak" and......OMG....I was completely floored, especially by the drumming. Like RUSH, they were able to navigate complex time signatures and rhythms with absolute grace, making them sound/feel simple which many musicians know is a herculean task.

Porcupine Tree - First CD

My first CD...yes I said CD...not iTunes...was their album "In Absentia". I remember it was my first DVD-Audio CD which was considered the highest quality sound in car audio at that time. The first sound I played was (of course) "The Sound of Muzak". and clearly remember getting goose bumps. At that moment I knew my music experience changed. The baton has been past, the next generation of Prog music that I loved all my life had a new standard...and it was Porcupine Tree.

Porcupine Tree - Live Show

I was on a quest to experience a live show. It just so happened my buddy and I were planning a trip to Cincinnati OH to catch a Reds game (which by the way I HIGHLY recommended, their new stadium was awesome) and wouldn't you know, PT had a concert scheduled in Cinci that very week. It was fate..especially when you considered the limited amount of shows they had in the US. We attended the show and they didn't disappoint, in fact, it was even better than I expected and my expectations were HIGH. Just let me say, if you are a drummer you MUST see Gavin Harrison play live. He is an absolute phenom, a master of the craft. Simply stunning.

Porcupine Tree


Porcupine Tree - Comparison

When people asked me what they sound like I respond by saying they are a mix between RUSH and Pink Floyd with a touch of metal. We were at a bar hanging out before the show in Cinci and I over heard two guys talking about PT. The one guy says..and I quote...."they are a cross between RUSH and Floyd". Bingo!!...and thats exactly how most people compare them, which ain't too bad.

Porcupine Tree - Latest Material

PT is currently on hiatus. Hopefully they are working on some new material or at least some US tour dates. They did release a LIVE CD called "Octane Twisted" which I highly recommend. The playing, video and sound quality is TOP NOTCH.

Octane Twisted


Gavin Harrison & 05ric


Porcupine Tree - Other Projects

Each PT member have solo projects that I recommend you check out especially Gavin Harrison's project with 05ric. Its definitely not for everyone. But, if you are a prog lover/drummer like myself you will be very impressed by their sheer playing prowess. Checkout the video below...

Gavin Harrison & 05ric

Porcupine Tree Website

You can see recent UPDATES & NEWS by checking out their official website, just click HERE

If you do checkout their music please leave a comment below. I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!!

Thanks for Reading!!


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