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Why You Should go to a Music Festival

Updated on February 4, 2018
Ty Humble profile image

Ty has been an avid music fan and festival/concert goer since his early high school years, and is still going strong six years later at 21.

Making the Choice, Spending the Money

Although I have personally seen many adults with graying beards roaming the grounds at the numerous festivals I've attended, one would think that they are intended for the younger generations, which wouldn't be a bad assumption. In saying this, I know it is everything but impossible to scrape up enough money to go to one of these festivals as a high schooler, and much less as a broke college kid. However, with tickets of varying price, it is not hard for anyone to find a festival that piques their interest and doesn't destroy their bank account. In doing so, you are making a very wise choice because soon after the purchase, when the festival begins, you will be able to see the beauty and true value of the purchase you made.

Getting There and Arrival

Once the day has finally come for you to pack your belongings and hit the road to your festival destination, feelings of dismay could arise. "Did I waste my money?", "Can I get a refund?", "I don't know if I'm ready for this.". No worries, though, these thoughts arise in most people's head as the date draws nearer and nearer. The main thing to keep in mind is just how much fun you are about to have (and how much money you have already spent in the process of going). Once you begin your journey to the festival all worry begins to fade away. Maybe because you have already came too far to turn back, maybe it is because the pre-festival jitters have finally went away and you are overly-excited to see good music and have a hell of a time. Either way, you're going. Assuming you are headed there with people you like and enjoy, the ride down comes and goes like a breeze. Like any car ride, actually, except for the fact that you are about to be around a hundred thousand people screaming, yelling, and overall just having fun. Arriving at the festival usually involves an anticipation-filled, lengthy wait in a line followed by a "vehicle search" once you finally get to the entrance. From there you drive to your camping spot, set up, and begin the pre-festival party (or pass out depending on how much you drank waiting in line). A good plus to camping is that, at least for the majority, you are surrounded by cool people who are there to have a good time just like you. Being around all these "neighbors" almost forces you to communicate and meet new people which always guarantees some interesting moments.

The Experience

IT IS HERE! The first day has finally dawned upon you and the other festival attendees, and you are finally beginning what will become one of the funnest (hopefully) experiences of your life. You walk a distance that can vary from one hundred yards to a few miles into the main part of the festival grounds and the madness begins. An assortment of new bands are there for you to discover as you wait for the headliners later in the day/night. Delicious, yet severely overpriced, food is at the ready for you to be able to satisfy those midday munchies. Not to mention, the most zany assortment of people you have ever witnessed (and maybe some celebrities) are all around you, carefree, free-spirited, and most likely a little intoxicated. This trend continues until the very last day of the festival (mainly because the whole thing runs together). Many activities are there to hold you over until the late sets start and you get to see the bands that most likely convinced you to come in the first place. From heavy metal festivals, to music and art festivals, the headliners rarely disappoint. During these late nights are when the total weight of what you're experiencing kicks in full force. Surrounded by thousands upon thousands of people all vibing, sharing a moment together. Beautiful light shows fill the air and you can't help but yell out in sheer passion and enjoyment over whats going on around you. Every day is filled with something incredible, amazing, and maybe even a little weird, yet every day is unique in it's own way. The only time you could possibly not be having a good time is the next morning when you're recovering. Nothing a little water and greasy food can't fix, then you're ready to go another round.

The (Sad) End.

As the final night closes, and you stumble back to your tent for the last time, a sense of loss comes over you. It has ended at last and all the good times you have had over the duration of the festival are in the past. Back to normal life in our normal towns. It all seems kind of depressing, and it is, but the memories never fade, and if things go good, maybe the same time next year you can do it all over again

© 2018 Ty Humble


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